Friday, 22 April 2011

Mistakes cost CSK the match

Multiple mistakes cost CSK the match..After a commendable performance from the bowlers (except for Joginder Sharma), Chennai Super Kings batsmen let the team down.

But what irritates me more is the silly mistakes that team made
1. Picking Joginder ahead of Tyagi & Jakati - Please explain who in the right mind picks Joginder Sharma in any team.
2. Sending Anirudha ahead of Albie: Albie is a better batsman than Anirudha in these situations. By the time, Albie walked on, tide has already turned towards Mumbai. And Albie was forced to go after the bowlers - without getting a look into the pitch
3. Lower Order Batsman: Until today, one of the positives about the team is that players until no:10 can bat. But sadly, none of them can think. Why the hell you have to go over the bowlers when there is an established batsman like Badri at the other end.

But still there were positives from today's match.
1. Bollinger: Bollinger "we know" is back.
2. Albie: Albie finally proved his worth with his bowling

Disappointed. Now the team has an uphill task of winning 7 out of the next 9 matches to have any chance in the tournament.

Are you as disappointed about the team like me?


AGA said...

When we bought joginder again at the auction, i thought we were doing charity. But why actually play him? What was his bloody contribution to today's game? If we needed a batsman we can pick Mukund. An allrounder then Vignesh. A bowler then Tyagi is there. Why joginder? He did not lose the game single handedly but i 20 overs little things matter! Our fielding sucked big time too. Great to see Badri in such sublime form. We know he has contributed but today he showed he can spearhead the batting if needed. His strike rate was awesome. anyway lets hope we'll come back like last year.

Anonymous said...

Totally agree but given Dhoni's style he experiments with the bowlers so let's just say Jogi was one that went wrong by no means has he the right to call himself an all rounder.. This pitch was always good to defend.. 155 would have been the ideal target to chase.. Also our batsmen(all but Hussey)seem to be a bit scared or reluctant to play Malinga they're more into just seeing off his 4 overs and getting just 20-22 runs off his 4.. Perhaps they should go down the track to him like McCullum did and take the game to him.. Badri wasn't given enough strike in the middle.. And bowling Raina in the 19th over was not a good thing given Rohit Sharma was well set and would swing at anything as he had already made a good score and also Symonds we know can clear any ground.. Small mistakes have put us in a bad position let's hope we can perform in the upcoming matches

BK said...

Is MSD delusional? In his post match comments, he said that the CSK bowling and batting was good, only the fielding was not good. (Raina-5,MS Dhoni-3,Anirudha-9,A Morkel-3,Ashwin-0,Joginder Sharma-0,Randiv-2). Even if you discount the 3 bowlers in this list, was this the good batting that Dhoni saw in his team? Other than Hussey and Badrinath, none showed up to bat. After the Kochi match, he remarked that Badri was not a big hitter. Today, he said nothing about Badri's batting, who fought a lone battle to keep CSK in the run. MSD ought to learn a thing or two from Gilchrist about giving credit where and when it is due.

Mike said...

I think most of the responsibility lies with Dhoni and Fleming for this loss.

Picking Joginda Sharma in such a competitive team is unfathomable. Once again it shows Fleming and Dhoni's reluctance to play our young talent.

Dhoni's brain explosion for having a swing at that wide could have been forgivable if Albie was sent in to bat before Anirudha. I just don't understand what they are thinking playing him so late every game. Do they think he is incapable of batting out 7 overs? He is a proven finisher in 50 overs, not just 20 overs!

Poor leadership was shown again when the tail end was sent out to swing at everything. Badri had an opportunity to win the game if the tail end had turned over the strike to him instead. If he is angry at Dhoni and Fleming for not trusting his ability to win the game, he has good reason.

I've pretty much just repeated everything you've said Robin. You've hit the nail on the head.

Hopefully this loss will be a wakeup call, the team can look at what they've done wrong and also we can see some of the young talent that has been held back so far like Faf, Vignesh, Tyagi and Mahesh. Although I have a bad feeling that Dhoni and Fleming will just cycle through the players that have already been used.

Madhan said...

im totally upset with yesterday collapse by our batsmen. i think we are done with this years ipl tournament. let alone others do mistake and push us in front of the table..

Kriz said...

Yes Robin i am also totally disappointed like you. I want to point out on one thing.

The Final comment given by Dhoni was seriously meaningless.

"We didnt have much options as a part time bowlers..Soo it was hard to manage with the resources.".

Mr.MSD 5 of your batsmen wont bowl at all also 4 of your bowlers wont bat at all. This is not at all a right selection for this format of the game.

The best things we need to learn from mumbai are:

1) Try out / experiment all the options you have for openers and the foreign players. But we are so hesitant to change the partner for Vijay.

2) rayudu, sathish,franklin, symonds,pollard 5 genuine allrounders, along with them he had the options of Rohit,Sachin and Bhajji who can contribute with both bat and ball.

On the other hand we were miserably depend on Randiv and Joginder as allrounders (never say these guys as allrounders.).

