Monday, 6 September 2010

Who should be retained for IPL4?

Finally IPL Governing council have decided on the player retention policy. 

Player Retention Policy

  1. Only 4 Players can be retained by any team
    1. Out of 4 players, maximum 3 Indians and a maximum of 2 foreigners are allowed. 
  2. Retained players must have been part of IPL Season 3 and would not be part of the auction
    1. For a player to be retained, both the player and franchise have to agree.
  3. Irrespective of the fee decided between the player and the franchise, the total franchise salary cap of 9 million dollars will be reduced by fixed amounts
    1. $1.8 million per year for the first player retained
    2. $1.3 million per year for the second player retained
    3. $900,000 per year for the third player retained
    4. $500,000 per year for the fourth player retained
  4. So if a team retains the four players, it would have only 50% of the budget available - 4.5 Million USD
CSK Strategy
1. Dhoni & Raina are obvious choices for the player retention. I am sure CSK would put their best efforts to retain both these players
2. Albie & Dougie - Both these players have a very good chance of being retained. But their performances in Champions League would determine that. 

Why Albie/Hayden & Dougie are not obvious choices?
Because i expect the fee for the foreign players to be rationalized in this year's auction. 

Whom do you think Chennai Super Kings should retain?


Bala said...

Should retain 3 indian & 1 foreign player. It will be more difficult to get a good Indian player in the auction. Dhoni/Raina/Bollinger pick themselves. Then choose between M Vijay/R Ashwin.

TX said...

Raina will be very difficult to retain, but CSK should try to do it.

I agree with Bala, retaining 3 Indians would be better. Based on the performance in the Champions league, either Bollinger or Albie Morkel should be retained

Siddharth said...

I would go with the same choices..

Indian Players Dhoni & Raina

Foreign Players Albie and Bollinger

or if 3 Indian Players are required Vijay/Ashwin

Anonymous said...

Bollinger was added to the chennai squad as replacement later on. Can chennai retain him if they wish to?

Unknown said...

@ Bala,

Paying 0.5 Million USD for Vijay or Ashwin does not make sense, since we can easily get them at a lot easier rate. Also I am sure whether Bollinger is worth 0.9 Million USD.

Yes.. Retaining Raina is going to be a huge challenge. I am expecting Pune to start his negotiations now itself.

@ Siddharth,
3 is not a must.. Maximum is 3.

Yes.. Bollinger can be retained. Because they take only the fact the player should have been a member of the team in IPL3..

Bala said...


Pune cannot negotiate with Raina.
This is what the retention policy says for the new teams: "the two new franchises, Pune and Kochi, will also be allowed to sign up to four players from a list of players who were not part of any of the other eight franchises in the first three IPL seasons. ".

Bala said...


Regarding Ashwin/Vijay, considering their IPL performances and based on past auction history indian players suggest they may go for much higher than $500000 in the auction.

Unknown said...


Yes.. Pune can't sign Raina before auction. But they can start their negotiations (i.e.) Can convince him not to be retained by CSK by offering him captaincy or truckloads of money (like 4.5 Million USD) etc..

@ Bala,

Considering that teams have to sign around 26 players from a budget of 4.5 Million USD, i don't know think non-Indian international players would go for 0.5 Million + price tag.. Vijay might go but i doubt Ashwin will commend that money in the market

Cub said...

I don't think any other franchise can approach Raina for advanced talks. Isn't it agains the laws to approach a player while he is still contracted (remember csk still has not decided not to retain him)? jadeja was banned last year exactly for this reason.

Moreover keep in mind that CSK can pay raina any money he wants but will count only 1.3 mil in the cap. So raina cannot expect to fetch a lot more in auction. Captaincy is the only thing that can tempt raina out; but considering how he performed as captain last season I dont think he is captaincy material yet. He still has lots to learn and no better mentor than Dhoni-Flemo. These 2 are/were one of the best in the world. Why would he want to leave the most successful team in IPL

I think we should retain Dhoni and Raina. As for foreign players, we can snap up them in auction. There are lot of options eg: nannes if we miss out on bolly; watson if we miss out on albie; david hussey if we miss out on mike.. murali is irreplacable and maybe worth retaining

Suraj said...

Raina nd Dhoni are the obvious choices considering their flamboyance nd their abiltiy to make any game theirs at any situtations given to them. the other two remains very confusing. we may hav to retain albie nd muralidaran for they r indispensable either bt with ashwin nd vijay comin vry good, alot of other teams will be heavily interested in them. forget new teams lik pune nd kochi, teams lik kolkota nd punjab havin a vry bad battin line up will want vijay to stem their battin ranks r bowler lik ashwin to turn things around nd everybody will think they will be available fr lesser price at t auction bt i think they will be priced high at t end of it. so apart frm dhoni nd raina it will mostly be vijay nd murali

santhosh kumar said...

csk should retain Raina, Dhoni, Vijay and definitely albie morkel... what a valuable and committed cricketer morkel is...! therefore morkel should not be given away by csk....