Tuesday, 5 April 2011

What it takes!!!

As CSK fans, we do expect our team to play as a single unit with a single mission - right from the first minute on the pitch. We expect them to give their 100% - both on & off the pitch. But let us not forget what it takes. 

  • Faf Du Plessis has to get over the bad memories(haggling and swearing by Kiwis) in their world-cup semi-final- And has to play as one team along with Kiwis (Scot Stryis & Tim Southee) now
  • Kulasekara has to stop himself from blaming for the sixes & fours from Dhoni's blade in the finals and has to start following orders from his CSK captain
  • Randiv has to start plotting the fall of Sangakkara & Jayawardene's wickets along with the team. 
  • South Africans has to work with Kiwis who defeated them in the quarter-finals, Kiwis has to work with Sri-lankans who defeated them in the semi-finals & Sri-lankans have to work with Indians who defeated them in the finals. But still careful enough - not to divulge all so that they retain advantage when they are playing for their country against CSK players. 
And most importantly, we expect these players coming from different countries, different cultures to start working as a single team - right from day one. So please do forgive the team if it takes them 1 or 2 games to gel as a team. But if they start delivering from day one(as in IPL Season 1), do thank the support staff - Fleming & Co. for the wonderful job they have done. 

P.S: Chennai Super Kings Team is having a team outing today night. They are having a movie screening - Remember the Titans. If you have not watched the movie, it is highly recommended to watch it. It is one of all-time great sports movie.


Mike said...

Nice piece Robin. Hopefully with the core of the team still here the new guys will gel with the rest of the team quicker than some of the other teams.

On faf- hopefully Albie can take him under his wing and that will help him take to the IPL really well. IPL is very different from other t20 games and i think that is why it is so special.

You are right about Stephen Fleming and the rest of the staff. They and the players have had the best team spirit in the tournament in the previous seasons and that is something I expect them to take into IPL4, along with another kingfisher fair play award.

Unknown said...

Actually the fact that quite a few players are staying around is very good for the team. I am hoping this decisive advantage gives a clear edge in the initial games..