Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Chennai Super Kings outclass Rajasthan Royals

After being outclassed by Kolkata Knight Riders in the last match, CSK came back with a thumping win today. Pitch Controversy withstanding, it was great to see CSK thrash Rajasthan Royals. And the best part was that the team had a lot of positives to take forward. With the massive win, Chennai Super Kings have climbed to No:2 spot. 

1. Bravo: It was great to see Bravo in the yellow colors. Though his performance was ordinary today, it can be easily attributed to jet lag and 2 continuous days of travel. I am sure he would be back to his usual form in a match or two. 
2. Dhoni & Vijay: It was great to see the out-of-form batsmen getting runs under their belt. I believe that CSK are slowly starting to peak before the crucial stages of the tournament.
3. Hussey: He continues to impress - match after match. In another match or two, we are bound to see him wearing the orange cap. 

Fan's Man of the Match - Hussey. Though Dhoni played very well, it was Hussey's innings that set up the win. 


Arun said...

Though Bravo is a welcome addition to the squard - in terms of Batting, fielding or bowling - I feel we are one spinner short (esp given that Chennai pitch and the rest are at the end of the season and we should be expecting a lot of spin friendly wickets).

Though we have tooooo many medium pace/fast bowlers at our disposal (Bolliner, Morkel, Sotuhee, Kulasekara, Vignesh, Mahesh, Joginder sharma, Tyagi, Styris) we went the whole season with just 3 spinners (Thank God there has been no injury whatsoever). Given that the CSK team is intent on playing Bravo, they should try to fit in a indian spinner instead of Srikanth/Saha ( Faf du is not an option). That is some concern for me :(

Nesan said...

I am very happy about the performance today.

This is how we should bat from now on. Hussey being aggressive and let vijay settle. We should put a local spinner instead of saha.

I think the next two games we should win easily because sehwag out of daredevils and mahela is out of Kochi.

I am only scared of royal challengers because of the form of gayle.

Senthil said...

Good win... I am not a guy to agree for pitch controversy. A good team MUST win in any given situ. CSK was the deserving winners. Still Saha's addition is puzzling. Ona any day will go for Vignesh. Hope if we win against Delhi then chance could be given to some untested guys like du Plesis, Abinav Mukund, Vignesh and Yo Mahesh. Hope for the best...

Danesh said...

Thumping win! Dhoni and Vijay answered their critics in style.

A minor area of concern was the fielding. Somehow, we should try and match up Mumbai's standards. That will make the bowling look more stronger than it is.

In the home match, I think Randiv will come back in.

darth vader said...

Lets face it, RR's bowling lacked any teeth. If Waston and Warne dont get wickets, they have no weapons in the armoury. Nice to see Hussey realizing that he has to now take the mantle of quick runs and let vijay play himself in.

Usually it is Hussey's catches they miss. It was Vijays turn today. Only time will tell if it is true return of form or just law of averages catching up with him.

Saha's inclusion seems perplexing. May be he wold have batted at 3 or 4 if openers had failed.

Bravo generally breaks partnerships and his enthusiasm is infectious. He can never be economical in these conditions. More useful as a batsman.

I feel Faff and abhinav deserve a shot.

karthik said...

This is a real csk I mean. CSK should Go after the bowling ( one dares wins) whoever the opposition may be. But Luckily vijay got life intially to make up his form. Hussy and Dhoni batted brilliantly and in the bowling as usual Ashwin and Bollinger stepd up for the occasion. Why Saha? can anyone answer please. Why they are not trying out Vignesh/Mukund. God only knows. The match against DD without sehwag we can easily win but against RCB i doubt.

Anonymous said...

We missed out on Syed Mohammed and the absence of a third Indian spinner is worrying.Could be an important factor. Can anyone apart from Faf bowl spin in the side. Apart from the part timers of course...

Unknown said...


Believe that Raina in T20 is better than any spinner that CSK can sign now.. I believe there is no worries for us in that front.

As said by Fleming & Hussey, that extra batsmen in Bravo does allow the team to be extra aggressive.

I also believe, Faf & Mukund do deserve a chance. Let us see what the teams decide.

I am sure Fleming & Dhoni can enough reasons for picking Saha ahead of Mukund.

No only Raina & Faf are other spin options CSK has.