Thursday, 18 April 2013

Mohit Sharma & Hussey set up a comprehensive win

And CSK finally arrives to the party with a comprehensive win against Delhi Daredevils. Hussey & Raina set up a good base for Dhoni to explode against Delhi Daredevils. Hope they are able to repeat the performance in Eden Garden on  Saturday. 

1. Team Selection: It was a gutsy call to drop Nannes - Nannes injury turned out to be blessing in disguise. Nannes has not taken enough important wickets and deserved to be dropped. But expect him to be back soon - either in the place of Chris Morris or Bravo. Chris Morris' 7.5+ average & Bravo's 8+ average runs per over  are not sustainable for CSK as they move into the middle stages of the tournament. 
2. Hussey, Raina & Dhoni: All of them had a good performance with the bat. Hope Raina converts one of these thirties to a 75+ some time soon. And hats-off to Raina for recommending (or whoever recommended) Mohit Sharma to CSK. 
3. Mohit Sharma: What a debut way to endure yourself to CSK Fans. Unknown player who delivers for CSK. I am already looking forward for his performance in the next match. 
4. Ashwin & Jadeja: Ashwin & Jadeja recovered from their last match and provided good performance today. 

1. Vijay: We want Vijay of Season 3.

Fan's Man of the Match: We all love the story of surprise debutant unknown young Indian Player winning the match for CSK. And Mohit's performance in competitive pitch today was special. And deserves CSKFansite's Man of the Match Award. 

And special mention for CSK Fans in Kotla - for turning up on a weekday. Can visualize a day not so far - when Delhi & Mumbai grounds have equal CSK support for their home matches against CSK. 

Next game would be against Kolkata Knight Riders @ Eden Garden - to whom we lost the final last year. Time for a revenge?


Mike said...

Hi Robin. Your blog is always a good read. Some thoughts:

-When CSK first bought Nannes I thought we'd just bought our ticket to another grand final. But with the unearthing of Morris and Sharma I don't think we need him as much as we did when we bought him. Also, I feel 7.5 economy is fine for a pace bowler as long as you are taking wickets and Morris is a wicket taker. I think you have been harsh on Bravo as well, he has always been a little expensive but is excellent at picking up crucial wickets.

- Mohit Sharma played against RCB as well, this was not his debut. I was very impressed with both of his games so far. Like you, I am also looking forward to his next game. Between Ashwin, Sharma and Jakati our domestic bowling looks very strong.

- I agree with you, we want the Vijay of old. He hasn't played consistently for CSK in a long time and should have been dropped last season. He has been the main reason for our slow starts to our batting innings in the past few IPLs. He seems to fire in the finals but CSK can't keep carrying him through the regular season like this. To be fair to him, he scored quickly enough against DD, my problem with him is when he gets out with 5 runs from 14 balls, etc. If you start slow in t20, you have to make sure you stay in and catch up. otherwise it puts the middle order under too much pressure.

I would like to see this lineup in the future.

1. Hussey
2. Du Plessis (Bravo)
3. Raina
4. Badrinath
5. Jadeja
6. Dhoni
7. Morkel
8. Morris
9. Ashwin
10. Sharma
11. Jakati

Senz said...

Robin, Nannes was not "dropped". He was injured. The cricinfo headline screamed as much at the start of the game and Anirudh mentioned it in the sideline interview during the game. We still need an international specialist fast bowler of experience. Yes he might go for runs couple games- Steyn gets hit in this version! But we need to make sure he gets to play most games- esp egainst serious batting lineups. As good as morris and our new crop of local talent is, we cannot always depend on the young guns as they will get figured out soon. A very clinical performance today but also aided b some bad batting by Delhi. A big win of this magnitude gives breathing space esp with run rate and also considering it is no longer assured to win home games. Let us hope we can keep KKR down as they seem in a downward spin at this point. And keep going with the blog - it is lovely to have a forum for our team.

Unknown said...

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Unknown said...

1. Do agree that i have been harsh on Bravo & Morris. But with wickets that would get slower as the tournament moves to latter stages, Bravo & Morris would have to bring their economic rates. Their wickets now has been camouflaging their runs per over.

2. Yes. If Mohit Sharma continues the form, the local bowling options of Him, Jadeja, Ashwin & Jakati would look very strong. Thanks for pointing out the debut of Mohit against RCB

3. No Vijay in the line-up?

Unknown said...

Do agree that CSK needs Nannes. But the decision on who among Morris, Albie, Bravo & Hussey will make way - is a very tough decision

Unknown said...

@ Sasi,
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