Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Banning Srilankan Players from Chennai - Loss or Right Decision?

Based on the letter from Tamilnadu Chief Minister to Indian Prime Minsiter asking for a ban on Srilankan players that
"participation of Sri Lankan players in the IPL tournament, with many games to be played in Chennai, will aggravate an already surcharged atmosphere and further offend the sentiments of the people."
IPL has decided to pull out Srilankan players from Chennai Matches. You can read more at http://www.espncricinfo.com/indian-premier-league-2013/content/current/story/626858.html

Initial Happiness
My first reaction was one of happiness - since other than Kolkata & Rajasthan, everybody else has atleast 1 confirmed Srilankan player in their playing eleven. And Teams like Hyderabad might even lose their captain.

Better Solution Possible?
But later thinking about, I was not too convinced about the rationale. Protesting against Srilankan players for the crimes committed by their army seemed an extremist reaction.

  1. Will the Indians be ok if Sachin was banned from Italy - since 2 Italians are in prison in India?
  2. Or will the Australian players be ok if they were banned from entering India because of attacks against Indians in Australia?
Do believe that TN Government & IPL could have handled this better. By banning sports players of a particular country from entering certain parts of the country, India & IPL is setting up a bad precedent. Hope this does not get repeated. 

P.S: I am a Tamizhan. And do sympathize with Srilankan Tamils & want justice for crimes committed against Srilankan Tamils. 
P.P.S: Don't follow-up with this decision to another foolish decision to shift IPL matches from Chennai. We, the chennaities, are really looking forward to sixth season of IPL@ Chennai.


Anonymous said...

cricket is for people. not people is for cricket.

Anonymous said...

all though i agree politics and cricket should be kept separate..letting sri lankans play in the ipl will be unfai for all tamilians.. if pakistan messes with india, they cnt play if sri lanka messes with us, theyre treatment should be the same.