Friday, 8 April 2011

Chennai Super Kings Vs Kolkata Knight Riders - Live Update

Dhoni recognizes the pitch as a spinning track and picks Randiv ahead of Kulasekara. Otherwise i got 10 of the probable squad right..

After seeing Harsha's show for the world cup, you understand how idiotic and pathetic the extra innings in Set Max. Why is Harsha's show is not getting telecasted now in CNN-IBN. Any ideas?

It seems the pressure has already gotten into Gambhir.. Hope the openers put him into more pressure. Left Hand Spinner shows why Chennai might be forced to pick a left-hander partnering Vijay.

What is Murali Vijay doing? Either commit fully to the shot or play as a defensive shot.. It seems as if the environment got into him.. Suresh Raina is the key player of Chennai Super Kings. Hope he has a good match today.

Surprisingly, Balaji is bowling well so far.

First four from Raina's blade. Waiting for a good innings from him. This Kolkata team is playing with a lot of enthu. Time for Srikkanth to take some risks and kill their enthu. It is a good batting track. Time for Chennai Super Kings to push the levers and start attacking..Chennai is 18/1 from 3 overs.. It is time for Chennai Super Kings to accelerate.. Does Anirudha understanding that anything else than 180 is a poor score in this wicket.. Good over from Balaji.. Chennai have scored 31/1 from 5 overs.

At 63/1 from 8 overs, Chennai has wrested back the advantage they lost in the first five overs. Time to accelerate for Chennai Super Kings. Come on Raina!!!

Raina loses his wicket trying to accelerate the innings for Chennai Super Kings. And that brings Dhoni (Why I am not surprised?) Now I can't even ask Srikkanth to get aggressive.. :(

And I think Anirudha should get his 50 this over and should start going hammer & tongs from the next over. And what...  Anirudha can't score a single every ball.. Thanks Anirudha for building all the pressure.. Team made a wrong choice of picking Anirudha.. He does not have the talent to play at this level..

KKR's weakened bowling is able to restrict CSK 127/3 from 17.1 overs. And Anirudha - the player who has played the most balls is not able to get anything more than a single.Chennai Super Kings making Balaji look like a good bowler.. Hmmm. Seeing that the ball has lost its pace, it seems Dhoni was correct.. But Chennai super Kings need atleast 150 to give them any chance..

Thanks to those 10 runs in the last two balls, Chennai Super Kings have got themself a whisker of a chance. But they have to bowl their hearts out to win this match.

All the coaches of KKR seems hungry for a victory.. Kolkata are off to a good start.. Kallis is showing his class. And showing Anirudha what he missed out from doing for CSK.

Dhoni has let 4 wides and missed a stumping so far. Spinners on. Let us see whether Chennai spinners have got the fizz still..

64/1 from 8.5 overs. And the match is heating up..

We won! We Won! We Won!


Senthil said...


Even I got it 10/11.

The only difference is u had gobne for Kulasekara & I have gone for du Plesis.

I guess thala Dhoni has gone for the replacement of Murali. Added to it, its a spining surface.

But the danger is then to tackle Yusuf Pathan.

We have been slow starters. let us see whats going to happen. Atleast I wish for a good game of cricket.

Unknown said...

I believe Ashwin can control Yusuf Pathan.. Let us see..

Sports said...

Chennai Super Kings were the winners of IPL 3 or IPL 2010. They will be playing thier 1st match against Kolkata Knight Riders. They will look to perform well and win the match.

Senthil said...

Yeah well said...

They have just started to pick up theri momentum. But anything less than 170 is going to be difficult for CSK!

Let us see!

Senthil said...

They are playing like a one day match... Someone has to tell them that its 20-20. Pathan + kallis = Catastrophy. CSK wake up!

Unknown said...

I believe they will accelerate from 11th or 12th over.. Now key is not losing wicket so they don't the advantage they have got..

Senthil said...

But going by 6 run rate against Rajat Bhatia.... Cant disgest...

OMG Raina is gone....

Who is next?

If its Badri... Gone.... Only deceleration is possible....

@Robin... no need to respond... just update ur post & have fun!