Saturday, 8 January 2011

IPL Auction 2010 - Live Update

And the auction ends.. A little disappointed that we were forced to overpay for Badri, Ashwin & Bollinger. Should have bidded on Davy Jacobs and Eoin Morgan. But atleast we were able to buy Ashwin. I believe that is a key buy.

Pujara sold for 700K. Badrinath is up for auction next. Again Kochi playing against Chennai..  Just for the heck of it..Badrinath bought for 800K.

Chennai bidding for Brad Hodge.. But lost the bid to Kochi at 425K.

Kapugadera goes unsold.. Chennai has its eyes on Aaron Finch. Now looking for their opening batsman.. But Delhi buy him for 300k..

Amit Mishra for 300K is being a cheap buy. I don't know why other teams did not bid for him.

Chennai shows interest in Ojha. But DC wins for 500k. Murali Karthik Unsold

RCB is playing CSK. We have to pay 850K for him. But he is surely worth the money.. Mendis is Unsold

Spin bowlers. Murali is the first in the list.. Idiots! Pune are bidding for Murali to drive up the prices.. What does Kochi has against Chennai? 900K for Murali is too high. Please stop..Thanks God! We are not bidding for Murali.. At 1.1 Million, he is too expensive..

CSK bidded for Nannes but lost.. Bollinger up for grabs now.. CSK are not interested.. and now they come in at 220K. Is Team Kochi just playing their poker face against CSK or are they interested? Bollinger joins CSK. Reaction from the team shows we have overpaid..  CSK pays 700k for Bollinger

Morne Morkel sold for 475K.. CSK have their eyes on Steyn..But Deccan buy Steyn for 1.2 Million

Ashish Nehra sold for 850k to Pune. Time for CSK to buy a good fast bowler.. Are they waiting for Bollinger? He is not the option. Please buy a fast bowler better than Bollinger.

Praveen Kumar is expensive than Ishant. Sold for 800K to KXIP.  Surprise Zaheer was sold only for 900K.

Ishant Kumar sold to Deccan Chargers for 450K. Chennai Super Kings needs to buy 1 quality fast bowler + Ashwin + 1 more quality bowler.. Let us see who they go after..

Auction for bowlers. James Anderson is the first on the list. People are reluctant to bid first. So good time to buy players. Surprise! Surprise! James Anderson is unsold. 

Overall Verdict of Post-lunch Session: Good. Bravo & Saha are good buys. But would have preferred to go a little aggressive on Jacobs. His batting skills itself should have earned him a 200K. :(

WHOA! WHOA! Another great buy from CSK for Dwayne Bravo!

Pune buys Angelo Mathews. Good Buy..
Nayar goes to Mumbai.. Angelo Mathews now up for auction...We need atleast 1 more quality all rounder. I don't know who does CSK is going after..
CSK bidded for Jadeja.. Once it crossed 300K, CSK stopped bidding.

Mark Boucher remains unsold.  David Jacobs come next. CSK shows interest..But Mumbai wins it for 190K. Actually that is a very good buy for Mumbai.

Dinesh Karthick goes for 900K. Naman Ojha for 270K. Knight Riders buy Brad Haddin at 325K. Tim Paine to Pune for 275K. Matt Prior is unsold.. That is a surprise. But England player's availability will affect their chances.

Parthiv Patel sold to Kochi. CSK buys Saha. Good buy at the base price. A Good Reserve wicketkeeper. So CSK are focusing on getting 25 quality players. 
Hussey sold for 1.4 Million.. Lara:Unsold as expected

Dawan sold for 300K to Deccan Chargers. Tiwary is up next..1.4 Million for RCB. Now Hussey looks as the cheapest buy..

Duminy - Sold to Deccan for 300K

Marsh  - Sold to KXIP for 400K

Michael Hussey, CSK Player available for auction -  First buy of CSK. Hussey for 425K. Good Buy. Welcome back Hussey!

