Friday, 14 January 2011

HT alleges that Senior Cricket Official is arm twisting Uncapped Players

Anyone reading the following HT report will assume that they are referring to Chennai Super Kings (Southern Franchise & Senior Indian Cricket Board Official Combo) and that the players are Ambatti Rayudu & Shadab Jakati. 

Though this is nicely written as if the guilty party is Chennai Super Kings, it might actually refer to Bangalore Royal Challengers. (Refer: Siddharth Mallya's visit to Ranji Trophy Final to meet Rayudu & Anil Kumble is actually a senior Indian Cricket Board Official). Also it might actually be a franchise with powerful influence in newspapers preventing other franchises from signing players they want (Refer: Radiagate & the fact that one of the owners of IPL employs Radia). So just remember that there might be more to this story than actually meeting the eye. 


cub said...

do these so called "reporters" think readers are that stupid. Why on earth would any franchise owner send a SMS to warn players. Does the reporter think the franchise owner is as stupid as him to leave an evidence behind. This "left arm spinner and batsman with X average" kind of reporting is more like the gossips people get to read in cheap tamil film magazines.

So if Jakati signs for his original club these same morons would go on and report NS has forced him to sign???

Also for the franchises bitching about catchment areas:: nobody forced to buy rights for a particular city. You had a choce, you knew what you were getting from that city. So stop bitching.

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joe said...

the csk website doesnt say jakati has been signed

Anonymous said...

Given Bollinger and Bravo injuries, and du Plessis form, I think this is the best playing 11.

1. Murali Vijay
2. Micheal Hussey
3. Faf du Plessis
4. Suresh Raina
5. Subramaniam Badrinath
6. Mahindera Dhoni
7. Albie Morkel
8. Scott Sytris
9. Ravichandran Ashwin
10. Shadab Jakati
11. Sudeep Tyagi