Wednesday, 29 December 2010

CSK Reigns Supreme in Facebook

Facebook has just released the top 10 words that ruled status updates in India in 2010. And CSK has ranked  as the eighth most popular word - even higher than Rajnikanth. It shows clearly that CSK fans can't keep their enthusiasm to themself, making the team - only sports team in the list. With it, CSK has firmly established itself as the most loved team with the most passionate fans. 

Please find below the words that ruled status updates from India in 2010. 
  1. Common Wealth Games 
  2. World Cup 
  3. ChitChat 
  4. Cancer 
  5. Endhiran 
  6. Raajneeti 
  7. Suresh Kalmadi 
  8. CSK 
  9. Rajnikanth 
  10. Tere Liye

Sunday, 26 December 2010

Chennai Super Kings' Strategy during Auction

With the base prices of the players released by BCCI (Complete List available at cricinfo), it is time to plan Chennai Super Kings' strategy during auction. 

Good News from Auction List
1. Ashwin is listed at 100K USD: This means that most of the teams would have spent their money on other players, when his name is picked for auction.
2. Slot 3: Most of the players in CSK fan wishlist (Davy Jacobs, Gambhir, Warner, Bollinger, Eoin Morgan,  Harris, Pujara,Robin Uthappa, Ashish Nehra) are present in 3rd Slot (Base Price 200K). So Chennai Super Kings have a realistic chance of landing the players they target. 
3. Mathew Hayden: Hayden is not in the auction list. Personally, I expect him to be involved in some capacity (batting coach, reserve batsman, etc.. ) in the next year CSK Setup. 

Bad News:
1. McCullum, Shaun Marsh, Swann, Broad & Ross Taylor: All these players are present on the first list. So it would be tough to land any of them. 
2. Angelo Mathews & Murali: Both of them have choosen to be present in the second Slot. (Base Price of 300K USD). Tough to retain if teams are ready to bid for these players. 

Our Strategy:
As I wrote in my earlier blog post, Chennai Super Kings should focus on buying
1. Opener - (Aggressive Left-Handed Batsman)
2. Strike Bowler - Fast (Preferably a foreigner)
3. Strike Bowler - Spin (Preferably an Indian)

Slot 1
Bid for the following players  - McCullum, Shaun Marsh, Swann, Broad & Ross Taylor & Dilshan. But only if they are priced at less than 600K. 
Reason - No foreign players (other than all rounders) are worth more than 600K. If it Genius Talent, utmost 750k is a reasonable amount. 

Slot 2
Same Strategy as slot 1. Bid for Angelo Mathews & Murali. But bid only until 600K. (Reason same as above). For Zaheer Khan, you can bid until 1.25 Million USD. 

Probable Scenario after Slot 1 & 2: Chennai Super Kings would have bought utmost 1 player during the slot 1 & slot 2

Slot 3:
This is the slot Chennai Super Kings should be really aggressive. Lot of good players are available in this list. And considering that most of the teams would have spent 4.5 Million by now, all the teams would be on a level playing field hereafter.

Aggressive Bidding Strategy:
1. Bollinger/Harris (It is essential Chennai Super Kings lands one of these players. Maximum Bid Value - 450K)
2. Eoin Morgan 
3. Ashish Nehra (If Zaheer Khan is not bought, u can bid until 1 Million for Ashish Nehra)
4. Praveen Kumar (If Zaheer Khan is not bought, u can bid until 750K for Praveen Kumar. Otherwise 600K)
5. Robin Uthappa (Can Bid Until 1 Million for Robin)
6. Dale Steyn (Bid Value - 750K for the world's best fast bowler)

Slot 4:
This is where Chennai Super Kings can make value buys like
1. Ian Bell (worth 300K)
2. Balaji (Worth 200k)
3. Ashwin(Worth 500K)
4. Badrinath(Worth 200K)
5. Pujara (Worth 200K)
6. Morne Morkel/Wayne Parnell (Worth 300K)
7. Maharoof (Worth 500K)
8. Mitchelle Marsh (Worth 100K)
9. Abhishek Nayar (Worth 200K)
10. Theron (Worth 100K)

Slot 5&6: I don't know most of them. So can't make a comment on those players. Other than Dwayne Bravo who is listed at 50K, others might not be a huge value ad. 

