Monday, 25 April 2011

Collective Team Performance ensures another home win!!

Collective team performance - especially clinical displays from CSK Bowling & Fielding Unit ensured another home win. Time now for CSK to repeat an encore performance on Wednesday in Mumbai. And prove all CSK naysayers wrong. 

1. Albie: After warming up to the Indian pitches, Albie Morkel has been sensational in his first two overs. Hope his bowling form continues. And I am sure he is bound to make a key contribution with his bat soon. 
2. Bollinger & Ashwin: Chennai's strike bowlers are backkkkkk! 
3. Fielding: Wonderful fielding performance from the team. This year's squad has been exceptional in the field. 

1. Raina: Still waiting for him to strike his IPL form.

Fan's Man of the Match: Ashwin
He took the crucial wickets of Jesse Ryder & Uthappa. It was his maiden wicket that turned the game towards CSK. 

What do you think CSK's chances of winning the next match?


Danesh said...

Brilliant fielding from Chennai helped them win the match. Let us hope they continue fielding like this.

Hope Morkel starts hitting his big sixes soon.

Aizy said...

just want vignesh in place of aniruddha. he doesnt get batting as such.. and also can use vignesh for chipping in a couple of overs

Manoj said...

last word in ur article... it should be chennai, not india

Anonymous said...

gloria here:
ashwin's wicket of utthapa was a beauty.
he is back in action.

Vasanth said...

Albie is too far down the order, so when he comes in, there are only a few deliveries left. Which means he attempts the big shots even before he settles, often getting out for a paltry score in the process. Why not move Albie up the order to No. 3? This way he'll have time to settle before unleashing the big shots we know he's capable of unleashing.

Kriz said...

Positive moves :

Albie is in very good form.
Dhoni bringing Ashwin for the initial overs and utilizing Bollinger fully for the death overs.
Brilliant fielding displayed by the team.

Improvement Areas :

1) What is Anirudda's role down the batting order as he is not able to connect much in the final overs.

2) Hussey should not be sent as an opener. Yesterday's match has confirmed it again.
We desperately need Vignesh to bang right from the initial overs to put pressure on the opposition bowlers.
3) Playing with the same XI is not the healthy sign. It is the high time to test Mahesh, du Plessis and styris.

4) We also need to test the local talents (not only anirudda again and again) as ipl is the entrance for the international cricketing arena for the young talents.

5) Bringing in these talents will aid in the matches post 15-may. Morkel,Ashwin, Dougie and Bravo can be fully utilized for 16 overs.

we will have raina, vignesh and the third bowler (probably Shadab Jakati) who can be used for the rest 4 as per the pitch conditions.

One final thing we should not forget. yesterday's match has displayed the brilliance of feilding but also doesnt fail to spot out the loopholes in our batting strategies.

Will the CSK Management and Mr.MSD think of it?

Danesh said...

Agree with Vasanth. Morkel should be tried at No.3 especially since Raina is not in peak form

Arun said...

Looks like Vijay is injured. Didn't field at all. Any news Robin?

Senthil said...

I was outside and missed the live action....

But finally good to see that we again some left out chances to push and come inside top 4.

Anyhow its really unfortunate that VB is not writng any blogs unlike last season. Because daily we keep telling v need Vignesh inside the team. But no one is there to hear our voice. Wats the use in writing here asking for Vignesh (Dhoni is as usual relentless. Never accepts anyone that easily. Vijay got node after a big push. Similarly was Ashwin. Now the next guy in pipelne is Vignesh. Robin do u know someone to whom we could really tell our opinions?

Sarathy said...

Abhinav Mukund must be included and he must open with Vijay.Hussey should bat down the Order and Morkel should be used as a floater. Above all,we should not waste Badri's form.

In the Bowling front we should try YoMagesh or Tyagi for the away games.

Nurturing local talent should be our long term goal.

karthik said...

Our best fielding effort and bowling by Ashwin, Morkel and Bollinger helped us to win. As far as batting, y dhoni went into nO.4 when Badri is batting brilliantly at that spot. Again Raina is not clicking so we have to make him come down the order. ONly the inform batsmen should come upfront. I do know y people are blaming Anirudha has he not performed when given the opportunity at the opening slot. However its time to bring in Vignesh who can open and also bowl a few overs which dhoni will never take into account as usual.

syed razool said...

