Friday, 16 April 2010

A Poor Batting Performance

Again Chennai Super Kings' batting and team selection let the team down. Sometimes i don't understand why Fleming gets paid so much money when he can't make those simple right decisions. Another season in which our fates would be decided only in the last match. 

1. Dougie & Ashwin: Another match in which Ashwin and Bollinger bowled beautifully in the first few overs and brought the contest on even terms after a shoddy display by batsmen. Thanks to their effort, our run rate has not suffered much. 
2. Badri: Just by staying till the end, Badri ensured that the team crossed 100 runs. His efforts also ensured that the run rate did not suffer much. 

1. Dropping Murali: Again Fleming & Dhoni erred by dropping Murali. A poor decision magnified by the is pitch. 4 Overs by Murali would have surely won us the match today. 
2. Dhoni at No:3: Again it showed that Dhoni has misread the pitch.CSK's best batsman of spin was out even before the spinner friendliness of the pitch was established. 
3. Hussey: Yeah! Hussey did well in IPL Season 1. But his show so far has been pretty ordinary. How many more chances will he get? 
4. Hayden: Another poor performance. Is it time to drop him from XI? But i still believe he would be crucial in the fresh pitch in Dharmasala and bouncy tracks of Bangalore. 

But all is not yet lost. If the team wins against Kings XI Punjab, it is bound to qualify for the semifinals. But we would have 3 more nights of nail-biting - watching other teams and praying that all the matches goes our way. 


Reshma said...

True ! Thats what made this IPL intriguing (bordering on 'fixed' ;) )

If CSK wins next one, we will make it to the SFs, no matter what the other results are - thanks to the NRR (and bcos there is a match between DC and DD pending. If DC win against KXIP and against DD, they will replace DD as the Semifinalists. So DD are not yet there still)

Balaji is a bum. He is CSK's Agarkar. Dont know why Dhoni opted for Balaji when there were so many other options. CSK's bowling/fielding was commendable though (which ensured our NRR stayed high). Its the later half of the IPL and pitches have slowed down (as we repeatedly play in the same pitch). We should have a lot more slow bowling options.

Hoping CSK pulls the next one of and makes it to the SFs. CSK rules!

Unknown said...

@ Reshma,

Yes. If we win next match, mostly will go through.. But would have preferred to win today's match and be at peace for the next match.

Anonymous said...

Let me continue from my previous email on this match

Man what a shoddy performance.
I agree that Dhoni is a great captain and all, but I really don't understand his decision to come one down. Raina owns that spot.
Further, I was stunned at dropping Murali after one bad performance. Hussey has not been in form in the IPL and neither has Haydos. So two out of form batters selected in place of a star spinner.. hmmmm.

Albie, as I had pointed out to you guys, almost always chokes under pressure.
The target of this crowd, Badri, seemingly gave the CSK something to work with. I would say Haydos is out next match as they will open with Ramesh Powar anyways. Hussey was also an opener and maybe he can open else drop both and get some desi guys playing along with Murali.

Balaji coming in for this crucial match was a bad decision. Tyagi is in much better bowling form.

Now that RCB and MI are through,
here is what that could happen for the other two spots. All assuming CSK beat KXIP. If we don't or it is a washout then it is see you next year time unless a lot of things go our way.

DD win against DC then DD will be 3rd. It will be then between DC and Chennai. Either CSK or DC will be the 4th team with run rate deciding the team.

If DC win against KXIP and against DD and Chennai win then we are tied with DD and hopefully if our win against KXIP is big enough we will be through as the 4th team.

If DC loses against KXIP and we lose against KXIP and DC wins against DD then DD and DC will be the other teams.

If DC lose against KXIP and DD and we lose against KXIP then there will be KXIP, DC, CSK and the winner of RR and KKR all tied at 12 points and net run rate will decide the 4th team. Boy that is a lot of ifs.

Lets beat KXIP and lets get in CSK.

Vivekh said...

Next match winning will take us to semis...So we should not panic and win the next match in style...
We cant wait for other teams to win or lose...
CSK should win the next match.

AGA said...

Why the hell would you tinker with a winning combination. Hussey instead of Murali on this track? If you take a terrific player of spin on this track instead of your star spinner, then i can understand but Hussey? and Balaji? The guy is just getting charity with these opportunities. You could have given it to aniruddha/parthiv for batting or atleast Badani. Badani could have delivered a better bowling performance on this pitch than Balaji! Badri got valuable runs but he was far from convincing. i would just say he was luckier. anyway, great job by Ashwin and Bollinger. I'm happy that Ashwin is turning into a terrific off spinner but sad to see his batting skills go to the dumps. He should be atleast bat better than Bhajji to get into the indian squad!

arjun said...

