Friday, 13 May 2011

Chennai bats it way through to the play-offs

With another home victory, Chennai bats its way through to the play-offs. Now the team can start focusing on reaching the top two slots of the league table. 

1. Team Management: Finally, the team has started thinking and playing the match fearlessly. Extra batsmen in Bravo does make the team a lot more aggressive with its batting.
2. Dhoni: It was great to see Dhoni - the free flowing batsman, who attracted attention initially. 
3. Badri: As usual, Badri played the sheet anchor role to the hilt
4. Bravo: He is slowly getting his 'mojo' back. In another 2 or 3 matches, he should be playing to his full potential. 
5. Ashwin & Raina: Both bowled beautifully. It was great to see Raina filling up the third spinner's role beautifully. Raina & Ashwin's bowling would be crucial in the matches played in Chennai

1. Vijay:  We have not still seen Vijay of IPL 2010 form. His form would be crucial in the matches against top four teams. 

Fan's Man of the Match - Dhoni - for out-batting the opposition out of the match. 

Now the team gets a much needed rest.. 


Nesan said...

very happy we won

syed razool said...

It was exciting to see CSK's aggressive batting approach.Its like Aussie's way when they were in their peak.I wish they continue to play fearless cricket in the remaining matches.

Unknown said...

With the extra batsman(Bravo) in the team, I am sure the team would continue to play much more aggressive cricket..

Yamish said...

With today's results we have sure fire qualified for the playoffs. Now to consolidate our position in the top 2.