Thursday, 13 January 2011

An Open Letter to the talented Uncapped Players

Dear Talented & Young Uncapped Player,

I believe that you being courted by many franchises. [What a high & problems that these choices offer L]. And you are serious evaluating the offers made by various franchises. I would like to contribute my two cents on why you should pick Chennai Super Kings ahead of others.

1. Exclusivity: Unlike other teams, we already have a pretty comprehensive team and are not interested in going after every Tom, Dick & Harry in the world. So if you get a call from the Chennai Super Kings team, remember that you are one of the select few who have been called.  And you joining CSK would show to the world that you are a ‘special’ talent in the domestic cricket.

2. A Player’s Franchise:  Don’t trust me on this. Trust what Hayden said in his book about CSK Franchise – “I heard one story about a franchise owner, shattered by his side’s form, calling them to a meeting at 2am. Players were summoned from their sleep for a crisis meeting after they‘d lost a series of games. That would never happen at the Super Kings”.  Please think twice about joining a franchise based on money alone. Experiences & Happiness during the six week period do matter.

3. We Trust Talent: Remember Gony. When he arrived in IPL Season 1 – he was a player never heard of and has just played in a few games in the domestic season. We trusted him since he was the best option available. And in the last auction, he has walked with a 1 crore salary.

4. We Trust Young: Remember Ashwin’s super over in Champions League Cricket. Ashwin was allowed to bowl the over ahead of Murali & Bollinger. Youth never stands in the way of rewarding a better talent & performance in Chennai Super Kings.

5. Chennai Crowd: If you join Chennai Super Kings, we promise that we will love you unconditionally. Yes! We would criticize you if your performance is not matching your talent.  But that does not mean we will stop loving you.  Remember playing before the most knowledgeable crowd in India is a privilege.

6. Being a part of a winning team matters: Some of the other teams might tempt you with the assurance of making you a part of playing XI. But remember that it is not playing before TV audience that matters but winning before TV audience that matters. So pick your teams wisely and pick the team that has the highest probability of winning IPLs.

7. Track Record: When IPL started, Badri, Ashwin, Gony & Vijay were thought not to be ideal for one day/T20 Indian squad, today all of them have played for the Indian squad. Tell me from which other IPL team so many players have Indian caps because of their IPL performance.  Remember your ultimate goal is to play for India.

8. Most Passionate Fans: Which other team has such a comprehensive blog? That itself talks volume about the involvement and passion of Chennai Super Kings Fans. As we adopted Dhoni (Ref: His experience of people talking with him in Tamil during his late night bike travels), we promise to adopt you as our very own.

And surely, it does not hurt that you will seen live by the Indian captain and the chairman of the Indian selections.

Expecting you to pick Chennai Super Kings.

With evergreen love,
-          A CSK Fan


Anonymous said...

We should get Manish Pandey (or) R. Sathish as Opener

and a regular spinner who can also bat in the lower order like Hrishikesh Kanitkar.

Then the team will become more strong

Pandey / Sathish
Hussey / du Plessis
Bravo / Styris
Bollinger / Hilfenhaus / Kulasekara

Unknown said...

Hrishikesh Kanitkar is expected to join Kochi as a player-cum-assistant coach.. So he might not be available.

Anonymous said...

Satish is not an opener. I think Hussey should open with Vijay. The foreign players being Hussey, Albie, Bravo/Styris/Du Pleiss and Bollinger. The playing XI should be:

Bravo/Styris/du Pleiss
This team bats till 9 down. Of course, this team will have only one regular spinner if Satish is selected but I think that is fine. Bowling would comprise of Dougie, Albie, Bravo, Ashwin and (Raina + Satish/Jakati). Chennai track will aid big hitting and Satish coming down at 8 down will aid that.

Chinmay Vishwanath said...

Good Post !!! Apart from being in the playing XI, what you learn from outside also matters !!! After all it is a great chance to play under the miraculous captain DHONI !!!

Looks like Faf Du Plessis can open as well !!!
Shadab Jakati is a must have !!! and one other Indian pace bowler !!!

Rajesh Thomas said...

Dear CSK Fans,

Good to see the enthusiastic nad pasionate comments and opinions from all the CSK fans and supporters.

Here is the CSK IPL 4 2011 team which is all set for nothing less than reatining its winning spot in the IPL 4.

1. Michael Hussey*+ / Fad Du*+
2. Murali Vijay+
3. Raina+
4. Badri+
5. Dhoni+
6. Bravo* / Stryis* / Johinder+
7. Albie*+
8. Ashwin+
9. Randiv* / Jakarti(?)+
10. Tyagi+ / Kulasekara*
11. Bollinger*+ / Hilfenhaus*
12. George Bailey*+
13. Saha

* Foreign Players
+ Retained players from earlier IPL

Of the ten foreign players selected for the CSK squard three spots can be reaservered purely for foreign players (one opener, one all ronder, and one pace bowler) and the last spot could be one between an all rounder or a spinner or a medium pacer depending on the pitch and match condition reuirements.

Of the seven Indian players postions (out of the selected 8 capped players and the balance to be filled by uncapped talents, including Jakarti a must for the team) five are reserved for single players who are sure in the team for all the matches (until fittness or injury is the reason)and balance two is between a medium pacer or a spinner or an all rounder.

Along with this team u have Bailey who could be the 12th man and he has proved before he could be crucial to replace somebody in the field to save runs and to take impossible catches in the deep.

And the second keeper and other uncapped players could always be there to chip in during the crisis of the main team member having to skip a match due to fittness or injury.

Its all set now for the CSK to aim at nothing less than winning and reatining the IPL trophy in the IPL season 4.

Senthil said...

Its written in Hindusthan times that a powerful IPL franchise is trying to arm twist in order to get a uncapped player who was also a wicket keeper and a left arm spinner to their team.

By all means it looks like they are referring to Ambatti Rayudu and Jakathi. If CSK management is arm twisting in getting them (using theri BCCI power), then its really unfortunate. It certainly hurt me as a fan!

I will be glad if we get players only from our catchment area. Say Satish / ICL superstar Vignesh / Hemang Badani etc instead of guys like Kanitkar(he is anyhow not available; has gone to RR). They bring in value. Also they might be be able to gel faster. With their homeground support our CSK will got to next level.

But I very much doubt whether our CSK management likes to hear anything from fans. For example, we had asked for Davy Jacobs / Finch etc for opener slot. They even didnt bid. THis shows their ignorance & over-faith on M.Hussey!

The only thing that we could as a fan is "Wait & watch"!!!!

I am really surprised to see that CSK hasnt started to sign up players as such. I dont know whats going on. But would love to hear more news. Lets see!

Unknown said...


Let us not naively believe what is written in the newspapers. (Recall Radiagate and the fact that one of the franchises still work with Radia). It might well be a fact that another franchise with a huge newspaper influence is preventing players from going to the team of their choice - CSK.

Suresh Vasudevan said...

@Senthil, that article I suppose was about RCB negotiating with Manish Pandey !!!

Senthil said...

@Robin and @Suresh Vasudevan

Thank you guys for your explanation and thoughts.

CSK can become a strong team only if if gets players who play from their heart and not based on their salary. I hope even the HT article is arm twisted and clarity of thoughts prevails at the end!

Hope CSK will start rocking once again!

@Robin : Thank you for writing another article to explain what HT article means. It certainly helps!