Wednesday, 23 May 2012

CSK - A Step Closer to IPL Crown

While most of us thought that CSK sneaked into the final playoff spot,  they proved today that they deserved  to be there in the play-offs. Team effort from Hussey to Jakati helped CSK enter the qualifiers easily. In days like today, you are really proud to be following this team.Now, the fight to enter the finals @ Chennai

  1. Dhoni: Dhoni, the exceptional captain & Dhoni, the explosive batsman is  BACK. Right from bowling Jakatin @ the beginning to the bang-on bowling changes, he got it correct. And seeing the old Dhoni, who attacks the bowlers - right from the first ball - was a welcome change. And that SIX of Malinga was SPECIAL. 
  2. Fleming & Dhoni: Right from picking Jakati & Hussey in the squad to sending Badri at No:4 , the team management got it right. But sending Jadeja ahead of Bravo & Morkel is unforgivable - in my eyes
  3. Jakati & Badri: Both of them have been in & out of the team. And have not got opportunities to shine. But they proved their value to their team today. 
  4. Bravo & Morkel; Big matches bring this that extra bit in them. Great Work from them
  5. Ashwin & Hussey: Very Important Contributions from both of them. 
  1. Raina: Our Star Batsman of the team has not made significant contributions this season. Believe in him to make the key contributions in the next two matches. 
  2. Hilfenhauz: He should be the leading bowler in the team - who carries the team's bowling on his back.  Still has not adapted his bowling to Indian conditions. Hope he does so in Chennai
Fan's Man of the Match: Surely, Dhoni the captain, the batsman and the wicket-keeper. Hope he continues to give such performances for CSK.

What do you think about our Chances against Delhi Daredevils?


Anonymous said...

Kudos to Badri. Fantastic one. Glad to CSK go through. They are indeed a fun bunch and a different team when they field.
I think Badri should have gone ahead of Raina.

Tendulkar played a huge role in MI to make all the players do well throughout the season. But, those guys couldn't handle pressure.

Anonymous said...

Yes Badri made all the difference today (if you compare this with the last game against Punjab). And when Dhoni is on song, there is very little the fielding team can do!!!

But I still do think we needed an additional bowler. As expected we didn't need Albie to bat today (we have atleast 1 extra batsman in the team) and Ben struggled at the top. Fortunately for us Jakati clicked + Albie and Bravo bowled beautifully. Everything looks good if they both well, but my worry is that they are not consistent enough.

However, it shouldn't matter now since we will be playing in spinner friendly home conditions and this combo should be good for us to lift the cup again. DD and KKR, here we come!!!


Anonymous said...

Hussey is the best of all.

Hilfy will come good. But today's pitch had no juice left and it was expected to only take turns.

Anonymous said...

saniyan tendul out... saniyan dhandanakka.. i dont want to see mumbai win.. rowdy fellows
bhajji rowdy
srt - selfish tendul
munaf patel - another porukki
malinga - porambokku

Anonymous said...

Again, as I said yesterday Jadeja doesn't deserve a place in the team. I would take an extra bowler instead of him.

Anonymous said...

It is true Badri is a class act in general. Also true that he made a significant contribution yesterday, which Dhoni acknowledged.

But if you really look at yesterday's innings, Badri was off-key on several occasions. Four of his six 4s were off the under edges and inside edges. He mis-timed the ball on many more occasions. It was a lucky day for him.

Unknown said...

I also believe that Hilfy come good. But just that team's star batsman and strike bowler were not upto their potential in this game..