Well said Kriz.And I almost agree with all here. Even though our bowling & fielding were exceptional, our batters not seems to deliver to their potential.Whenever they tried to accelerate wicket falls.

Role of our openers(Vijay & Hussey):
I don't know why ppl here continuously emphasissing on pushing Hussey down the order. He brings stability to the line-up and he will hold the innings togeather;Vijay will go for bang & Raina at No 3 is an aggresive option, but who will hang in there at one end? Most of the teams are employing similar strategy incl MI(SRT),RR(Dravid),KKR(Kallis),KTK(Mahela or Laxman) - these guys dont have 150+ strike rate but their presence till 20 overs(or atleast 17 overs) will be intimidating. Only Delhi & Punjab opt for 2 aggressive openers, which is a make or break approach.

Raina's Form a concern:
We badly need Raina in full form. We are much worried with Anirudha, believe me if Raina strike form and connects the ball well...CSK won't even lose 4-5 wkts in a match.Then there won't be any debate over No:7 slot. If Raina bats from 7 to 16 overs, we will be around 150 runs in 16 overs. He is a good counterpuncher who can accelarate even during middle overs.

Middle order gameplan:

Someone questions why Dhoni went in at No:4, when Badri in good form. If you remember correctly, when Dhoni went in to the crease we were 66\2 in 10 overs, we need someone to push the runrate up, and Badri is not the right option there.Depends on the situation MSD or Badri will play at No:4, which is not a bad idea. During the chase vs MI, Badri went at No:4, the situation demands consolidation when we were 45\2 in 6 odd overs - Badri is the right option for that.Raina,Dhoni & Badri are nucleus of our side, if these three performs we can win matches with bat alone.

Foreign Internationals:
It seems Hussey,Bollinger,Morkel are selected by themselves in XI only Randiv's slot is kind of under rotation. We already gave many chance to Southee, its time to experiment with Faf du Plessis.

Ashwin precious:
4 overs of Ashwin is really precious. He used to open the attack in last season, may be Dhoni thinks Morkel is very effective with the new ball, so he uses Ashwin in middle overs(consolidation phase), which is also an aggressive move.

Death bowling taken care:
Bollinger is very well effective during death overs, not giving anything away..which is very very postive for us.

Morkel as a bowler:
Morkel as a bowler is so far pretty good, but his batting contribution is not just enough. I guess, he won't get a chance to bat in top order unless we are 110\2 in 9 overs...something similar to CSK vs RR in 2010 season.He needs to find a way to make it count in whatever chance he gets.

Jakati not convincing:
I am still not convinced with Jakati's bowling form. If Vignesh should get a look in, either Jakati or Anirudha has to make way. I guess, its ok to play Jakati in homeground but atleast for away games, they should consider Vignesh or Tyagi.

Everyone wants Vignesh in CSK, but how to convey this so that CSK management might give a look?

Anonymous said...

Scoring 142 on any kind of wicket is certainly a poor performance. Every inning of Chennai seems to follow the same pattern. Struggle in the first four overs, then wake up after it, look reasonably placed after 10 overs but never really force the pace. Pune is a good bowling unit but their batting has collapsed constantly. What is Aniruddha's role in this team. Well he got a fifty in one match. After that he seems to be totally out of place when the big shots were required to be hit. Jakati, Anirudda, and Randiv have not been able to peform consistently. Will other guys simply have remain benchwarmers for the rest of this season? This rigid thinking almost eliminated us the last season. Hope some fresh talent will be blooded before it is too late. Conservatism has no place in 20-20.

Unknown said...

Seeing Mukund's fielding, now more inclined to include Mukund rather than Vignesh
Thanks for pointing out the error.

I was also thinking the same. In the next 2 or 3 matches, it might be worth a while to ask Morkel to come earlier so he can get a hang of the bowling.

vijay is fit. And will play in the next match.

I also feel the same. Time for an offical & recognized CSK Fan association?

Agree that CSK were 8-15 runs short.. But the fielding made up for it..

Senthil said...


yeah correct.... I dont know why they r not starting a facebook page. Its simply rediculous. Afterall we just wish to convey our faith in the team. But just cant help it.

Aizy said...

we can contact Gurunath using his
twitter page.. he is active there!!

Abhinav can always come in as a sub fielder.. if VJ is injured, vigi will be the best replacement.. and remember remember he is an all rounder!!