Saturday, 24 September 2011

Freaky Malinga Innings helps Mumbai Foreigners to defeat CSK

It was a freaky victory for Mumbai Foreigners. There is no other way to describe this win for Mumbai. It was especially sad to see Chennai losing the game after dominating for 90% of the game. 

1. Hussey: He continues the fine form of Sri-lankan tour. Expect to see a few more great performance during the championship league.
2. Ashwin & Raina: Both of them continued to impress with the ball. Expect them to play key roles for the rest of the tournament.

1. Bollinger: Ever Dependable Bollinger had one of his off-days. Hope he gets back his regular mojo for the rest of the league.

Now the team needs to go back to the drawing board and ensure that those silly mistakes are not repeated any more. 

Who do you think is responsible for this freaky victory of Mumbai Foreigners?


Krishna Gannavaram said...

Dhoni missed Malinga's crucial stumping.Malinga was very lucky to stay.He could have been bowled by bollinger.I though Dhoni should have batted higher up.And we dont use Dwayne Bravo's batting.He is used only for his bowling.Badrinath had off day today wasted crucial balls.

ashmita said...

dhoni shoud come at 4. badrinath wastes balls where it is difficult 2 score. albie should come at 5 follwed by bravo

ashmita said...

why r we wasting bravo's batting abilities . it is not the job of dhoni 2 come at 5 & smash balls instead we'll prefer if dhoni takes 5-6 balls , get set & then start smashing . we have always found that dhoni is most dangerous when he gets set. albie's job is 2 come at 5 and smash balls withour getting set not dhoni's. badri wasted 3.3 overs (21balls) 2 get meagre 16

Anonymous said...

Why harping on batting. It was entirely pace bowling and captain failure to keep the pressure in the last 5 overs.