Monday, 23 May 2011

Can CSK stop RCB juggernaut?

Buoyed by the induction of Gayle, Royal Challengers Bangalore are in one hell of a form - winning eight matches of the last nine. And experts predict them to be the clear favorites for tomorrow's game. But CSK can't be written off in the final stages of these games.

CSK Probable XI:
1. Hussey 2. Vijay 3. Raina 4. Badri 5. Dhoni 6. Albie Morkel 7. Saha 8. Bravo 9. Ashwin 10. Jakati 11. Bollinger

RCB Probable XU:
1. Luke Pomersbach 2. Gayle 3. Kohli 4. De Villiers 5. Saurav Tiwary 6. Mohamed Kaif 7. Mayank Agarwal  8. Vettori 9. Zaheer 10. Arvind 11. Mithun

Most Dangerous Players
1. Vettori: More than inept batting by CSK team, the win yesterday could be attributed to the intelligent captaincy and the field placements by Vettori. Also he bowls the important middle overs - not letting the other teams to escape from the iron grip.
2. Zaheer: In addition to his quota of 4 overs, he pseudo-bowls another 8 overs through Mithun & Aravind.  So it is important that Vijay take Zaheer's bowling apart in the initial overs.
3. Gayle: After his induction into the team, his contribution is immense in all the eight wins. Hope the law of averages catches up with him tomorrow.

Favorites: Unlike Bangalore pitch, Vettori would not find Mumbai pitch to his liking. Expect Ashwin to produce a match-winning performance tomorrow. And the toss would be crucial in tomorrow's game.

P.S: Went yesterday to my bangalore for the match. So missed out on my regular updates about the match. 


darth vader said...

There is no excitement in the team anymore. For the last three years either Vijay or Hayden would provide fireworks. CSK were not afraid to drop even Muralithanran when did not peform. We got Bolliger into the team at the right time.

This year we all know that the same 11 will take the field and play the same insipid uninspiring boring cricket with only two players from TN contributing significantly.

CSK are defending champions but they are tigers in their own backyard and and a pack of rats outside.

The worrying factor is no new local talent (from TN) has been identified. The CSK seems to net some TN players and then let them fade away into the oblivion. Failure to think beyond the current 4 is not wise thinking.

CSK management should have given Mukund, Vignesh, sudeep tyagi, Bailey and Faff a chance.

Yamish said...

Hopefully being the underdogs and nobody expecting us to win makes the team play better with less pressure.

Nesan said...

Praying today we win. dhoni gives me confidence.

Senthil said...

Well it was really Dhoni Dhoni and Dhoni. He was like a single man army taking over Bangalore + Gayle (he himself is like having a team of 10 persons). Well as everyone know Gayle is in his form of life. Our Dhoni has luck as possessed by none.

I guess he will once again go with the same team. Introduce the secret weapon called Jakathi and will make Bangalore to choke. Even if it doesnt happen and even if Chennai losses, I am sure Dhoni by this match will try to read what to do.

So I am sure that in this match, if we have luck (like say Vijay or Raina who have forgotten how to bat suddenly find their form)then sure CSK will seriously look like a formidable outfit.

We are traditionally a batting unit. If we come out with a thumping performance then no single Gayle can win the match. Hope today CSK bats like Punjab and hit 200 runs. Then let us see what happens with decent bowling attack.

@Robin: Gr8 dude to know that u have gone to the match. How was the atmosphere. I guess if u were a RCB fan then it was certainly an electrifying atmosphere.

Anonymous said...

With Current position of RCB, i am pretty sure that RCB will get to the Finals the Soft way and CSK will to the "HARD WAY"...
(Csk will mostly lose the Qualifier 1 today, will win the qualifier 2 with a real luck and get to the finals)..

But though i dont want to give any comments for the Finals, but it will the 3rd continuous match against RCB..
So even thou if we lose today, do get rid from being ashamed, we must have to win the finals (if thou we reach)....