Bad loss for CSK today. Whats troublesome is our 'star' players are not in any kind of form. Both Hayden and Hussey have been extremely disappointing. Let's hope CSK get it right against Punjab.

Reshma said...

@robin - oh yeah! thats what has made this IPL what it is now.the last few matches will be a total dog-fight with all teams scratching around for points.

CSK has to rethink its strategy. We should think of playing murali in the next match in dharamsala (another slow track) and play Badani instead of Balaji (yes, i have joined the band thats calling for badani to play)

Unknown said...

@reshma dis match was clearly fixed csk has throwed in da towel jus like dat i don belive dis hussey gives catch practice hayden dosnt evn look kie hes batting ,dey keep murali out for fuck sake!....balaji da dumb retard motha fucka !!! im sorry! hes a failure come an bowls a bouncer wen dhonis standin near da stumps...wat the fuck!!!!!!!!get ure brain examined r hes been paid weel 2 play for dhoni completly out oof form an no remorse wats so ever! i feel hurt i wasted lotta time supportin dis we hav 2 depend on others.....its meaningles 2 go 2 semis an well surely lose der....dis IPL is Wwe f cricket.....seriusly RESHMA its fixed der is no way in hell we could end Up wit a score like dis I WAZ SHOCKED WEN HUSSEY GAVE CATH PRACTICE AN BALAI BOWLED DAT STUPID RETARD BOUNCER FOR 5 WDS! FER DA PAST 3 SEASONS DIS GUY HAS SCRWED IT UP WE SHOULD HAVE 1 50 % MOREE IF DIS GUY DID HIS JOB WELL..BUT NAAAH! STUPID RETARD MOTHA FUCKA TINKS HES BLACK re-INCARNATION OF GLENN MCGRATH..AN BOWLS LIKE A RETARD...RUNS LIKE A RETARD! AND BOWLS DA RETRO RETARD BOUNCER BALL!DIS MATCH WAS WON AND DAT ONE OVER CHANGED EVRYTHIN!

Cub said...

@ Reshma & Robin,

Didn't realize that DD will play DC and both have poor runrate than us. So a win against KXP is all we need (rain rain go away!!!). And if

I dont understand the following:
a. why play hussey instead of murali
b. why send dhoni at #3 if u already brought in hussey into the team (ps. i am ignoring the fact that raina is in excellent form)

I think csk has to make some hard choices next game:
a. drop haydos and bring mukund/anirudh/parthiv
b. drop bala and bring in kemp
c. drop huss for murali

@ ppl who think match is fixed... u r simply trying to find a reason other than accepting the batting was poor. even kxp can beat us if we bat like this.

Anonymous said...

Thiru Cumaran said...

Frankly, I can't understand how anyone can defend Hayden's place after nearly 11 consecutive failures. He is totally out of touch, perhaps overwhelmed by the fact that Vijay has become the agressor. Really, it's just pointless keeping him in the team when he's clearly out of form.

Again, Bala has proved his lack of brains. Honestly, have you ever seem a medium-fast bowler bowl a bouncer when the keeper is standing up? That is sheer stupidity. Don't know why MSD keeps dropping Tyagi. Maybe he likes to change teams for the fun of it.

Frankly, we should go with the following XI which, IMO, will have all bases covered:

1. M. Vijay
2. Hemang Badani
3. Suresh Raina
4. MS Dhoni
5. Albie Morkel
6. S. Badrinath
7. KB Arun Karthik
8. R. Ashwin
9. Shadab Jakati
10. M. Muralitharan
11. D. Bollinger

Yes, there are only 3 foreigners, but there is no rule which says that we have to have 4 foreigners. Since we get the best balance with 3 foreigners, so be it!

Yes, Badani is a middle-order batsman but, with M. Vijay as the agressor, I suppose that it would help to have a calm influence like Badani with him, rather than an out-of-form Hayden.

I've picked Arun Karthik because S. Anirudha and Abhinav Mukund are both mainly open for TN.

Does anyone have any objections to this? If not, then we can send this to Fleming & MSD! :P

Anonymous said...

@ Thiru Cumaran,

LOLz, as if Dhoni and Fleming are only waiting for this list to finalise the team for next match.

Siddharth said...

Time to try Bailey for Hussey ?

We dont have a replacement for Hayden, so we are pretty much forced to play him.

