Saturday, 7 May 2011

Fight for No:2 Spot??

Currently, both Kolkata Knight Riders and Chennai Super Kings would be eyeing that all-important No:2 spot. That is why today's match becomes crucial. Because it lets Chennai Super Kings not only add 2 more points but prevents the competition from doing so. So it would be a double whammy if CSK wins today.

Also KKR would not have forgotten their opening match defeat. They would be cursing themself for losing from a winning position. So we may not expect any such favors from KKR this time.

CSK Probable XI:
1. Vijay 2.Hussey 3. Raina 4. Badri 5. Dhoni  6. Albie 7. Anirudh Srikkanth 8. Ashwin 9. Jakati 10. Tim Southee 11. Bollinger
Considering that this is a new pitch with that extra bounce, the team might go ahead with Tim Southee in the place of Randiv

KKR Probable XI:
1. Kallis 2. Morgan 3. Gambhir 4. Tiwary 5. Yusuf Pathan 6. Mark Boucher 7. Rajat Bhati 8. Iqbal Abdullah 9. Bret Lee 10. Balaji 11. Jaidev Unakat. 

Most Dangerous Players:
1. Gambhir: New Pitch should aid Gambhir's natural strokeplay. I have a feeling that Gambhir might open the innings today. 
2. Yusuf Pathan: He is the danger-man for CSK. Chennai has to keep him quiet to win this match. 

Prediction: Odds are heavily in the favor of KKR. But if Dhoni/Vijay find their form, CSK will win the match easily - Otherwise it would be a tight game. 


Senthil said...

I am sure this is the match thats going to expose the weakness in CSK team until unless Dhoni is going to weave his magic. And possibly the last match with same combination. I really dont see any possibility for CSK to win this match even though I wish for. Hope for the best!

patrick said...

I am very unhappy with the way the CSK start the innings with the bat. Agreed that they dont have an aggressive opener like Hayden at the top anymore, but that doesn't mean that they dont have to bat aggressively.They simply don't want to be aggressive.This strategy was very evident that Sangakara decided to open the bowling with JP Duminy and that worked well too.
This is the only weakness with the CSK I have seen.By bringing Hussey at the top, CSK dont have a good finisher in the middle order and they dont have an aggressive opener.

CSK should try opening the innings with Albie Morkel, who is the ONLY other choice.

If the aggression in the opening overs is compromised, then CSK would pay badly again as they did already against the KTK.

I hope that my favorite team , the CSK doesn't lose matches bcoz of this sily attitude.

Any comments on this post is very much appreciated.

Anonymous said...

and vijay continues to disappoint....this match is as good as lost...its a 40 track at least if not more. CSK seems at bay outside chennai

Anonymous said...

140 i meant and somehow we never manage to accelerate as much as we wud want to..for long Badri nath was considered more test player-ish and now others seem so sluggish in front of him..

Darth Vader said...

Why should we aim for any spot. We should aim to play aggressive cricket and the results will take care of themselves. Just because we defended 140 a couple of times, we cannot keep that as a gold standard on a perceived slow wicket.

Thanks to the rain. At least now we can say we got did in by the rain. Two runs per over in a 20-20 match needs real courage, considering the pay packet of these guys. Vijay at least has improved since his game. He scored 5 out of 14 balls, against 3 out of 14 the last, which is quite an improvement. I am sure he is still hitting the ball well. Momma's boys now cant win outside chennai, unless its Pune Warriors they are playing against. How can we score 15 runs in 6 overs... even if GOD was bowling to you.. I still cant get it. They all had bewildered looks as if there was some devil in the pitch. Spineless performance if ever there was one. I could understand crashing out, but this was like a sloth trying to digest a big meal. Excruciatingly spineless........ Chennai Super Sloths.... whistle podadhey..... they are busy sleeping..

Be ready for some humiliation in upcoming matches...... unless something drastic happens.

Hope they wake up and smell the Kaapi.

dart vader said...

Patrick -
Our over cautious approach in the first 6 overs is unfathomable. None of the franchises have persisted with the same set of openers. If things are not working, we need to have the courage to trying something new. Doing the same things repeatedly but expecting different results is absurd. The last season was good for us because Vijay and Raina were in good form. Now our opening pair looks like two ducks lining up for a hound race. This puts great pressure on the rest of the batting order. Frankly I could not believe what I saw today. Neither of the openers had any clue of what needs to be done. Note that Hussey has been out caught pulling in a smilar manner in almost all matches. He needs people to drop catches if he has to make a big score but thats does not happen all the time.

Chennai won the league only because it played attractive and aggressive cricket. It is not that we lost, but that we did not even compete. All the matches we lost were by big margins and all our wins have been very close.

If this sluggish and defensive attitude continues, be prepared for more insults in the other games.

I have already seen very few people on this blog this year. There were plenty of comments in the previous season.

Obviously people are tired of the sick attitude already....

BK said...

Murali Vijay is short on runs, poor on form, low on confidence, and devoid of any humility. Shorn of any self-reflection he responded to a TV commentator during the Deccan match, "I am batting well.. not worried..".
Not to worry, indeed. Dhoni likes to keep it simple.. He likes to keep repeating the thing that isn't working expecting it to yield different results the next time.

patrick said...

@ Dart Vader.

Glad that you came up with the same point that I was surprised about....

WHY LESS PEOPLE on this blog this year ?

Have the fans got busy? I wouldn't think so bcoz, its saturday noon's match!

Looks like people are losing hope in CSK and are tired of penning about the same points again and again.

We paid dearly for what we did.D/L method will always be against CSK if they play this way.This is the second time this happened.

Get back to play aggressive ways CSK or just sit back in the seats to watch others get past you.

For heaven's sake..... "CAPITALIZE ON THE FIRST 6 OVERS".

When Hayden used to bat for CSK, the first 6 overs were nightmare for the opponents and we have stolen a few matches in the first 6 overs itself.That is not happening now a days.

Dhoni is doing the same mistake that he did with Rohit Sharma in a series.He made him open the innings and Rohit struggled with that. Hussey is in the same spot. Due to Hussey's extraordinary talent ( and luck) of placing his innings, he was able to survive.But this is about DOMINATION. Not survival.

Pls come up with a better opening pair.I believe that CSK is the only team that makes the fans yarn when they open to bat.Its like as if watching the middle overs in a ODI.

CSK..we still have hope in you.
DHONI...we still have hope in you.

We dont expect you to do miracles.Just do things right and sensibly.