Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Weather & Bad Luck defeats Chennai Super Kings

Timing of the rains and the pitch that assisted the bowlers in the early stages & after rain aided Kochi Tuskers to a great extent. (If you doubt it, read Badri's tweet) Also the batting strategy of Chennai Super Kings backfired in this match. Chennai Super Kings have always preferred "Safety first" approach with the way they pace their innings. 

CSK's Batting Strategy:
0-4 overs - Don't Lose runs. Prefer 20/0 over 40/2
5-6 overs - Accelerate - 20 runs
7-9 overs - Consolidate again - Generally lose a wicket here - 20 runs
10-14 - Accelerate without losing wickets - 30 runs 
14-16 - Accelerate only if you have not lost 3 wickets so far Otherwise consolidate  - 15 runs
17-20 - Go all hog - 40 runs

Total - 165 runs always.. 

This strategy works best if you are playing against a strong team like Mumbai Indians. But against weak teams like Kochi Tuskers, this is bound to backfire.

1. Ashwin: Ashwin continued to impress. And remains the most lethal bowler in the team
2. Bollinger: Good to see him back. Might take 2 or 3 more matches for him to regain his from.
3. Raina: Raina got to spend some time in the pitch.  Was unlucky to find out the pitch aiding bowlers after the rains. Be sure that he & Badri would be looking to the next match to make amends. 

1. Dhoni over Albie: At the stage when Dhoni walked out, I believed Morkel would have made a lot more difference. Albie can start hitting in 3-5 balls unlike Dhoni who takes 10-12 balls to understand the pitch.   

Hope to see a improved performance from the team for the next matches. With the way the tournament is shaping up, the team can afford to lose another 2 or 3 matches only. So the team has a tough path ahead in this tournament. 


Anonymous said...

I think Jakati is too predictable every team is looking to target him, also we didn't bowl enough slower deliveries ,off cutters and leg cutters are deadly against sloggers. We need a medium pacer to do that and Joginder Sharma is one guy who can !! And we need to try out Faf du Plessis he's a power hitter and we can afford to keep Southee out for a match or two now that Doug Bollinger is in.. We're feeling the lack of a L.Balaji now !! Against MI we must not allow Tendulkar and Rayudu to form a partnership because the click well and we must also expose their lower middle of Sathish, Pollard and Symonds.. Our batsmen have to target Ali Murtaza and Munaf or Pollard and see off Malinga and the new ball..

Danesh said...

The D/L rule cannot be used in Twenty20 matches as it is. It needs a thorough revision. 3 runs added for the loss of 3 overs is a joke.

karthik said...

Thats right. After playing nine overs presuming there will be 20 overs to play with, all of a sudden due to the rain it has been reduced to 17 overs that was the main reason for the defeat. Also for Mcculum we should have used slow off and leg cutters ( apart for dougie and ashwin no one bowled to win).. WE could not blame the team selection only thing we can try is inclusion of Du Plessis against southee. Hope like last 3 years csk will bounce back to semis. May be we have to opt to bowl first and restrict the opposition to a mediocre score.

Aizy said...

if some one can pass this message to dhoni.. i'd be grateful..

Bring in Faf and Vignesh.
Chuck out Southee and Jakati.

Two All-Rounders instead of two bowlers...vignesh and raina can cover for jakati's overs..

Senthil said...

It was really a bad match. Wat saddened me to a great extent is the way CSK played. They never had a clear strategy and they looked right from the start that they would like to loose. I still think its we who lost and not KTK who won. Ofcourse our weakest link is now Jakathi. To certain extent Anirudha (due to team strategy). this season enables only the opponent to score. Anirudha (as Robin pointed out) will get hardly any balls to play even in the coming matches. So its now the right time for a change.

I really dont think CSK(this time) have the ability to defend their title. However, they can still try to re-think their strategy so that they can atleast have same points (if not run-rate) as top 4 teams. So some of the best options are to bring in some meduim paces like Sudeep Tyagi, G Vignesh into their side and check if its a good move. It was really bad to see such a one-sided match & Jadeja showcasing his grudge against Dhoni.

Unknown said...

Agree that the team misses an medium pace all-rounder. Hopefully it does not become too late before Bravo joins the team. Yes.. I also felt the team missed Balaji this game.

Agree that D/L rule needs changing for T20s.

I agree that the team selection is not wrong. i would have picked the same side.. But in hindsight, things change.. :)

I still believe that it was weather & D/L that lost us the game rather than CSK strategy..

syed razool said...

Well, past is past. This is a real challenging season. All teams are extremely competetive and giving it everything they posses.Even Sachin has to anchor the innings to sail past 118 vs Pune, thats the kind of commitment expected to win a match. Nothing comes easy, and no team will grand us 2 pts unless or until we fight it out to grab it. Strategy,Game plan ..etc will be there everytime, but we have to accept that even the opponent team has plans, whats important is to out-smart them. Who would have thought, 15th over of CSK innings only went for 2 runs!, for me that is a one great over in this season.We just need to trust our boys,they can deliver and they will deliver. Still early days, no need to panic. Vital thing is to peak at the right time, I believe this team can do that. As far as team selection goes, I prefer only 2 change - Vignesh for Jakati and Faf du Plesis for Tim Southee.

Vasanth said...

So many people here and elsewhere are asking for Vignesh. Are CSK missing a trick by not playing him? Anirudha hasn't had a chance to bat at No. 7 so far this season. It's any day better to have an all-rounder at No. 7. Vignesh's medium pacers can be a great backup option if Jakati or Morkel go for runs again. And yes, Faf should be in for his extra spin option and electric fielding. Unless these changes are made, CSK won't win this IPL.

Senthil said...

I completely endorse what Syed Razool has told. In addition I think Hussey is best suited not as an opener; but little down the order. So Vijay could open with aggressive Vignesh. That could clearly be the answer to the combination for McCullam -Jayawardene or Kallis - Gambhir or Glli-Paul. And by having Hussey down they can really change the strategy and attack right from the start; Not to worry about the wickets.

And having Vignesh, du Plesis along & Suresh Raina, its quite possble to compensate for Tim Southee and Jakathi.

Anonymous said...

Tahir and Tsotsobe for Randiv and Kulasekara What say...

Anonymous said...

The only good thing about this team is they have at least 4 tamil nadu players in every game. We can truly call this a Chennai team, which is not the case with other teams.

Now have just lost to Mumbai. We played like a bunch of losers. We lost simply because we did not deserve win. Last year we slept through the first half and woke up in time to win the title. This year we have full strength from day one and yet and yet the performance is just horrible. In fact we were just lucky to win the first game against KKR. Last year Raina and Vijay fired and we piggy rode on their performance. Will Faf du plesis never see light of day? Randiv will soon be leaving for England and his performance has not been encouraging. We cannot defend even 180 plus and fail to chase 164. Will be we the cellar dwellers of this season. After Mumbai match we are currently in ninth position and looks like there is only one way this team is going.