Unknown said...

@cub the match was fixed they dint evn try to hit da ball..... litrally gave away the match.....a win here would have put us in semis fer sure 2 keep evr1 guessing till da last day ...we lost...bollinger comes an hits a six an da top six cant! dey litrally gave catCh practice 2 dem....if still think dis not fixed .Y. da hell u would bring balaji in and murali out an take battin first on turning bouncing wicket...THE WRITING IS ON DA WALL ...NO 1 FINDIN EXCUSES..IF U WANT C DA HIGHLIGHTS ULL C DEY THREW AWAY DA MATCH..

Anonymous said...

Nowhere you will hear the captain himself rocking the boat than in CSK. It was a rank stupidity on the part of MSD to promote himself pushing down Rain who has been doing very well @ number 3. Secondly I felt we should have opted to bowl first rather than bat under this circumstance. The previous match was a proof. The pitch conditions, whether etc will not really work much in T20 particularly when both the teams are in make or break situation. Bowling first and scalping couple of wickets in the initial overs would have surely broken the ground under Delhi's feet. Now we have to wait and pray that other teams loose in order for us to go through. what an irony.

Siddharth said...

If we win next game we are through..for sure

but if we lose..we have to hope rajasthan lose against kolkata, kolkata lose against mumbai and deccan lose both of their games

Thiru Cumaran said...

@Siddharth - If the foreigners are not performing, pick the locals! There are plenty of form guys like Abhinav Mukund and S. Anirudha. No point picking foreign players for the sake of doing so. If they are worse than locals, pick the locals

Unknown said...


Unknown said...

Simple..Indian pitches are slow, as pointed out by many players.. So Aussie/England/SA players will struggle. so no wonder Hayden, Hussey, Morkel... And Chennei wicket was slow, gripping for spinners very bad decision by Dhoni. Gambhir made right decision by not sending Colingwood..

If pitches going to be slow.. Drop Hussey and Morkel..No use of them. get Natni and Murali in. and go with badani and Abhinav, they are more used to Indian pitches.

Dhramasala, dunno how the pitch going to behave...Dhoni will have tough time..Please dont select Balaji..on any pitch.

Thinker said...

If u hv played enough cricket and has a sharp brain then u would not have missed the follies of Dhoni. He is just not involved in the game and his actions show for it.

Of course all his team mates are professionals and should know wt to do but a thinking captain always has a trick up his sleeve and i have never seen Dhoni advising any bowler even if he goes for big runs.

U always play to win but Dhoni is playing for money and it is very obvious by his actions on the field. The team may be named after my city but is the bogey of a big business house and nowhere is the self esteem of the city at stake in the greediness to rake in the mula.

By dropping Murali in important games his confidence level was brought down, Balaji is an excellent all rounder and we all know what a big hitter he was in Pakistan not very long ago, compare him to Ashwin who choked unable to score a single in last 2 balls agains Kings XI.

If u sit and analyse you would observe that Badrinath is not fit for this league of T20. He does not have the power to play big shots nor does he has knack of piercing the field with ground strokes at least. Why would Dhoni want to come 1 down?

After a couple of overs the team should have realised that the ball was not coming on and should have played with a target of 150 in mind. Where is the think tank? Is there anyone to fix responsibilities for any failure? Not at all, the promoters are raking in their profits and players are happy partying win or lose!

Let all like minded join together and force the promoters to drop our cities name Chennai, let them have any other name or the promoters name for the team. This is not my Chennai team, we have better players to play for our team, and this is only a corporate house team.

If u are a Chennaite pl consider my thoughts seriously..... the cities pride is at stake and a greedy business house cannot take our cities name to shame. Allow Dhoni to go ride his collection of sports bikes in the hills of Jarkhand with his gang of friends, pl spare Chennai.... at least have a native boy as captain.. and that would bring a great change to this stupid Corporate House Team.

I am a proud Chennaite but this team is not mine....

This team does not play to win but only goes through their paces as we do not see any planning or application of mind in any department of the game right from the team selection.

After the all night partying and more for over 40 days when the Indian Team is supposed to play the T20 world cup, they are going to be a tired lot and the players are going to carry their injuries from IPL into the T20 world cup and our WORLD CUP WOES would fill up and runneth over with miseries of all kind in the Caribbean.

IPL teams should only be restricted to players who are not contracted for their countries i strongly believe! If anybody wants to rake in the money let him cancel his contract with their respective boards and then go play the Tamasha Masala Cricket. Let the country put an end to this foolish brand of cricket namely the IPL, but mind u i am not against T20 as we even play 5 over gully cricket remaining most fiercely competitive.