Probable Team CSK would be ending with

Probable Bid Price (In K USD)
Davy Jacobs
Albie Morkel
Praveen Kumar
Warner/Foreign Opener
Dwayne Bravo
Eoin Morgan
Yo Mahesh
Shadab Jakati
Hemang Badani
Abhinav Mukund
Arun Kartick
Mitchell Marsh
Mithun/Gony/VRV Singh


Please suggest what should be CSK's strategy  in each of the slots for the auction?

Friday, 10 December 2010

Why should u follow @albiemorkel

Thought i do check out Albie Morkel's twitter page on&off.. I have not been following him so far. So it was a surprising to visit Albie's page today to find out that he has confirmed that he would stay with CSK on Nov 23rd. 15 days ahead of submission of names. Hmmm.. So started following him today to catch any more news like this.
So if you are not following Albie Morkel so far, follow him @!/albiemorkel

Chennai Super Kings retains Dhoni, Raina, Albie & Vijay

And no surprises in Chennai Super Kings retention. And.. they have made the same choices as mine. Retained players below
  1. MS Dhoni
  2. Suresh Raina
  3. Albie Morkel
  4. Murali Vijay
With the easy decisions made, now comes the hard decisions - who to buy in the auction. 

Key Things to Remember
  1. 4 players are going to cost 50% of the $9 Million budget for all teams. So Chennai & Mumbai are lucky that they got much more value for their $4.5 Million. But to retain this advantage, Chennai should choose next 3 players who will cost 25% of the $9 Million budget wisely
  2. Key Positions for Chennai in which they have to invest their 25%: 
    1. Opener (preferably left-handed to compliment Vijay)
    2. Strike Fast Bowler 
    3. Strike Spinner
  3. Indians as much as possible. As last IPL showed, World-Class Indians are much more valuable than World Class Foreigners
  4. Buy them Young: Unlike the first auction, this team will never change. So it is crucial that CSK builds the most successful franchise rather than just focusing on short-term gains
Objective: Build a World-Class Team. 

My pick of 15 players below... (Players in bold text are my picks)
  1. Opener 1 - Vijay
  2. Opener 2 - atleast 2 of them to bought
    1. Gambhir
    2. Shaun Marsh
    3. Davy Jacobs
    4. Warner
  3. Raina
  4. Atleast 3 of them to be bought
    1. Eoin Morgan
    2. Ross Taylor
    3. Pujara
    4. Uthapa
    5. Badrinath
  5. 1 Batsman from above list
  6. Dhoni
  7. Albie Morkel
  8. Bowling Allrounder
    1. Broad
    2. Maharoof
  9. Spinner 1
    1. Ashwin
    2. Ojha
    3. Shadab Jakati
    4. Swann
  10. Spinner 2 - 1 Player from above list
  11. Strike Fast Bowler
    1. Zaheer Khan
    2. Ashish Nehra
    3. Bollinger
    4. Theron
Do you agree with my picks? Do you have any suggestions for Chennai Super Kings Team w.r.t auction? Post your comments below. 

Sunday, 5 December 2010

IPL 4 Auction: Base Prices of Players

BCCI is slowly getting its machinery together for the IPL auctions on Jan 8 &9. It has decided a provincial base price for  all the individual players participating in the auction. And now the team is in the process of getting the players approval on the base prices. 

Key Information
BCCI has created 5 different base prices for the IPL 4 auctions. 
  1. Base Price of 400,000 USD - Approximately 1.84 crore rupees
  2. Base Price of 300,000 USD - Approximately 1.38 crore rupees
  3. Base Price of 200,000 USD - Approximately 0.92 crore rupees
  4. Base Price of 100,000 USD - Approximately 0.46 crore rupees
  5. Base Price of 50,000 USD - Approximately 0.23 crore rupees
Around 62 Indian players & 5 TN Players (Dinesh Karthik, S Badrinath, R Sathish, R Ashwin, M Vijay & L Balaji) would be available through auction. Just listed down the base prices of few players that might be of interest to CSK Fans. 
  1. Base Price of 400K USD - Dhoni, Shane Watson
  2. Base Price of 300K USD - Raina, Muralitharan, Malinga, Pollard
  3. Base Price of 200K USD - Irfan Pathan, Murali Vijay, Ojha, Sreesanth, 
  4. Base Price of 100K USD - Pujara
  5. Base Price of 50K USD - Manpreet Gony, Sudeep Tyagi, Sridharan Sriram
Remember this is just a provincial list. And the players still have the option to change the base price category in which they are listed.