Sunday, 1 May 2011

Battle between CSK Batting & DC Bowling

Deccan Chargers would be one of the two IPL teams (other team in Rajasthan Royals) that might actually look forward to Chennai's pitch. The team has quality spinners(Ojha & Mishra) who can exploit slow turning pitches and batting unit is always dependent on Sangakkara on any pitch. So they would find Chennai pitch to be more in their favor. 
For Chennai, a win tomorrow would take them back among the top four teams in IPL. So it is a big match for both the teams. 

CSK Probable XI:
1. Vijay 2.Hussey 3. Raina 4. Badri 5. Dhoni  6. Albie 7. Anirudh Srikkanth 8. Ashwin 9. Jakati 10. Randiv 11. Bollinger

If Albie is not fit tomorrow, the team might play Stryis & Southee ahead of Albie & Randiv. 

DC Probale XI:
1. Sohal 2. Dhawan 3. Chipli 4. Sangakkara 5. White 6. Christian 7. Teja 8. Ojha 9. Amit Mishra 10. Ishant Sharma 11. Steyn

Most Dangerous Players:
1. Ojha: Deccan Chargers' most successful spinner in earlier IPL seasons has been cast aside for Amit Mishra. I am sure he will be looking for a point to prove in tomorrow's match
2. Steyn: Steyn is a threat on any pitch he bowls. How Hussey & Vijay negotiate him would decide tomorrow's match
3. Sangakkara: His batting is the rock in which Deccan Chargers' wins are based. CSK needs to get him out early. 

Favorites:  Though Deccan Chargers would fancy their chances, the crowd support tomorrow tilts the scales towards Chennai. 


Senthil said...

I am still not convinced with Hussey who has replaced Hayden @ top. I really see him more as Bevan playing down the order. Like say in the last match he choked a bit. It was Badri's superlative innings with which CSK won. I thought instead promote Anirudh/Mukund and ask Hussey to play down the order.

@Robin... I dont see the rational behind why u hav opted for Styris & Tim Southee instead of Albie & Randiv. I will rather opt for Randiv & du Plesis. Well afterall its a spinning track where Suraj has better track record. And he is far better than Jakathi.

Yes actually odds are stacked up against CSK. Normally DC will win. But this is a completely new team unlike previous editions. So keeping fingers crossed. We dont have any option than to win. We can never be a team having good runrate as we dont have ANY big hitters. So a WIN is a MUST!

Sj0707 said...

Albie is terribly out of form.. He cant strike the ball or bowl it to the stumps! It would be mush better if they'd give Du Plessis an opportunity cos he's a terrific all rounder. Vijay needs to bat well though.. he's due some runs.

Mike said...

@ Senthil

I think you're being a little harsh on Hussey. He got us off to a horrible start wasting the first 3 overs and then losing his wicket, but he always starts slowly. The difference is in previous matches he has stayed in and scored very quickly later in the match.

I've mentioned before that I think Bravo is the ideal opening partner for Vijay, but he isn't available at the moment. Perhaps it would be worth trying Albie as an opener until Bravo is available. We solve two problems that way - finding a place for Albie where he gets enough time in batting, and increase our run rate in the early overs. With that in mind the XI for tonight could (but won't) look like this:

1. Vijay
2. Morkel/Bravo
3. Badrinath
4. Raina
5. Dhoni
6. Du Plessis/Morkel
7. Anirudha
8. Randiv
9. Jakati
10. Ashwin
11. Bollinger

This would allow us 4 Spinners + Raina for home games.

Naveen said...

Bad captaincy by Dhoni. Promoting himself ahead of in form Badri was being way too selfish.