Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Players for the next few years!!!

As Harsha pointed out in his CNN-IBN Discussion, Chennai Super Kings' consistent performance owes a lot to their intelligent choices in the first auction. Picking Dhoni was a master-stroke. And focusing on T20 international all-rounders was also an intelligent decision. [VB deserves Kudos for this]  For the squad and prices paid, please refer http://blog.cskfansite.com/2008/02/chennai-super-kings-squad.html. But the auction that is coming up is much more crucial since 
1. Other Franchises are not so dumb any-more :)
2. This would be an eternal team unlike the first auction. 

Things We Know about the Auction 
1. It would happen in November. That means, Champions League in October provides CSK to analyse their players and an opportunity for players to increase their price tag. 
2. As the first auction showed, top four players' salaries would contribute 50% of the total salaries (i.e. 3.5 Million Dollars) and Top 7 players' salaries would be 75% of Total (i.e. 5.25 Million Dollars). So it is paramount that the team makes intelligent choices of the top 7 players. 

Things We don't know about the Auction
1. Still there is not enough clarity on how many players would be allowed to be retained by the franchises. Now that task of determining the number is assigned to Ravi Shastri, Gavasakar & Pataudi. Personally i expect  4 Domestic Players + 4 Foreign Players to be retained by the franchises. 

Indian Players who will stick with CSK
1. Dhoni - If you are not sure, hear his post-match talk
2. Local Boys Ashwin & Vijay - After their performance this season, they are bound to be tempted to try out the auction. But sticking with CSK would make more sense - For the simple reason that they are bound to get more opportunities in CSK Team. 
3. Badri & Balaji - Though Badri & Balaji might want to try green pastures, their best chances of playing in the team remains with CSK.. [Badri, If you are thinking about shifting loyalties, see what happened to Kaif after his move to KXIP]

Other Players I want to Retain
1. Raina - His consistent performance in 3 ipls has ensured that he would double his auction price. [I am sure one of the newer teams might even tempt him with captaincy]. Hope he sticks around since CSK setup would be lot better than others. 
2. Albie: His All round skills has allowed the team to play that extra player in the team. Hopes he also sticks around. Being a foreign player, I am sure his price would not increase  that much this auction
3. Dougie: Hope he stays. Don't know his price, so can't comment whether he would stay. 
3. Flintoff & Oram: Being all-rounders, I would like them to stay.. I expect both of them to be fit for the Champions League. So can make an informed after their CL performance. But Flintoff's price should be rationalized since international players would not get so much money IPL4. (unless ofcourse you are Kerren Pollard)
4. Ntini, Murali & Hussey: For just being such good team players, they are worth every penny.. 

Summing Up
Indian Players I want to Retain(In the Order of Preference)
1. Dhoni
2. Raina
3. Vijay
4. Ashwin
5. Badri
6. Anirudha
7. Balaji
8. Tyagi

Players I Don't Want to Retain
1. Gony
2. Joginder
3. Parthiv Patel
4. Pererra

Foreign Players to be Retained 
1. Albie
2. Dougie
3. Oram
4. Flintoff
5. Murali
6. Hussey
7. Ntini

My Wishlist For Auction (I have not included any doubtful players who might or might not be retained)
1. Dinesh Karthick & Yo Mahesh (Expect DD to retain only Sehwag, Gambhir, Nehra & Mishra)
2. Any of these Foreign Players Not Retained by DD  - Warner/Dilshan/Maharoof
3. Shane Watson
4. Ravindra Jadeja
5. Sohail Tanvir
6. Vignesh & Satish
7. Mithun & Manish Pandey (Future Players to look out for. I am sure they would also come cheap)

What are your picks??


Reshma said...

Hmmm...Why Oram ? when did he perform ?

Your list is missing Bailey. Pune and Kochi could seriously tempt Raina given that they wouldnt have any local players of captaincy caliber (i simply cant imagine sreesanth captaining kochi even if he is a local).

