Sunday, 5 September 2010

New IPL League Format Sucks!!!

New IPL League Format
With the addition of 2 more teams, IPL Governing council was forced either to increase the total games to 94 or reduce the number of league games per team. Rather than picking one of these choices, the governing council went for a compromise and picked a rather idiotic and a confusing option.

How does new IPL League format works?

  1. 10 Teams are divided into 2 groups - Group A & Group B - Each group with five teams
  2. Each Team plays 14 games in the league stage

    1. Each team in a group plays 2 games - home & away - against other teams in the group

      1. So each team plays 8 games against their group members

    2. Also each team in a group plays 2 games - home & away - against one of the teams in the other group

      1. This is decided randomly. So each team plays 2 games against a randomly picked member from other group

    3. Also each team plays other teams in the other group once.

      1. It can be home or away. So each team plays 4 games likewise - making  a total of 14 games

  3. Based on the league stage, all the teams are ranked in a single table. (Confusing??? What is the reason for then dividing to 2 groups???)
  4. 3rd and 4th ranked team in the table play against each other for a place in the semifinals
  5. 1st and 2nd ranked team play against each other for a direct entry to the finals.
  6. Loser of the match between 1st and 2nd plays the winner of 3rd and 4th for a place on the finals.. (Who came up with this?)
A format that truly gives a new meaning to the word "Knockout stage". Surely none other than IPL bosses can come up with such a foolish system.


Sreeram N said...

Gosh, so crazy, that it's not even funny! Now this becomes a kichidi. Neither a cup format nor a league one! Guess our "cricket greats" in the IPL governing council went through tough brain-racking discussions to come up with such an awesome format! Why do we need to have these people?

Grim said...

I actually agree with the 1st and 2nd place winner getting an entry into the finals and the loser getting a second chance.

It is not fair on a team to go out based on one bad day after 14 days of consistent cricket due to which they topped or came second in the table.

The issue of groupings is a different thing altogether,and makes very little sense.

Alagappan said...

Dude the format you mentioned here is wrong. No wonder it is so crazy. Do your research before posting it.

CareerreckoneR said...

Sure the format is confusing ... but why the fuss and hiss before it is tested. Its new and its innovative sure as stated the yester year greats of cricket would have spent onsiderabletime to come up with this idea, considering they have to increase two teams add more games. Sure the same 14 games in the league stages is more than enough and as always criticised the best performing team in the league never won the finals and its was all narrowed out and said after all the toil and hard work only one days result should not decide who is the champion. Still we could look into the best of three finals.

CareerreckoneR said...

Here's the Deccan Chronicle article which gives two format in one column.

New Delhi, Sept. 5: The Indian Premier League governing council on Sunday unveiled a heavily-modified schedule for the 2011 season, diluting the existing home-and-away format for the games to make up for the addition of two new teams to the competition.

The 10 IPL franchises will be divided into two groups of five for the next three years with a total of 74 matches per season compared to 60 played this year.

In the new format, each team will play the other four in their group home and away, which means the league stage will consist of 40 matches.

The three top teams from each group will then progress into another round of home and away matches, which will comprise of 30 games, followed by the semi-finals, a third-place playoff and a final.

The 2011 season is tentatively scheduled to begin on April 2, five days after the World Cup ends.

Despite the change in scheduling, teams will still get to play 14 home and away games — as they’ve been doing for the past years — although in a slightly convoluted format. However, had the current format adopted as it is, the IPL-4 would have stretched to 94 matches.

Teams have also been allowed to retain four players in their squads from the last event — a maximum of three Indians and two from overseas, with the rest going into the auction pool scheduled for the second week of November.

The cap for each team to spend on the players at the auction was raised to $9 million, from the earlier-stipulated $7 million.

The Board of Control for Cricket in India also said it would manage all player contracts directly from now on. “All player contracts will now be managed by the BCCI and signed by the BCCI along with the franchise and the player,” Board secretary N. Srinivasan said.

IPl Revamped

* Teams split into two groups, but will be ranked together in one league table as in the old format.

* Each team will play the other four in their group home and away , it will play four of the teams in the other group once (four matches, either home or away) and it will play the remaining team in the other group twice, both home and away.

* First and second in the league table will contest a playoff.

Third and fourth will play each other in a knockout. Loser of first playoff will play the winner of knockout to decide the second finalist. Winner of first playoff will play the second finalist in the IPL-4 final

Player retention

Four players can be retained with following cap:

* $1.8 million per year for the first player retained
* $1.3 million per year for the second player retained
* $900,000 per year for the third player retained
* $500,000 per year for the fourth player retained

Siddharth said...

they have made it too confusing imo....

Unknown said...

@ Sreeram,

Yes.. the format is crazy.. None have the guts to do the right thing..

@ Grim,
I would prefer IPL Champions being determined based on the league performance rather than through a knockout game.. But it is unfair that some teams gets second chance in a knockout game. It erode the meaning of the knockout games.. Also make the entire thing very confusing..

If they want, they could have ensured the top 2 teams get a direct entry to semifinals, while 3 to 6 play quarter-finals. Current format is very confusing

Unknown said...


Format is right.. Please refer

@ CareerReckoner,

Deccan Chronicle article is wrong. Show clearly how confusing the new format is.. Even journos can't understand it.. :) Please refer cricinfo article..