Thursday, 2 May 2013

With 7th Consecutive win, CSK reach playoffs

With a victory today, CSK have more or less confirmed their playoffs slot.100% Playoff Qualification is by no means a easy task. And the team should be recognized for this achievement. And for once, the team has qualified without having any nail biting matches in the final days of the league. Hats-off to the team management, support staff and the players. Now the focus should be on reaching the top 2, so that the team has a buffer if they fail in the first semi-finals. 

1. Raina: BACK IN FORM. CSK's batting today was all about him. Hope he provides more such hundreds for CSK team. 
2. Albie: Small cameo of 25 runs made  a key difference to his bowling today. Hope he carries the same confidence to the future matches. Clutch players like Albie, Bravo, etc. would be very crucial during the big matches - when the teams' abilities are streteched. 
3. Bravo: Another great final over by Bravo. Great to see Morris (last batch) and Bravo coming good in the final overs. 

Generally a good match where the key players like Albie got a chance to bowl and Dhoni implementing the trick of bowling the entire quota if a bowler is in form. 

I would expect the team to give opportunities to a few players - Jakati, Faf, etc.  and rest players like Morris, Dhoni, etc. in the next few matches. 

Fan's Man of the Match: Raina

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