Gibss - Unsold.

Jesse Ryder, the first player in the afternoon auction - Unsold

Verdict: Overall happy with CSK Strategy. Not made any foolish choices.. (Except for bidding for Symonds. ) Now have got the leverage to make some good purchases & bargain buys.

RP Singh - Sold to Kochi at 500K. CSK tried  bidding for RP Singh.

Irfan Pathan next in Auction - 1.9 Million  to Delhi  (KXIP now wishing they have retained both Yuvraj & Irfan)

Chris Gayle - Unsold. Surprise of the Auction

Sreesanth sold to Kochi for 900k.. And Kochi gets its mascot..

Brendon McNullum - Chennai should have gone until 500K for Mcnullum. Hmm.. But not a bad decision.

Vettori for 550K. Another good buy by RCB. Feel RCB is overloaded with foreign players.

Lakshman bought by Kochi for 400k

Johan Botha - 950k by Rajasthan Royals. Zaheer went for 900k. God! RCB, Were lucky to get Zaheer.  Again new teams save RCB from making poor buy. MI&RR have a space only for one more big buy.

Robin Uthappa in.. Sold at 2.1 Million to Team Pune. If Raina & Dhoni have been in the auction, how much they would have been sold.. 4.5 Million for Dhoni? 3 Million for Raina? :)

Smith sold at 500K to Pune.

Dravid for 500K to Rajasthan Royals. Good Buy..

Gilchrist for 900K. Another idiotic and poor choice by the teams. A player who won't be able to get into 11 player team goes for 900K.

Sangakkara - 700K to CSK. CSK.. Please don't get into the momentum.. There are a lot more good players in the next phase. Let us wait patiently.. 

Symonds - 850K. Mumbai out of the auction. They can't afford any more. Thankfully CSK did not buy him..

Rohit Sharma - Sold for 2 Million USD to Mumbai. Mumbai making the same mistake again. Now they can buy 1 utmost good player.

Jacques Kallis - Sold for 1.1 Million USD. CSK's Walkout Price - 750K.

Cameron White - Bought by DC at 1.1 Million.  Another Poor Bid. Not a tested player going for big bucks. Might end up being the most expensive Australian Player

Ganguly Next. No bids so far. Not Sold.. IPL Teams make an annoucement.

Verdict of CSK Auction Strategy So Far: Very Good. And RCB have ensured that they get the most bucks from their money. Mostly good buys. Zaheer for 900K is a gift from God.

De Villiers - 1.1 Million for AB de Villiers. Expensive Buy.

Yuvraj - Let see how this goes. If KXIP wanted Yuvraj and Jayawardene so badly. why they did not retain them. Bought at 1.8 Million by Pune..

Jayawardene - Are Kochi nuts to buy Jayawardene for 1.5 Million.. Even Zaheer went only for 900K.

KP - Sold to DC for 650K. Ok Buy...

Yusuf Pathan. Expect another 1 million + bids. CSK is starting the bid.. CSK is bidding aggressively too.. :) Good to see that team has a walk-out price for the players.. Great Home work. Yusuf sold for 2.1 Million USD.

Ross Taylor is next. At 1 million, he is expensive. Sold for more than Zaheer.

Zaheer is coming next.. Expect it go more than 2.4 Million USD. Bought for 900K. Another Good buy from RCB.

Dilshan for 650K. Good buy for RCB.

Gambhir is the first person in the auction. Gambhir for 2.4 Million USD. Now Delhi Daredevils know why they were fools to let him go.. Thank you CSK for not getting into this battle.  Praying that they focus on getting 11 good players and not star players..


Cub said...

gambir at 2.2m... thank god CSK retained dhoni and raina

Cub said...

KKR is so stupid. 4.5 mil for 2 players.. unbeleivable. Surely they could have retained better value for 4.5

Unknown said...

@ Cub, Idiotic.. Now everybody is feeling why they heck they did not retain players.. :)

Cub said...