3) Every other IPL team will have an allrounder at number 7. I guess the only IPL team who is having Batsmen at number 7 who will not bowl is CSK.

What is the secret of having Anirudda at number 7.

4) If Randiv is giving 10.00 runs per over why cant we go for Faf Du Plessis.. Dont forget he is a genuine allrounder and a fantastic fielder who will fill the gaps in our fielding.

5) If the pitch was suitable for seemers and we desperately have to go for an indian seemer why shouldnt we go for Vignesh. Dont say Joginder has bowled the world cup winning over. he was ruthlessly treated by Misba before he went for the scoop.

6) If Bravo, du plessis and Vignesh are available and still you want to play with your Joginder, Anirudda and all there is no opponent required from outside to defeat us

We have the resources in our team and we are not ready to use them properly this is the fact.
Loses are to learn from the mistakes we have done. Hope atleast we will think now in the right direction and comeback like a phoenix.

My choice is

Vijay (Batsman)
Vignesh (Allrounder)
Raina (Batsman)
Bravo (Allrounder)
Dhoni (Batsman)
du Plessis (Allrounder)
Badrinath (Batsman)
Jakati / Mahesh (Bowler)
Bollinger (Bowler)

Cub said...

Disappointed with the overall effort yesterday. Past is past. Time to look ahead now.

Positives to carry forward
- Albie and Dougie were excellent with the ball. Dougies last 2 overs actually gave us a chance in this game.
- Hussey looks in awesome touch. This guy has to bat at the top of the order. @Kris, I cannot believe you left a top quality batsman in top form out of the team
- Randiv still has a lot to learn in t20. Also 2 offspinners look redundant. Its time to look at other options
- Anirudha @ 7 looks like a wasted opportunity. He just does not have the finishing abilities in a chase. If he is not going to bat in top 4 he should not be played.
- Joginder has had a decent Ranji season; but this is a slam-bam tournament. At this pace, the balls are just begging to be hit.

My XI for next match:
1. Hussey
2. Vijay
3. Raina
4. MSD
5. Badri
6. Albie
7. Kulasekara/Styris
8. Ashwin
9. Jakati
10. Dougie
11. Yo Mahesh/Tyagi if Styris plays (or) Vignesh if Kulasekara plays

I do not know how good Vignesh is finishing the innings. Maybe he can open instead of Vijay/Hussey and everyone has to move one slot down.

Du Plessis is a part-time leg spinner. A leg spinner is always a gamble, unless you are Warne. People generally target the legspinner, they can either get you wickets or go for a plenty. From what I've seen of Du Plessis in the WC; he does not look like someone who can play a blitzkrieg like Albie.

The next few games are going to be very crucial as they are against mid table teams. Few wins here and we could be in a running for a top4 slot

Danesh said...

Robin: You have nicely summed up the mistakes that Chennai made last night.

The next match against Pune will let us know if the CSK think tank can learn from their mistakes and implement suggestions similar to the ones mentioned in the comments above.

patrick said...

Test for blog

patrick said...

Hi guys, I wish to share my disappointment too.I was watching the IPL auction live and was shocked to see CSK miss people like, Brendon Mccullum, Gayle, Michael Lumb, Ryder and probably thought that they might get a better replacemnt for Hayden.But they ended up choosing Hussey in place for Hayden, which doesnt sound brilliant.Hussey is a very good middle order batsman and a good finisher, but not a good aggressive opener.Since we lack aggressive opening to the innings, the middle order has constantly been in picture. Whereas on the other side, Kieron Pollard hardly get a chance to bat for MI, the top order takes care of it.

My question to you all is "IS HUSSEY A GOOD REPLACEMENT FOR HAYDEN?"

Comments are most welcome.

syed razool said...

I am highly disappointed. Even South Africa wouldn't have choked better than CSK did. I observed few mistakes, like you mentioned picking Jogindhar Sharma is not justfiiable, why not Vignesh? The way Anirudha got out is school boyish stuff, who would have expect today's modern day batsmen hit full toss straight to fielder's throat - pathetic.

syed razool said...

I agree with Cub & Krish. We must play Faf & Vignesh.I couldn't tolerate this loss, this hurts. I have no complaints, If we completely outplayed but here we are gifting the match to opponents with some irresponsible shot selection, which is more than unreasonable.This match reminds me of a super over match with Punjab(last season), we were choked tremendously then..

Sarathy said...

@Patrick,Completely agree with you.
Hussey is not the right replacement for Hayden.We need an explosive opener to partner vijay. Hussey should come in the middle order. If Hussey bats in middle order i'm sure we will not choke and it will help us finish the innings better ...

Mike said...

@Sarathy and Patrick

I agree that Hussey isn't the perfect fit. He isn't an aggressive batsman, which means he needs to be consistent, and if he can keep contributing at an acceptable strike rate like he is now, I'd be happy to leave him to open with Vijay.

Ideally, I'd like Bravo to open the batting with Vijay when he becomes available. He opened for Mumbai a couple of times and had a match-winning innings in one of them. Bravo and Vijay would make a lethal opening combination with the ability to take games away from the opposition early, which is something CSK has never been able to do.