Wednesday, 29 December 2010

CSK Reigns Supreme in Facebook

Facebook has just released the top 10 words that ruled status updates in India in 2010. And CSK has ranked  as the eighth most popular word - even higher than Rajnikanth. It shows clearly that CSK fans can't keep their enthusiasm to themself, making the team - only sports team in the list. With it, CSK has firmly established itself as the most loved team with the most passionate fans. 

Please find below the words that ruled status updates from India in 2010. 
  1. Common Wealth Games 
  2. World Cup 
  3. ChitChat 
  4. Cancer 
  5. Endhiran 
  6. Raajneeti 
  7. Suresh Kalmadi 
  8. CSK 
  9. Rajnikanth 
  10. Tere Liye

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