Sunday, 26 May 2013

Betting Controversy defeats CSK in the finals

Last 2 times, CSK ended up as runner-ups. I was proud of the team and their performance. And was happy that the better team won the match - at the end. But this time, the controversy prevented CSK from having a proper preparation for the game. And it showed on the finals. 

Disappointed. Though the orange and purple cap ended with CSK, the team was outclassed in the finals. Even a master performance bowling by Albie and batting by Dhoni was not enough to win the match for CSK. As per Dhoni analysis, we peaked a little too early in the game - this time

Do read about the season 1 final & season 5 finals. Though i hope that the team comes back stronger next season - with the betting controversy firmly behind it, believe it would take another 1 or 2 seasons for the teams to recover from the taint of betting. 

See you again during the championship league. 


Unknown said...

Finally, the plan worked to perfection. The real targets, Rajasthan Royals and CSK were shown the door by the money-bags with police support. It is odd that just when Mumbai was to meet Rajasthan, all hell broke loose and again when it was time for the finals, the fort was shaken, not by cricket, buy by some wild allegations and revelations(!).

We are very proud of CSK who played the game in the right spirit and won the Fairplay award. Don't worry MSD. Things will change shortly and we will have opportunity to celebrate. For the first timers, let them soak in the win and then analyse the happenings of the last ten days.

Anonymous said...

The story of a CSK fan:

whereinmycity said...

go CSK go!!

Anonymous said...

csk is gonna win this years clt20.....

cn said...

The culprits for the loss to KXI were the foreign players. Brendon mccullum is the main culprit, who seemed to be in another world (thinking of his kid in nz)? He was running as if he was sleep walking and not only got himself out but also raina run out. High time such players are shown the door.

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