Saturday, 10 April 2010

Will CSK end Decan Chargers' Campaign?

In the intermediate three day rest for the team, the entire picture of IPL has changed. From a 2 way fight between RR & CSK for the final semifinal spot, it has become a five way tussle for 2 slots. In this interesting scenario, Chennai Super Kings play Deccan Chargers today at Nagpur. I am sure all the other three teams would be watching this game closely. If CSK win today, Deccan Chargers semifinal campaign comes to an end and If it loses, it is a huge setback for Chennai Super Kings. 

Chennai My XI:
1. Hayden 2. Vijay 3. Raina 4. Dhoni 5. Albie 6. Badri 7. Anirudha 8. Jakati 9. Tyagi 10. Murali 11. Dougie

DC Probable XI

1. AC Gilchrist 2. MD Mishra 3. TL Suman 4. RG Sharma 5. A Symonds 6. Y Venugopal Rao 7. MR Marsh 8. RP Singh 9. PP Ojha 10. RJ Harris 11. Harmeet Singh

Most Dangerous Players
  1. Gilchrist: Only one batsman in Deccan chargers, who can outdo Hayden (that too, without a Mongoose bat). Just hoping that Gilchrist does not repeat his performance of Season 1. (To know what he did, read the gentleman show. Also it is time we see another 50+ innings from Hayden).
  2. Symonds: Fortunes of Deccan Chargers' batting would be decided on how they handle the last few overs. Like the last match, they would expect Symonds to blast opposition bowlers all over the park. 
Royal Contests
  1. Dougie Vs Gilchrist: If Dougie keeps Gilchrist in control or takes his wicket early, Chennai Super Kings would have won half their battle.
Favorites: Coming on the back of 3 wins, Chennai Super Kings are the favorites. But it would foolish to predict anything against a team that comprises Gilchrist and Symonds.


Cub said...

One Change.

Ashwin/Bala instead of srikanth

Vivekh said...

Badani instead of srikanth..

Anonymous said...

I'll either go with badani in place of srikanth if he is slotted at d bottom of d batting order or wil make srikanth come at no 3 and give the licence to go after d bowling..

Murali said...

My Playing XI for CSK would be

1. Vijay
2. Hayden
3. Raina
4. Hussey
5. Dhoni
6. Badani/Srikanth
7. Jakati
8. Thushara
9. Ashwin