Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Final Push for the Crucial Top Two Slot

Until now, Chennai Super Kings have done everything right for the crucial top two slots. Now it is time for the team to push for the crucial final top two slot. Also tomorrow's match would provide a few opportunities to the players who have waited patiently on the sidelines.

1. Vijay 2. Mukund 3. Raina 4. Dhoni 5. Bravo 6. Faf 7. Albie 8. Ashwin 9. Jakati 10. Dougie 11. Tyagi

KTK Probable XI
1. McNullum 2. Parthiv Patel 3. Brad Hodge 4. Owasis Shah 5. Ravi Jadeja 6. Gomez 7. Kedhar Jadhav 8.RP Singh 9. Sreesanth 10.Murali 11. Parameshwaran

Most Dangerous Players
1. RP Singh: His early wickets are crucial for Kochi Tuskers.

Favorites: Chennai Super Kings have to try really hard to lose this match.


Danesh said...

If Punjab wins tonight, it might create problems with the top 4. So, better to win tomorrow and close the issue.

Nesan said...

Hopefully we win.

thanks to god we got no more mahela.

praying that we win tommorrow.

XNewsmaster said...

We are 90% into the play-off because of the NRR we have even thou Punjab wins its 2 more matches (today punjab wins) and if we lose next two matches too...
But yes, not to take risk, getting a win tomoro will be an added advantage and a confirmed place at top of of the PT..

Mike said...

I'm excited for tonight's game. It would be awesome to go undefeated at home this year, has any other team done it before?

The tournament has gone almost perfectly so far in terms of results. With Kochi at home and Bangalore in the final match, CSK's fate is entirely in their own hands. They could finish as high as 1st or as low as 5th so we could have an exciting finish or a devastating one.


1. Bravo - Vijay has been too inconsistent for my liking to have him opening in the finals in case he can't score runs like matthew hayden last year. I'd have Bravo opening to ensure an explosive start and take some pressure off Hussey.

2. Hussey

3. Badri - Badri has been incredible with the bat and he really deserves to come in before Raina who has been inconsistent like Vijay.

4. Raina

5. Dhoni

6. Faf - He deserves a chance to play at least once this year. Albie can rest a bit longer. An extra spinner could help at home. If we don't see him play tonight, I can't see him playing this year, which is poor management by CSK in my opinion.

7. Vignesh - There to ensure CSK can keep up the strategy of going as hard as they can at the end. He would also take Albie's role of opening the bowling for this game.

8. Vijay - Takes Anirudha's/Saha's position as a backup batsman in case of a batting collapse or to steal some late runs. He is an equal fielder to them as well and has been too inconsistent to open but doesn't deserve to be left out.

9. Jakati

10. Ashwin

11. Bollinger

Senthil said...


Well good thoughts. But I really dont see any changes. The only probable person who might get replaced is Saha. That too with Anirudha. I feel this might be our CSK strategy. They would like to go safe. Secure a place instead of any changes.

If they manage to win, then for sure there might be one pr tow changes in the match against Bangalore.

Hope CSK comes up with thumping performance. And also wish that they dont succumb to holiday hangover.

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karthik said...
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Nate_9 said...

Irrespective of today's outcome, CSK has to win the Sunday's game against RCB to firmly secure a spot within top two. Here's how:-

If RCB beats CSK, it will have 19 points, and CSK may have 18 or 16 (depending on today's result). But if CSK beats RCB, it will have 18 or 20, one more that 17 (RCB's point). In the final points tally, most likely, either KKR or MI will be below CSK at least due to NRR. This will put us on top two. Anybody disagree.....?

XNewsmaster said...

Not an as expected performance by CSK today (i guess).. Just 64 in 10 overs with loss of 3 wik and left behind batsmen like Mike, Saha and MSD!, i guess our total score will be somewer around 140-150 which actually the KTK is expecting...
The only way to win this match is we have to show the best in the second innings which we usually do, thats the bowling & fielding department.
Otherwise i think, CSK will have to look for its next match and win for sure, which is the usual logic of both MSD as well as CSK, thats 'the last minute tik tik win'...
Bad luck today for CSK (possibly) and better luck next time Vs injured and angry RCB (boz of huge loss from KXIP in the previous game).

Unknown said...


Have to agree that Faf deserved a chance. Team would have benefited him from picking him today..