Anonymous said...

Our sporting culture is like that. Accepting failures with no remorse. Just tell the players that they will get only 25% of match fee for every loss and no match fee for successive losses; then you will see a different team out there.

Unknown said...

I am hardcore CSK supporter but I feel we should not be in the Semis.
We are dependent too much Raina and Vijay.We are close to semis only becoz of these two batsmen. But only two batsmen in form we are bound to crash out even we reach semis somehow(hope it doesn't rain on SUnday and we win against Punjab).If we win,then we will up against either Mumbai or RCB who have many of the batsmen in form.

Regarding Match fixing,Yes I too feel results are manged at the higher level.This is done to hold the suspense and excitement level till the last match thereby increasing TRPs. If not how can on justify Punjab winning most of the games after winning 1 out of 7 match earlier.Delhi and banglore loosing successive matches when they were almost sure to reach semis. Same in yesterday's match why the hell CSK would select to bat first when they knew pitch will turn in the first half(reference to match with KKR) and why would they keep Murli out on a rank turner. These things are hard to understand.I am saying this after analyzing matches in the last 2 seasons as well.

karthik said...

@ robin and @Thirukumaran
First of all after winning the toss they should have opted for bowling becuase likke kkr match we restrict them to a meagre total and should have win comfortably. Dhoni still saying our batting is strong ( but not at all times). Hayden is a great player and loves playing for csk should analyse himself where we is going wrong. Wonder how hussey has been picked in place of murali. What made dhoni to come at no1 why hot he come at 5 or 6 and smash a quick 50. Badri is not atall t20 player he has no power to hit sixes. Better we can try Anirudha and badani for the next match. As far as bowling is concernd ashwin and bollinger are very good well supported by jakati and murali. My best eleven for the next match would be

Reshma said...

tsk, tsk, tsk..

If you have watched, played and followed enough cricket, you will know that this is a just another game. We have just lost a battle, not the war. It was a slow pitch and that might have been the reason Dhoni came at No.3 to play the sheet anchor role (no problems with the thinking) as a busy little innings from Dhoni was what the Doctor ordered, but unfortunately didnt happen (remember his innings against MI under the same old slow track). So hold on to your horses when you go after Dhoni.

See, this was the same team that thrashed KKR. So how can you rip into CSK and Dhoni, right away ? In fact they were commendable with their bowling and fielding even after such a huge batting collapse ,which is why they stand a good chance of making it to the semi-finals unlike KKR, who totally lost it after making a small total. So hats off to CSK on this.

This is what perhaps differentiates the professionals from the others. Bailey has extremely limited ability. I see no reason for playing Bailey for Hayden. I believe Dhoni will make an assessment on how the pitch is at Dharamsala to make an assessment on who plays (i am still backing Hayden, as he is closely linked to Chennai's fortunes in IPL).

Balaji has been a liability since his hip surgery and his batting and bowling are just abt average. Need to play Badani. There is one freeloader for Chennai in every match, why should it not be Badani ?

I am no great fan of Dhoni, but to question his committment is ridiculous. In IPL-1, we lost a major contingent of our key players, but still made it to the finals. The same happened in IPl-2, we had a poor start but made up in the end. CSK has been one of the most consistent teams and Dhoni (one has to say) has made good use of the limited resources at his disposal.

If CSK had batted second, the result could have been different (not that I am complaining now). So take it easy on the team.

Yeskay said...


Was almost sure you would have a comment.

Yes such is the 'swing' here not just for CSK, but for any team. Imagine how KKR would have been trashed by their supporters, they fail almost every year of IPL.

But it does hurt and annoy when you play really badly, put up a shoddy performance.

And I actually thought yesterdays team had the best batting combo for CSK.

And too many ppl cribbed about the team composition, but what happened to the famed batting lineup?

It was a loss due to our much acclaimed batting.

Its weird that the overseas players havent been upto mark not just in CSK but also in other teams.

Hayden has just been in the nick, he looks really half as comfortable as he was at crease last yr.

But Thats what Gilly is like for DC as well.

Im more concerned that even Mr cricket is not firing. Tailormade condition for him yesterday, he is a Mr Reliable usually.

Tinkering the team too much may not help.

I just see MSD sticking to a similar combo- with or without Murali in the next matches.

If they do take Aniruddha back, they should allow him to open.

We have to win with this combo.

