Saturday, 8 January 2011

IPL Auction - Day 1 - Analysis

After the end of Champions Leagu, Dhoni talked about retaining the same players as much as possible. At that point of time, I believed it was emotions talking. Personally I thought that the team would bid for the players but may not be aggressive on the players. So CSK Strategy at auction 1 has been a complete surprise to me. And the fact that they had locked up 10 Million worth of players at 4.5 Million dollars also really helped in this.

1. Ashwin: Retaining Ashwin for 850K is actually a value buy. Fact that the team was ready to bid for 2 Million USD showed his real value
2. Saha: A Good Indian wicketkeeper, who played a test match as a batsman [:-)] is always good. Price of 100K makes him a very good buy and a cover/insurance for Dhoni.
3. Dwayne Bravo: This had to be the steal of the auction. A Quality all-rounder for 200k. Am i dreaming??
4. Hussey: For a quality batsman who can play anywhere in the line-up, he is a quality buy @ 425K.

1. Badrinath: By his current T20 batting potential, Chennai Super Kings has overpaid him by at least 300K. Hope I am sure that CSK management is seeing something that I am missing
2. Bollinger: Somehow can't accept 700k we paid him. (Considering that Zaheer got paid only 900K). Only reason could be that his attitude has attracted CSK Team and they are confident he would be back to his best of form sooner than later.

Good Decisions:
1. Murali: Considering that Vettori went for 550k, Murali is grossly overpaid at 1.1 Million. Good that Chennai Super Kings did have the sense to stop bidding.
2. Homework: It showed clearly Chennai Super Kings have done their homework before coming to the auction. They know how much to bid for the players they want and did not think twice if they thought that price is more than their budget.

1. Jacobs: I would have like Chennai Super Kings to have gone aggressive on David Jacobs. At 190K, Mumbai Indians made a great bargain buy. His single purchase made MI team strategy look better. His batting skills is alone worth 300k.

Angry Against:
1. Kochi: Their only strategy was to bid for players we want and drive up prices for us. Pushed us to buy Badri @ 850K.

Strategy for Tomorrow:
1. Opener: We still need to buy an attack-minded opener.
2. Foreign Seamer: Need 1 Indian and 1 Foreign Bowler(Parnell/Theron)
3. Spinner: Need 1 more spinner.

Priority tomorrow would be the foreign bowler and a young aggressive batsman. Hope CSK already have players shortlisted for that.

Awaiting another nerve-wracking day of auction.


R.Jose Augustine said...

Michael Klinger would suit the aggressive opener slot.The reason for Dwayne Bravo's low level purchase and Chris Gayle going unpurchased is that this IPL's schedule collides the matches between West Indies & Pakistan.Dwayne Bravo & Gayle would be a part of that squad.But if we consider his purchase for a longer term ,then its quite useful.

Unknown said...

Understand the reasons. But still think he is the bargain of this auction. Even if he plays 4 or 5 matches in the IPL - Season 1, we would have got a damn good ROI for season 1.. And for season 2 and season 3, he might be available for the entire season..

Anonymous said...

Murali Kartik can be a good addition to CSK. An economical, thinking spinner, with intl. experience.

High price for Badri and ashwin has to do with the overall trend and we definitely need quality local batsmen and there are not many available at lower price.

IMO, general trend is that CSK targets experienced/older people and hence didnt go after jacobs but chose Bravo.

aga said...

i think we should go for a good aggressive indian batsman - probably Ambati Rayudu. I think we should sign ICL's Vignesh (uncapped)as an attacking opener. We really need a quality allrounder. I hope we also R Satish / Mukund, they are doing well for TN. Also I would also retain Jakati.Also should go for an aggressive foreign batsma like Phillip Jaques/Adam Voges!

Unknown said...

Murali Karthik at 200k was a steal. But believe teams have their own reasons for not picking him.

I am sure Jakati, Mukund would be retained. Others depends on the bid made by other players.

Yamish said...

I think Hilfenhaus at 100 is a steal and good think we didn't bid too aggressively for Balaji.

Cub said...

Looks like a complete side compared to all other teams. Just need one good opener to be picked.

Arul said...

Bollinger at 700K was an expensive buy when Theron wasnt bought for 50K . Badri has been a bit consistent for CSK . I am happy with the team composition . If CSK had bought Badri & bollinger for 400K each, it would have been excellent . Its coz of the stupid Kochi franchisee we had to pay more

mike said...

1. Why not retain justin kemp then go and bid for 35 year old scott styris?

2. Badrinath was way overpriced...

3. Wish we hadn't gotten back Joginder Sharma hes been quite poor for us over 3 years.

4. We still need another opener to partner Vijay and we havent got much money left!

Apart from those, am very happy with super kings bidding!

R.Jose Augustine said...

Yes Robin,
that's what I have mentioned at the end of my previous comment.Dwayne Bravo might not be as useful in season 1 but he'll be useful for season 2 to 5,since the next auction would be after 5 years.So the team management has made a wise choice by not signing Muralidharan for 1.1 million since he'll retire surely within the next 5 years(from ipl) but we'll have to watch how much does the old horse has...

R.Jose Augustine said...

What about Dwayne's younger brother Darren Bravo.He might be most useful asset from West Indies.Btw there was a little bit of quarrel between Dwayne Bravo & Kieron Pollard when they were playing for Aussie sides in the big bash.So it would be fire with fire when Mumbai Indians & Chennai Super Kings goes head on this time...

karthik said...

Good to see CSK have tried to retain the winning combination but for a few. Praveen kumar/Ashish nehra would have helped us more in the bowling dept. Choice of Joginder sharma is unbelievable. Hope we will retain Jakati for the second spin lot. As far as opening Batsmen we should have gone for Jacobs since we need an aggressive opening pair. CSK can mould Anirudha for the opening slot by giving him more chances in the playing eleven. My playing eleven for the IPL 4 will be