Saturday, 9 April 2011

Chennai Super Kings start their campaign with a nervy win

Again a match, Chennai's bowlers spinners won for the team. Murali was obviously missed. But Randiv more or less made up for him, But what worried me is the team's relaxed attitude. I still remember the IPL Season 4 - when the team was focused to press on the early advantage they had - by winning all the four matches. 

1. Raina: Raina proves that he has not lost the touch of death-over bowling. His 3 run-over tilted the scales firmly towards Chennai
2. Ashwin: Ashwin once again proves his brilliance. His wicket of Kallis was the turn-around moment of match.  Seeing the confident Ashwin on the field, I believe there is a captain hiding inside him.
3. Anirudha: Though Anirudha made use of the opportunity provided to him, let us not fool ourself of his talent. He was a batsman of limited shot selections available. If he had paced his innings properly, the team would have batted Kolkata Knight Riders out of the game. I thought that it was a poorly paced innings played by a player who still has a lot of way to go. I have no doubts in my mind that Hussey should open the innings (once he joins the team). 
4. Tim Southee: Bowling yorkers in a high-pressure situation is never easy. Great to see Tim Southee do it with perfection. We have surely found a gem of a bowler here. 

1. Vijay: Vijay got out meekly. Hope he gets back to form in the next match. 

Fan's Man of the Match: Raina. (2 wickets (Eoin Morgan & Gambhir) + 3 runs in an over)


Parthi said...

Why did dhoni not give Stryis an tht case..du plessis cud hav played...If hussey & bollinger returns...randiv and stryis pave way..Bollinger Southee Ashwin Jakati Morkel wud do wonders along wth Raina...But key players shud rest and rotation must be done wisely so tht all players are fit throughout the season

Senthil said...

Well, I just thought Dhoni today went with a mindset to read the situ and adjust to the new team. Afterall in this IPL he will probably be the only captain who could afford to loose even IPL as he has no pressure on him. So obviously senior CSK-co were little bit relaxed. Nevertheless it was a good show. Hope they manage to enter the Semis.

So on our victory note I dedicate this link to CSK fans...

@Robin u will promote this. This is probably the best song i hav heard for our CSK team. Njoy!

Danesh said...

I think this time IPL has been poorly timed, just a week after the World Cup got over. This could be the reason why the intensity was lacking in a few players (incl. Dhoni). Another week or so would have been better.

Agree with Robin that Anirudha has limited shot selection. He was just trying to slog every other ball and could not get the slow bowlers away. He'd be more useful lower down the order.

Unknown said...

I think Bollinger & Hussey would come in place of Tim Southee & Randiv. And Randiv/Southee/Stryis picked based on the pitch.

Yeah. His final comments also brought out the same issue. Even with the bowlers, it seemed as if he getting the feel of Randiv, Tim Southee,etc..

Siddharth said...

anirudha played well though he got bogged down 2wards d end, all 3 spinners bowled well, randiv other than those 2 balls which he got hit bowled well i think, and as i hav been saying before csk shud make most of albie's batting nd not his bowling, he was the weak link yday in the bowling, though it was his big shots in d end which made d difference in d end, thats where his value in the team lies

and Dhoni lacked intensity ?? lol ? are u joking ? did u c that run out nd those stumpings, superb as always, and he scored at a decent rate too

nd thanks to Yusuf nd Morgan for their brilliant fielding, but the biggest joke yday was Manoj Tiwary, a more sensible player wud hav looked 2 keep the strike for the nxt over, instead look what he did, tried 2 go for glory nd paid for it

Anonymous said...

Dhoni was looking good yesterday with d bat after winning d world cup fr India he s a confident man. .It was unlucky, dhoni was out of a short ball. . I hve never seen dhoni getting out pulling or hooking a ball. .Had he stayed then kkr would hve lost by a big margin but as sidharth said he was exceptional as always with his run outs, his stumpings and his inspirational captaincy. . Atleast frm now dhoni should play more of Ashwin in place of bhaji in d national team. . Country should come 1st than d individual players. . Its high time d youngsters like Ashwin n Ojha r groomed. . Omg i diverted to international cricket. .Stil d world cup fever remains and hope Dhoni gives d double delight of world cup win and yet another IPL title fr his fans. . .Chennai rocks :)

Anonymous said...

Yellow is the New Blue