Monday, 18 April 2011

Time for Chennai Super Kings to show Kochi their place

Kochi Tuskers Kerala are in a 'moon' after their surprise victory against Mumbai. It is time for Chennai Super Kings to show their place in IPL. With Kochi's strength in batting, it would be a really interesting match to watch. Especially since whichever captain wins the toss, Chennai Super Kings can be expected to bat first. So the question would be whether Chennai Super Kings bowlers can prevent Kochi batsmen from reaching the target. 

CSK Probable XI:
1. Hussey 2. Vijay 3. Raina 4. Badrinath 5. Dhoni 6. Albie 7. Anirudha 8. Ashwin 9. Jakati 10. Randiv 11. Southee

Bollinger is not expected to be 100% fit tomorrow. So it would be a surprise if the team picks him for tomorrow's match. But expect him to bowl in Mumbai's match. 

1. McNullum 2. Laxman 3. Jayawardene 4. Brad Hodge 5. Jadeja 6. Parthiv Patel 7. Gomez 8. Perera 9. Vinay Kumar 10. RP Singh 11. Powar

With the lack of good Indian batsmen, I would expect Kochi to prefer foreign batsmen and foreign all rounders over Murali. 

Most Dangerous Players
1. McNullum: In both their 160+ scores, McNullum played a crucial knock. His wicket is the only way to keep KTK in control in the early overs. 
2. Jaywardene: In T20, he always score his runs very quickly - without even the opposition team not noticing it. His early wicket would also go a long way in winning the match.  
3. Vinay Kumar: Vinay has been bowling beautifully in the first three matches. He is the biggest threat for CSK batsmen. [If Vinay Kumar is the biggest threat, you know how strong KTK's  bowling attack is. :)]

Favorites: Chennai Super Kings are the favorites. Also i believe it is time Raina came to the party. 


Senthil said...

Yeah... rightly told.... I really dont feel KTK as a tough opponent. I feel if it sets up a total, in any day CSK has the capability to win. So its how the CSK bowlers handle their openers. And if they decide to add Sree into their attack then its sure shot CSK match... lol

Aizy said...

we seriously need to replace Jakati with Tyagi. So that, we can offload albie for faf du pleiss. Southee can be replaced by Bollinger. Why dont we try Vignesh instead of aniruddha. He can bowl and he is a good hitter. Raina can chip in couple of overs. The below will be ideal.

1. Hussey (Foreign)
2. VJ
3. Raina
4. Dhoni
5. Badri
6. Du Pleiss (F)
7. Vignesh
8. Randiv (F)
9. Ashwin
10. Bollinger (F)
11. Tyagi

Albie is bowling pathetic and in his place even vignesh can hit. Also du pleiss is a bowler.

AGA said...

i kept saying, jakati is a weak link this season! Next game will probably see Randiv come in for southee. I dont see dhoni dropping morkel. Jakati should be replaced by Tyagi. This will maintain the spin-pace equilibrium.

BK said...

Shadab Jakati is not up to snuff.
Albie Morkel is a pinch hitter and not an all-rounder anymore. Tim Southee appears vastly overrated. Barring their fielding, CSK has been more lucky than competent so far. If they don't get their act together in both bowling and batting (slightly better here), they will not make it to the semis this season. You can't count on your opponents to keep dropping catches to sail through the matches.

Vasanth said...

There's nothing new in our team. All our players have been analysed completely by opponents. We won't win if we continue with this team. The only way we'll win is if we freshen up the team with a few players from the bench, like Vignesh, Faf, Kula. Vignesh is an absolute must. He can contribute a lot with both bat and ball.

Siddharth said...
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Siddharth said...

The problem is we are using Albie ridiculously, he is not an opening bowler, he has to bowl after the powerplays, he concedes too much n the powerplays I feel

And he seriously needs a promotion up the order, he has impressed most of the times he has batted at that 2 down position for csk

Anonymous said...

Albie should not oepn the bowling..yah he is not not sure if MSD will drop him but i feel his utility is reducing. Is Bravo available in May? Bravo is a great replacement, one of the best fielders by any standards and very useful down the order.

I would surely think of repl Albie with Faf Du plesis or someone like Bravo when hes available

Aizy said...

Stop whining guys.
The pathetic cochin did it for them.
Toss mattered. Thats all. When it rained, ball was moving and was difficult to bat on. We did a lot great to reach 130.
By the second innings, it was easy to bat on.

As i said earlier, jakati needs to brought down and vignesh should be brought in. He and raina can make up the 4 overs... and randiv instead of Southee. And in place of aniruddha, bring in a medium bowler. We desperately missing Balaji.

Chennai IPL Team said...

Tremendous performance by the Chennai Super Kings.They won both IPL 3 and Champions League.Channai is the strongest team among all the IPL teams.This give a moral support to them.They have best and balanced team.