Tuesday, 5 April 2011

IPL Season 4 - CSK Players' Update on Injuries & Availability

Since quite a few players from CSK team are recovering from injuries , thought that I would do a small post on the status of the key players. 

Indian International Players
1. Murali Vijay - Fit & Raring to play for CSK
2. Badrinath - Fit & Raring to play for CSK. Part of Practice Sessions right from April 3rd. 
3. Raina - Fit & Raring to play for CSK
4. Dhoni - Though he is carrying a few niggles, expect him to play in IPL. (But might take rest during one or two matches)
5. Ashwin - Fit & Raring to play for CSK
6. Joginder Sharma - Fit & Raring to play for CSK

Foreign Players
1. Albie Morkel - Fit & Raring to play for CSK. Part of Practice Sessions right from April 3rd. 
2. Scot Styris - Fit & Raring to play for CSK. Part of Practice Sessions right from April 3rd. 
3. Francois Du Plesis Fit & Raring to play for CSK. Part of Practice Sessions right from April 3rd. 
4. Ben Hilfenhaus - Currently Injured. Tim Southee replacing him in Season 4. 
5. Tim SoutheeFit & Raring to play for CSK. Part of Practice Sessions right from April 3rd. 
6. George Bailey Currently Injured. Upul Tharanga replacing him in Season 4. 
7. Upul Tharanga Fit & Raring to play for CSK. Part of Practice Sessions from April 5th 
8. Kulasekara - Fit & Raring to play for CSK. Part of Practice Sessions from April 5th 
9. Suraj Randiv - Fit & Raring to play for CSK. Part of Practice Sessions from April 5th 
10. Doug Bollinger - Currently recovering from an injury. He is working towards match fitness for the match against RCB(3rd CSK Match of the season).
11. Michael Hussey - Is expected to join CSK after his April 13th ODI at Bangladesh

12. Dwayne Bravo - Currently Injured but Expected to be fit in 2 weeks. Whether he would play depends on the understanding reached between West Indies Cricket Board and Dwayne Bravo. Since West Indies are playing a Pakistan series at the same time, a very high probability that he would miss IPL Season 4 entirely. 


Senthil said...

Hello Robin, nice to see that u r back & that too back with a bang. Nicely put article...

As u have mentioned, if Dhoni dont play is it goo to go with Saha? Is he good enough?

Also, I have a feel that CSK must start their campaign with good all rounders. SO G.Vignesh must be given with more chances. I guess he has started as an opener in ICL. So will he be considered?

Unknown said...


Will write my thoughts about Team XI tomorrow. Actually I am also not able to decided on whether CSK should go with Tharanga or Vignesh in the earlier matches..

Danesh said...

What about Jakati?

Unknown said...


Jakati is fit and already part of practice session. Not updated about him since he is not played in an international match..

Cub said...

@Guys talking about G Vignesh and Tharanga,

You are all missing Anirudh. He has done well for CSK before, so no reason to question his talent.

Vignesh is new to the squad and I am not sure what he has done domestically last season, so it is better
to ease him in. I beleive a foreign all-rounder/bowler will add more value than Tharanga. Remember CSK
has mighty Indian batting stars but little weak on Indian bowlers.

With Hussey out for few weeks, this disturbs the foreign player balance a lot. My XI for the first few games w/o Hussey is:

1. M Vijay
2. Anirudh
3. Raina
4. Badri
5. MSD
6. Albie
7. Styris/Du Plessis
8. Ashwin
9. Randiv
10. Bollinger (if fit)/Southee
11. Yo Mahesh/Jakati

I feel this is the most balanced side for now in terms of bowling.

Ashwin and Bolly/Southee opening the attack
Albie first change and death overs
Randiv - Bowling tight in the middle overs
Yo Mahesh/Jakati - Pitch to decide whether a medium pacer or spinner is needed
Raina & Stryis/Du Plessis - Fill in bowlers if any main bowler has a bad day.

The only liabilties on the field would be Jakati and maybe Styris. All others are top-class
fielders as well.

Aizy said...

We dont require randiv.. as raina can fill in some overs.. so it should be Tharanga (perfect replacement for hussey in the opening), Albie, Styris and Southee..

Mike said...


Good points on Anirudh, he has been very good for us. However I just don't think there is room in the first XI when you put in our 6 capped domestics (Vijay, Raina, Dhoni, Badri, Ashwin, Tyagi), 4 internationals and Jakati.

It is disappointing for him, but he is young and has a big career ahead of him. We should be glad that our team has this kind of depth, unlike other teams such as the Knight Riders.

Agree with Aizy about Randiv. Jakati, Ashwin, and Raina should be able to cover the spinning. If we want more, then Du Plesis would be better because he ads batting and strong fielding as well.

Senthil said...

I guess people dont know much about G Vignesh. He is a terrfic Indian allrounder that Indian team (Not just CSK team) is missing. He could not only open batting; But could also open bowling! With that sort of skills he could be atleast tried in first few mathces when Hussey is not available. Then let us see if he clicks or not.

Shadhiq said...

Robin , Im a big fan of you .. I always browse ur blog site but never leave the comment .. Everytime when csk match gets over i look in this website whether the feelings of csk fan wus be same .. and it does evrytime .. our team is well balanced this time , but without murali team is incomplete... hope randiv fills the shoes though its difficult to replace a player lik him

Anonymous said...

i guess they would play saha as keeper.....bcos dhoni has some niggles with his fingers.....so we shouldnt risk an injury..... plus du plesis should play....he a point and raina at covers would make for a strong off side field.....

syed razool said...

@Cub I almost agree with you expect with few changes. Randiv should be replaced with Tharanga.We have to play G.Vignesh and bench Anirutha, he will get a chance in later stages.
We can't go for more spinning options with KKR, considering they are good players of spin bowling(especially GG & YP).So the XI will be
1. U.Tharanga (Bat)
2. M.Vijay (Bat)
3. S.Raina (Bat\Bowl)
4. S.Badrinath(Bat)
5. MS.Dhoni (Bat\WK)
6. Du Plessis (Bat\Bowl)
7. A.Morkel (Bat\Bowl)
8. G.Vignesh (Bat\Bowl)
9. R.Ashwin (Bowl)
10.T.Southee (Bowl)
11.S.Jakati (Bowl)

Man...look at this squad, we are world beaters.

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