Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Chennai has their first training session

Slowly but steadily, Men in Yellow are building a strong defence to their world championship title. Had their first training session. Yesterday's Rain washed out any chance of a training session yesterday.

Who do you think would be the man of the tournament for CSK this season?

My Prediction - Suresh Raina

And Probable CSK XI
1. Vijay
2. Hussey
3. Raina
4. Dhoni
5. Albie Morkel
6. Bravo
7. Anirudh Srikkanth  Badrinath
8. Saha
9. Ashwin
10. Jakati
11. Bollinger


Anonymous said...

How is Anirudh ahead of Badri?

Mike said...

Good to see some new blogs Robin. It has been too long since the IPL! CSK have to be favourites for sure, they have certainly got the edge on the other teams thanks to being able to play every game at home.

I think the man of the tournament for CSK might be Hussey or Ashwin.

One thing i have to mention is my disappointment that some of the players are playing for CSK over their domestic teams. I think it takes away from CSK's victories somewhat. Do you know the reasons why Bollinger and Bravo have chosen to play for CSK over their domestic teams? Is it about money? I don't want CSK to be known for being the best t20 team in the world just because they have more money than some of the other teams. Personally I would rather see us knocked out in the semi finals without Bravo and Bollinger than win the championship with them, but that is is just my opinion.

Here is my choice for CSK XI.

1. Vijay
2. Hussey
3. Raina
4. Badrinath
5. Dhoni
6. Morkel
7. Du Plessis
8. Southee (Replaced by Kulasekara)
9. Mahesh
10. Ashwin
11. Jakati

No Bravo or Bollinger because i would rather see them play for their domestic teams. I still think that would be a strong enough team to defend their title at home.

Raghav said...


here's something u didnt know... the players dont "opt" to play for their away teams. the teams are the ones making to decision in reality... its only if CSK decide to not retain their services that they can play for their home teams...

randiv instead of bravo? nice to see u back in action again

Unknown said...

With the relaid pitch, don't know whether the spin would get as much purchase. So might be safe to go with Bravo for this match.. (considering that Raina can also bowl spin)

Raman said...

Why Badrinath can't play shots when it is needed at the good time?If i were him,i would try to hit every ball to the boundary or hit the ball hard at that situation.Because there are lots of batsman to come.Albie Morkel has just faced only less than 4 balls in the match vs Mumbai Indians.I think Whether what kind of situation it would be Badrinath should bat below Albie Morkel.If he is batting above him then he should be remember to maintain 8 runs per over.He should take too much time to get off the mark.My best choice would be Morkel raised up in the batting order.