Thursday, 19 May 2011

Chennai's Unbeaten Home Run Continues

Perfect Seven... Chennai Super Kings became the first team in IPL to win all their home matches. And the team was the deserved winners in all the games. With 7 home wins and 2 away wins so far, CSK has become the second team to qualify for the play-offs mathematically. 

1. Hussey: He is CSK's oldest player on the field. But the commitment shown by him on the field was exemplary. Hope the young guns like Vijay learn from him. 
2. Saha: Everybody (including me) questioned his inclusion in the team. And as any true match winner, he answered his critics on the field. This innings should give him and the team a lot of confidence. 
3. Ashwin, Jakati & Raina: The spinner trio set up another beautiful win. Ashwin is now the key player in the play-offs for CSK. 

1. Vijay: His casual approach in the field was stupid - to say the least. Hope he get his act together soon. 

Fan's Man of the Match: Ashwin for the wonderful bowling performance & Hussey for the inspirational fielding display. 

Now the match against RCB would decide whether CSK is among the top two slots in this season. 


syed razool said...

CSK cannot lose a match in Chepauk. MSD completely debunked chennai's pitch...what else to say.I like to read his mind, how well he is taking right decisions at right time, without losing his cool.Hats off.

syed razool said...

Once Mumbai looked like runway leaders, now they are reeling and need to win either one of their matches to qualify.RCB have got a new life after Gayle's arrival.CSK after their initial hiccups are well placed to crab the title, we peaked at the right time.We have all bases covered and has solutions to all match situation, what else a champion side required?

Arun said...

We should give Bravo batting chance against Bangalore.
Guess everyone knows whats our XI going to be for the rest of the tournament.

Anonymous said...

agreed I would like to get Bravo go ahead, maybe at No4, He is very useful with the bat. Even Morkel should get to go a little early if possible. I did feel the batting of CSK was not upto the mark, everyone got out in a hurry, Badri's 1st blemish I guess in otherwise a great IPL.

Good to see Saha come through~

Sathya said...

Robin : I think we have done very little chasing and winning this year, thats one chink in CSK game, especially can we chase against MI or KKR ?

Nesan said...


I hope vijay steps up to his last year level and show why he wasnt chosen for the west indies test series.

Senthil said...

I feel that Vijay has nowadays assumed that his place is so secured in the team. He tries to play for the crowd (as Dhoni has stated for the Indian team). What a level of commitment was shown by Hussey. Thats why he is Mr.Cricket.

I guess it might be a good idea to make him to sit for a match or two. I might be harsh. But sometimes little things makes difference.

karthik said...

Yesterdaz match against KTK everybody was in a hurry while batting to improve the net run rate except Hussey and Saha thats why they stayd a little bit longer. Good to see saha untilized his opportunity and answers why he is there ahead of Anirudha/Mukund. But People like Mukund and Vignesh have to get fair chances to prove. Rare day our Dougie fails but for the last over. As alwaz Ashwin and jakati bowled brilliantly. For the next match against RCB I would like to see Bravo and Morkel coming up the order and if possible MUkund can be given a chance for his outstanding fielding effort and batting abilities. Hope CSK to reach the top 2.

darth vader said...

Vijay dropping Hodge looked like the final act in a tragic play. Sometimes the best thing you can do to motivate someone is to drop him for a few games but if he knows his place is secure why would he bother.

Raina should have made the dropped catch count.

We tend to relax when we feel that the game is wrapped, much before the last ball has been bowled.

38 runs in the last two overs and Bravo bowls friendly slow balls? The game could have easily been lost in that over. Bravo should be used more as a bastman. Frankly his bowling is really not much of novelty.

This team has lost its USP. Only positive was Saha's gutsy performance. Well you could say Hussey held the fort while ohters were getting out. Well it was because he was not able to score that the others had to accelerate and got out while doing so. Facing more than 30 balls and scoring less than a run a ball is not great art in t20.