Saturday, 13 April 2013

No-ball costs RCB the win

Another match that set the pulse racing in our hearts. A match of despair, hope, despair, hope & finally sadness of losing the match - after coming so close.. But winning the match by a no-ball. This is why we follow CSK & IPL! A match we can only attribute to God.

1. Pitch: It is time the ground start producing pitches that would assist CSK spinners. How can our home ground assist other teams rather than us?
2. Sir Jaddu: Sir Jaddu has arrived!
3. Dhoni, Raina & Badri: All had a breezy 30s and lost wickets in the crucial phase. Hope they start making bigger scores

1. Bravo: As a player who occupies the key foreign all-rounder slot, it is time he stands-up and be counted. I won't be surprised if Albie plays instead of Bravo in the next match. 
2. Middle Overs: CSK should stop this experimentation with Indian medium pace bowlers and pick Shadab Jakati. This should help us shut-down opposition in the middle overs. It was in these overs that CSK lost the way today. 

Man of the Match: Dhoni & Jadeja. Their partnership in the last few overs was the key point in bringing the match towards CSK. 


Anonymous said...

Jakati is a proven customer but we should consider giving opportunity for new players too. Who knows, they may become our next star!!

Unknown said...

Giving chances to players who had made names for themself in the domestic cricket in one thing. But giving chances to players who have not had a huge success in the domestic league - just because you believe that you need a Indian medium pace bowler is another thing.

Danesh said...

Is it a cause for concern that our opening is not very consistent? While they played well against KXIP, they were a bit slow yesterday and against MI. This possibly results in more pressure during the middle overs. They should probably score a little faster when they have to chase over 160.

Anonymous said...

Why Murli is plying so slowly, He should fire if they have to choose more then 160.

Unknown said...

@Danesh &Anon,

Do agree that openers are going to be a worry all long. I am thinking will it be a good idea to ask Bravo/Morkel to open along with Vijay.