Saturday, 28 May 2011

Clinical Display from CSK.. We are Champions Again

Chennai Super Kings successfully defended their title with another clinical display. Great Opening Partnership by Hussey-Vijay set up the most dominating win of the season. 

WHOA!! We are IPL CHAMPIONS AGAIN!! The team did well to raise up their game for the crucial match. This is why Dhoni's captaincy and Fleming's coaching is crucial for Chennai Super Kings.

1. Vijay & Hussey: What a way to come back to the form. They showed determination and intent by running very hard in the initial overs.  They scored 56 runs in the first six overs without even a single boundary. Commendable performance from the openers. 
2. Ashwin: Again another great bowling performance. His early wicket of Gayle snubbed out the slightest hope that RCB had. 
3. Jakati: Another great bowling performance from him. 

Fan's Man of the Match: Vijay. His explosive innings and his determined running between the wickets was commendable. Hope to see more such clinical partnerships from Hussey & Vijay in the next season. 


Anonymous said...

unbelievable! defended in in yellow are like the Aussies of 2000..the color suits us fine....

Just 1 thing to wonder- why was the match so 1 sided...was there something in the pitch??

Would we have won the same way if we batted 2nd too? I was a little disappointed by the anti climax..last yr final was closer

Yamish said...


I think when we reached 200, the outcome was pretty much decided. And then Gayle got out in the first over it was nailed on.

Close matches are when the scores is competitive.

Champions Again.... Now nobody can claim that we are just lucky!!!

Anonymous said...

Dude. Sixes count as boundaries. And they scored four sixes in the first six overs.

Danesh said...

Great win! And as Dhoni said, the fair play award along with the IPL trophy demonstrates that a team can play fair within the rules and still win.

Hope we do well in the Champions League too.

Anonymous said...

Hi Man you are a freaking soothsayer or what... "Vijay -Hussey partnership to be crucial" Amazing dude...!!!

Nesan said...

we are the barcelona of IPL

syed razool said...

@Robin you are spot on mate. You spotted Vijay&Hussey patnership was crucial and it happened that way. I am noticing right from the season beginning, your predictions are more or less close to perfect.Keep it up dude.

@Nesan yeah ofcourse we are Barca of IPL..consistent and rock solid

Well, I felt like if we dismiss Gayle cheaply we can easily won the match.But I never thought RCB will fade away without giving a fight.Actually there was no match up, may be I can say its a mismatch unless Gayle fires.The standard set by our CSK is very high and if other teams doesn't raise their level we will be the winner once again in 2012.Champions League is our next target..I like to see a match between our CSK vs Rest of best XI from IPL.

Anonymous said...

That would be interesting!! why not have the blog owner come up with a best of rest ipl 11 vs CSK...and select the best team?? its a good way 2 prolong our blog posts past IPL...

Best of Rest ..say lead by SK warne..

Arjun said...


Unlike studio pundits who were all Gayle-focussed, you focussed on Hussey and Vijay! Your stake on the ground was fabulous ! and it came true.

karthik said...

Sorry guys as iam out of stn i could not comment as soon as CSK won the finals. Fantastic batting display by Vijay and Hussey ( So Vijay can bat like this y he din showed earlier) thats ok he reserved for the last and got us the cup. So as Ashwin he once again proved his quality by removing gayle early and ensured our win. Hats off to MSD and CSK team for this memorable victory ( ofcourse onesided) Hope the same form will continue in the Champions League all the best for CSK