Sunday, 20 May 2012

Miracles Do Happen! CSK in Playoffs

Who would have thought that three teams - RCB, RR & KXIP would miss out the opportunity to reach the playoffs. And Chennai Super Kings have made it - thanks to Deccan Chargers & Delhi Daredevils. Now see you on May 23 for the match against Mumbai in Bangalore.


Anonymous said...

Unbelievable... Dhoni is truly blessed... at least till now.. if CSK loses after all these close calls... it is going to be such a huge disappointment... Luck has preferred us so many times... but the thing is we have such a good team and we shudnt be having such close calls.... Praying/Cheering for CSK!!! Go CSK!!

Anonymous said...

CSK ku sariyaaana macham!!

Revenge time for Hilfenhaus and CSK to give back to Mumbai!

Arun said...

ha ha ha ha.....Hope the one week of agonizing wait had taught the team a lesson and hopefully they will lift their game...

I don't know if it is just my illusion.....I think lot of commentators and Dailies were very happy to see the exit of CSK. I happened to read more than a dozen columns criticizing Dhoni and CSK management after the Dharamsala match. They sounded as if they were waiting to pounce on them.

Especially Harsha Bhogle, who is a big supporter of Tendulkar and Mumbai Indians, was all smiles in the commentary box in Dharamsala when CSK was tumbling against Punjab.

and lots of "IS THIS THE BEST IPL EVER ??" kind of articles....

Now my message for all those people - "This is the same IPL and the same finals with C - S - K.....TAKE THAT"

Unknown said...

@ Arun,
I also hope that the team has found their priorities in the last few days.

Hope CSK reaches the finals.. But the eliminator against MI would be a tough one.

Unknown said...

You are right. With the talent this team has, depending on other teams to qualif - is beneath the quality of this team. But we will take - what we get.. :)

Anonymous said...

CSK will reach the finals this year. Keep it going robin. Anirudha injured, so Badri is back on. High scoring pitch in Bengaluru. Its time to take revenge on MI. CSK have lost 3 matches in a row with MI, it time to take revenge on MI. I have been wishing this from the day CSK lost to MI, That we will meet MI in play off and thrash them. Good luck CSK.


swarajghosh96 said...

my friends there is a well-known proverb that luck favors the brave so csk is in the playoffs.....why not they have their cool and the best captain in the world MSD....

swarajghosh96 said...

yah time to give back something so take down the challenge csk

Anonymous said...

Well, we are good enough to be in play off and every CSK-ians are happy and want a revenge against MI, agreed. But what could be the game plan to beat them?
Its like Nadal vs Djokovic game. Both knew each others game very well and we can't predict the result when both played at their best.The same goes to CSK vs MI.
Which team will exploit which weakness? What would be their possible strategies?

Its obvious that, CSK's batting is a biggest strength and they can chase any total if atleast any 3 out of their 8 batters fire in unison.Inclusion of Badri will ensure the much needed solidity to the middle order.
Biggest worry for CSK is death overs - both in bowling & batting front. They should finish well, while bowling as well as batting. Hilfy & Bravo role is very important here. Hope Hilfy will deliver more yorkers this time around.
MSD's usual go to bowler Ashwin has to strike. We like to see his figures as 4-0-30-3 rather than 4-0-18-0.

MI's strength is their hitters\finishers down the line. One can remember the number of close games they won this season. Rohit, Pollard & Smith are having huge end game skills.
But MI don't have any settled opening combination. I think, they are the only team to experiment with more opening pairs each season. And their middle order will look little shaky when Rohit\Rayudu departs early.
And when comes to their bowling line up, apart from Malinga & Munaf, all others were less consistent, which CSK has to exploit.

When comes to fielding, both teams are identical if not CSK has slight edge since all our CSK boys are world class fielders except to name a few.

On the whole, CSK should go in a mindset that, they can't bat out MI (even after 8 down they couldn't defend 14 runs in 3 balls against them) because Stats tells us, 6 out of 7 matches CSK lost this season were CSK batted first and failed to defend!
Chasing a target often gives a win this season but I don't know whether chasing is a good bet when comes to a big match like this? I am confused and eager to know CSK's tactics.
I am sure, we are in for a fiery contest. Have to wait and see, who has the last smile? Its Bravo's calypso dance or Bhajji's balle balle :-) - Syed