Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Murali Disappointed with IPL barring SL players playing in Chennai

Beloved former CSK Player Murali expressed his disappointment today with IPL ruling baring Srilankan players from Chennai IPL Matches. In a recent interview, he mentioned 

  •  It's a sad [day] for cricket as we are not allowed to play in a certain part of India.
  • I played for 20 years in the Lankan team, I did not have any problems as a Tamil. The government and the cricket board always supported me throughout my career even when I went through a lot of problems. Earlier there was a time of war between the Tamils and Lankans but now people are living in peace in my country
  • Chennai is like a second home for me as my wife Madhimalar is from there. It is a sentimental situation for me. We do not want to get into politics and we just want to play our cricket and entertain our fans.
For more details, read cricinfo story. 

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