Saturday, 16 April 2011

Hussey & Co. set up a CSK Win

What an innings from Hussey! His innings allowed the other batsmen to go after the other bowlers. Also collectively, the team paced their innings brilliantly. With Hussey coming in, Chennai Super Kings batting looks rock solid now. The batting depth & strength would be crucial while chasing in crunch games.

Hope the team now follows-up this win with another win at Kochi on Monday. 

1. Hussey: Good to see Hussey in good nick. Now it is time for Raina to contribute substantially and move higher among the top run-getters in the tournament. 
2. Southee: Southee's first two overs for 8 runs in the fielding restriction period - ensured that the target was always out of reach for Royal Challengers Bangalore. 
3. Randiv & Ashwin: Bowled well in the middle overs and carried on the good work of Southee in the early overs. 

1. Jakati: Considering that Royal Challengers Bangalore decided to go after Jakati, he should have taken more wickets. 

Fan's Man of the Match: Hussey

BTW, anybody know why Bollinger missed today's game. My assumption is that he is not yet 100% fit. If so, when is he expected to be fit?


Karthik said...

Great show by the CSK batsmen again. With Jakati not impressing, and Randiv due to leave soon we will have a gap in the spin dept. It will also be important to check out the bench strength like Faf, Tyagi, Vignesh et al for being better prepared for different grounds and opposition.

Anonymous said...

gloria here
Always spin was our strength. jakati must pick it up soon as as soon as randiv leaves it will be little handicapped in the spin department.

Unknown said...

Bollinger - I think its more to do with Chennai being a spinning track rather than fitness issues. He would be playing the away games.

Danesh said...

We must also not forget the pathetic fielding from RCB. It resulted in at least 20 runs extra for us. Other teams may not be so "generous" :)

Senz said...

Bollinger might have been rested for flight fatigue. Or it was a choice between him and Southee and MS dint want to drop a performing Southee. Even in future it might still remain a toss up between them coz we cant leave out Randiv esp since Jakati is inconsistent. Hussey will always be in the team and i doubt the team management would be willing to trade allrounder Albie's spot for another pacer.
Any case, we have to win with Kochi so we go in a good state to Mumbai on friday-BIG match that one.

Anonymous said...

Bollinger is not fully fit and he has come to india only bcos of csk mgmt repeated request. Flemming dont want to expose 90% fit bollinger in chennai hot climate. He is bowling on the nets regularly, so if he is comfortable then he will play definitely. Cant say if it is next match, by surely against MI he will play.

Senthil said...

Yeah it was a good win for CSK. Especially considering the winning marigin (21 runs), it certainly helps the team a bit.

Now its really clear. As far as team composition is concerned its going to be toss up between Bollinger and Morkel (just an average spell). This is as Tim Southee too hits a bit.

However the luckiest guy is Jakathi. Now I am not sure if we (CSK team)have someone else who could also do decent spin bowling. That we will be a great addition. This is as the opponents consider Jakati as the weakest link. As no one else is there he has an extended stay at the crease. But in a bouncy track he will hardly be an effective bowler. Got to wait and watch.

Unknown said...

when Randiv leaves, the team has the option of placing Faf (or) Bravo - based on the pitches. Also if team plays only 2 spinners, Raina would bowl a lot more.

I am sure Jakati would become effective as the pitches becomes slower and slower.

Agree RCB gave some extra runs, but 160+ score was a winning socre in this match.

If needed, Raina can bowl.. Also Faf can roll his hands too. So CSK team do have options.

Anonymous said...

Very rightly put by you guys. from second half of the tournament it is all about spinners. CSK is in real trouble there. Last year CSK won mainly bcos of best spin attack that they had. Randiv was filling murali's shoes. After Randiv leaves there is noone to replace his place!!! Faf & Bravo are not spinners. VB being spinner himself is very well aware of this, noone knows till now that what will be Plan-B(replacement for Randiv).

Unknown said...

Yes. Bravo is not a spinner. But he would find a lot of purchase from low bouncing pitches in the later stages.

Also as said, Raina is good enough to bowl 4 overs. Just that these days, Dhoni prefers to bowl his mainline bowlers for their confidence.