Friday, 14 January 2011

Rumors - CSK Sign 6 Uncapped Players

Twitter world is abuzz with unconfirmed reports that Chennai Super Kings has already signed six uncapped players

  1. Abhinav Mukund
  2. Anirudha Srikkanth
  3. Shadab Jakati
  4. Vas Devadas
  5. Yo Mahesh
  6. G Vignesh
If this is true, have to agree that these are good signings - Again Chennai Super Kings have surprised me by restricting them self to their catchment areas. 

Brief Profile on each of the players
1. Abhinav Mukund: Signed as an under-19 player in IPL 2008 season, he has matured to a fine opening batsman in all the formats of the game. A run-accumular, his 55+ run average in List A & test matches in the domestic season speaks volume about his talent. 
2. Aniruddha Srikkanth: A son following in his footsteps of his father. Traditionally an opener, he has excelled in the lower middle order in the last stages of IPL - Season 3. 
3. Shadab Jakati: One uncapped player who gets an automatic entry to the playing XI. Even Flemings in his post singled him as the key uncapped player for CSK
4. Vas Devadas: A middle order batsman in the TN line-up, he has earned his reward for winning the BCCI Corporate trophy for India Cements.
5. Yo Mahesh: Impressed all in IPL Season 1 and forgotten by Delhi Daredevils after that. Hope he makes a name for himself in the new team. 
6.  G. Vignesh: Another player who might plug a weakness in CSK Line-up - Lack of an aggressive opener in CSK. Will surely be the opener if Vijay or Hussey are not available. A fine-fielder, he made his name & fame in ICL. 

Even if this news is true, I would still expect more uncapped players to be signed by Chennai Super Kings.

Update: Cricinfo confirms that Jakati, Yo Mahesh, Anirudha & Mukund have signed with Chennai Super Kings. But no mention still about G. Vignesh and Vas Devadas. And no mention also about U-19 players who are signed with the team. 


Senthil said...

If its true, it will indeed be great! It will be bring in a mixture of players thats required to form our Chennai team.
Jakati - Good leg spinner; Probably most wanted uncapped player yet to be signed by CSK.
Yo.Mahesh - Good alternative for Balaji.
G.Vignesh - What a all-rounder; Great match winner if he maintains the form of ICL.
Anirudha - Great asset; Was always chipping in with some good lower order score when it mattered the most. No one would have forget the great innings that he played during IPL3 semi & is equally a good fielder.

Abinav Mukund - Was always available for CSK. But one of the most under utilized player. Should probably get some chances to prove himself.

So it really looks a great bunch of un-capped players.

By the by, what about R.Satish; Is he not interested in joining this great franchise/ does our franchise shows any interest in him?

Kannan said...

R.Sathish signed to MI. Forget him.
If G.Vignesh is signed it's good sign of team - Great Opener.


Anonymous said...

It is a loss indeed that we couldnt retain quality players from our catchment area like Dinesh Karthik, Murali Kartik, R.Sathish, Balaji and Muralitharan. Their presence in the team would have make a real big difference.

CSK should be little more quciker now in getting a good bunch of local talents.

Senthil said...

Today i accidentaly clicked our CSK team in cricinfo and noticed that Yo Mahesh and Anirudha's names have already been included in the list of CSK team. When did they sign?

And if they have signed what about others? When will the other's name get included?

Have anyone got any idea?

Chinmay Vishwanath said...

I also see Shadab Jakati !!!

AGA said...

Yo Mahesh, Jakati, Mukund in!

Anonymous said...

If this message is true, This is my choice.. It is having a great depth in batting as well as bowlers of both the departments.

Vijay and Vicky can give a qucik start in the opening.

Raina, Hussey, Dhoni (and Badri ) can carry the middle overs.

We have Bravo, Morkel and Anirud to finish of the innings with some fireworks in the end.

In the bowlers we have Ashwin, Jakati and Raina for the spinners

Bollinger, Albie, Bravo (or styris),Mahesh and Vignesh will be the seamers.

Hussey / du Plessis
Aniruddha / Badri
Bravo / Styris
Bollinger / Hilfenhaus
Jakati / Yo Mahesh

TX said...

Any news on C Ganapathy. Is CSK planning to retain him?

Anonymous said...

G.Vignesh is really good choie, he is good all rounder and for csk

Sigamani said...

Tim southee for CSK!!!

source :

arihant said...

tim southeee and upul tharanga for chennai