Capt Cool has to deliver with the bat, which he hasnt been doing much for CSK(even the last IPL, he was patchy)

Yeskay said...

Well in IPL1, we beat DC in the last league match to get thru to Semis. DC was the table crawler in IPL1.

We face similar fortunes. But Kx11 has emerged much stronger now.

It still is our best bet, and one of the weaker bowling attacks to face.

And well arent we smarting under the bizarre loss earlier?

Reshma said...

@yeskay - you guessed it right! the dharamsala pitch looks bouncy and has pace (judging from the dc vs kxip match). its a good pitch for hayden to hit back and get back to form. We need some pace backup for this match, i guess.

KXIP like KKR is a team which lacks incisive bowling and we should make full use of it.

Unknown said...

Here is my Xl for final game...Purely based on the pitch seen in todays match between Punjab Vs Deccan

Hayden (Bouncy track..Sure no better player than him..even though he is out of form)
Hussey(Just becos it is bouncy track, if it is slow track drop him)
Tyagi/Jakati (tough call..My thining have Ganapati and take Jakati)
Nitni (Finish is spellhe first go..)

Wat u guys say about this? I believe this is the best team for that pitch.

Yeskay said...


We do need Murali...just because we have 2 stalwarts in Sanga and Mahela frm Kx11, and who better than Murali to figure them out.

And he did bowl really well in the last edition, got both his Lankan mates out.I do believe Murali does need to get back in tomorrow.

Just not convinced about the Aniruddha srikanth inclusion..and coming at no6, what he can deliver.

So my 11 will be


Yeskay said...

CSK has a great record against KX11, but wont KX11 want to end their campaign on a winning streak on their home ground?

That thought sends a shiver....

But well CSK has also bounced back pretty well, and on this pitch, I will not mind chasing, just because KX11 do not have the strike bowler like a Nannes or Bollinger or a Malinga.

Yeskay said...

Just reminds me-

Delhi vs Deccan will eb a super cracker of a match- a ripper If CSK wins against KX11 which will be just the match earlier.

JeeZ! I bet the entire brigade of these 2 teams will be watching it.

If CSk wins then pretty much the winner btwn DC and DD romps home, isnt it?

Reshma said...

@Yeskay - Yup! Unless KKR wins against RR tomorrow and they too will get a chance to make it to the Semi's if they beat MI after this. (all this under the assumption that CSK loses to KXIP!)

Raghav said...

@abhi why wud u even bother calling urself a hardcore CSK fan if u feel we shudnt be in the semis???

its a good thing that DD and DC still have to play each other and only one of them can go thro.. unless ofcourse we lose like crazy to KXIP which i dont think is gonna happen., so barring another collapse like the last time we played them we shud be in the semis cause of the NRR.

and yeah like most ppl here i feel its high time Badani is given a chance...

@dhoni haters.. maybe he hasnt been very good with the bat of late but its obvious to anyone who understands a lil bit of cricket why he's playin every match.. he's a damn good captain is why...

balaji on the other hand is an entirely diff story... (oh how i wish i cud swear without my comment being deleted by robin.. :P)

livingston said...

Still there is a seat for CSK in semifinals
for the next match some replacements should be made
Instead of
Badrinath - Hemang Badani
Balaji - Ganapathy (he is a allrounder)
Hussey should be dropped

Siddharth said...

Bring Murali/Thushara for Balaji

and Anirudha for Hussey

Anonymous said...

Hey guys,

Is Dhoni leaving CSK & joining mumbai indians? I read in a magazine.

Unknown said...

@raghav, I repeat I am a CSK and hardcore MSD fan too.I don't know about u,but even though I m from Mumbai,I support CSK Not MI and that too since when first auction happened.

Regarding whatever u said,I said it becoz we have only 2 inform batsmen Vijay and Raina.Our 2-3 big batsmen have flopped consistently thorughout IPL3 barring one or two innings. I see no point if we reach semis and lose badly against against mumbai or banglore.If we reach semis (which i hope we will reach) then we must ensure we play well and reach the finals as well unlike the last season.

Anonymous said...

aah,some relief,banglore(0.22RR) lost very badly.Now if we win we will end up 3rd and DD/DC will be 2nd.So we won't have to fight against MI/Banglore.So we will have gr8 chance to reach finals.

ASWIN said...

despite losing a match against delhi dare devils yet it is to sum up that camp of MS DHONI CANNOT BE either under estimated nor can things can be taken for granted against CSK. THE REASON BEING THE HIDDEN POTENT OF MANGOOSE , HUSSEY AND MSDHONI