Nice to see chennai holding the money back. They will be in better shape towards end of auction when bits and peices players come up.

KKR has once again shown how not to bid for auction.

Unknown said...


Holding the money is a very wise strategy by CSK. As our nucleus is set.. And have 4 impact players already.

TX said...

CSK good have shown a bit of an interest in Zaheer, given that he seem to be a very good buy at 900k

cub said...

Exactly. MI, CSK and RCB are in the best shape now.

MI and CSK only need players to fill around their core group. RCB has had the best auction so far.

I am sorry for bringing up KKR again but I just cannot beleive what they did. Are they telling me mccullum, gayle, david hussey are not worth 4.5mil??? Amazing. Total mediocrity.

Unknown said...

Prefer Nehra & Praveen to Zaheer. But bidding for Zaheer would have escalated the price.

@ Cub,
Yes. RCB has had a good auction so far.

Cub said...

From what i am seeing, i think CSK only wants to really buy back all its previous players.

Unknown said...

Let us see. But they bid aggressively for Symonds.

Cub said...

I wonder how much raina and vijay would have fetched.

I want to see where ashwin goes

Unknown said...


My guess both have got 7.5 million between themself..

Anonymous said...

Chennai is doing actually well. They haven't lost any players that they had last year, when they won the championship.

Unknown said...


Let us see when those players come back for auction.

Cub said...

So far so good for CSK. Almost all teams are in even scale now. Most teams need to start looking into indian players now. CSK's core money is spent on indian players unlike other teams. Waiting for murali, hussey, broad, swann, ash, steyn and bolly to be picked up

Unknown said...

Me too waiting for that. Hope we are able to buy them cheap.. :)

Anush said...

I think CSK should have retained Ashwin instead of Morkel. Foreign players are so easy to buy, an Morkel did not really perform all that well in the previous IPL seasons (lack of motivation?).

Unknown said...

Team can retain only 3 indian players. so choice was between ashwin and vijay.. And not between ashwin and morkel..

Senthil said...

David Jacobs gone! Gone to Mumbai!!

Thats unfortunate! I thought CHennai will bid!! But they didnt even bid!

Unknown said...


They did bid.. But expected them to bid aggressively for David Jacobs..

Anonymous said...

GREAT WE GOT BRAVO... but why not james franklin???? i really thought we will get him... and btw will bravo be available for the entire ipl season?

Unknown said...

No Bravo would not be available for the entire IPL..

Tango said...

@ Robin, do you think M Hussey @ 425K is a good buy? I'm not sure, given his age. As a comparison, Shaun Marsh was bought for a similar price 400K. Shaun is younger and scored well in the last IPLs (avg 40+ SR: 140)

Anonymous said...

how much of iple 4 will bravo be there for? 75% atleast i hope ...

Unknown said...

@Tango & Anon,
Since the schedule is not announced, it is tough to predict how many matches he would be playing..

tango said...

M Morkel an Nannes are probably better than Bollinger. Overpaid. Yikes!

Cub said...

ok kochi are our main rivals moving forward . period

Anonymous said...

now we are really desperate for an aggressive opener... We should have somehow gone for finch or jacobs anyways... whom do you think we can eye on? and also if bravo leaves early then who will be the replacing quality allrounder for us?

Unknown said...

Agree that there are gaping holes in the team..

Now to bid back against RCB for
1. Manish Pandey
2. Mithun..

Anonymous said...

probably we should be aggressive tomorrow while bidding for :
1) Michael Lumb [ opener ]
2) Martin Guptil [ Opener ]
3) Michael klinger [ opener ]
4) Thisara pirera ?

Please correct me if i have left out on someone...

PS: KOCHI , You guys are in serious trouble :-l

Cub said...

my wishlist for tomorrow:

a. bala
b. parnell
c. mithun or vinay kumar or umesh yadav
d. amla
e. thussara
f. one good left handed opening batsman