We need atleast two quality allrounders/ 1 fast bowler and 1 top quality int'l batsman. That has been our strategy from IPL-1 and it had worked for us.

Dhoni is CSK's face and I will expect the CSK franchise to pay whatever it takes to retain him. Raina , i am not sure as he will definitely get a chance to captain one of the new sides and he is unofficially the man-of-the-series. M Vijay may also get his chances outside given that now he is going to play for india in the T20 world cup ( much like Dinesh Karthik, he might try his luck in auctions). Our brightest chances are at retaining Badri/Ashwin and maybe Balaji. I believe Dougie might stick with CSK as he will get a chance to be the spearhead for our attack. I am pretty unsure about the others.

சரண் said...


My choice is same as yours but with minor changes

Indian Players I want to Retain(In the Order of Preference)
1. Dhoni (An absolute must)
2. Raina (Love to have..But I do think he might go out to lead one of the new teams)
3. Vijay (Good to have..)
4. Ashwin (Good to have..)
5. Anirudha (Good to have.. and I would like have him open with Vijay)
6. Badri (Good to have.. like somebody else mentioned he might get wasted like Kaif if he moves somewhere else with out a lead role)

Foreign Players to be Retained
1. Dougie (Must)
2. Murali (Must and I'm sure he will stick to Chennai..after all he is our "Maapillai")
3. Hayden (Again.. I would love to have him and I do hope he sticks to Chennai and I think he loves our city)
4. Ntini (Love to have.. but poor guy he might get a chance to play in other team.. but will miss him for sure)

Reshma said...
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Raghav said...

like reshma says why oram??? and bout bollinger am not sure we can make the choice to retain him... we only bought him as a replacement remember? meaning he'll be in the auction list again... and once he goes into the auction u can be sure it ll be near impossible to buy him again... i wud be hppy with another good pacer though, a peter siddle like personality (even though he isnt half as likeable) or wayne parnell assuming dd wont retain him (besides he's a lefty like bolly)...

there's just no way we'll be dinesh karthik... him being a keeper ll ensure that his price tag remains real high and we wont get into a bidding war for him wen we already have a kick ass keeper...

hayden and murali always talk bout the city with a lotta love and retaining them wudnt be so bad but in my opinion we shud get a good opener instead of hayden with an eye on the future to partner vijay...

albie is sure to be retained and the guy deserves it too... not so sure bot freddie (he hardly ever plays and is out with injury all the time, wat's the point in retainin him..??)

but more importantly we shud buy a really good indian pacer...and i really really hope raina stays (maybe dhoni can persuade him? :P its obvious raina loves to play under dhoni)

Cub said...

word on the street is teams would be able to retain 4 india internationals and 3 overseas players. My pick would be:

1. MSD
2. Raina
3. Vijay
4. Don't care :p

Ashwin is not india international is he? May be we can retain him as player from our catchment area. If not, he takes #4. As far as Anirudha, Mukund, Balaji, .. etc are concerned, I dont think they will go through auction.

My overseas picks are:
a. Freddie
b. Morkel
c. Hussey/Kemp

Not going for murali and haydos because nobody is sure if they will play in next IPL (let alone for next 3 years).

Players I would like to be picked in auction:
a. Clarke and/or Mitchell Johnson
b. Broad or Parnell or Bond
c. Warner/De Villiers/Ross Taylor/David Hussey
d. Dinesh Karthik (if delhi releases him)
e. Rohit Sharma/Rayudu/Tiwary/Kohli (if Raina decides to move on)
f. Vettori

Players we need to get rid of:
a. Gony
b. Parthiv (if we get Dinesh Karthik)
c. Joginder

Existing players that we should try to retain through auction:
1. Jakati
2. Badri
3. Tyagi
4. Bailey
5. Oram
6. Bolly
7. Thushara

harry said...

this is going to be a challenge as we have just won the championship and all teams would be vying for the best players from our side.

my guess for indian players who might get retained

a) Dhoni
b) Badri
c) Vijay ( could be the next raina and price could be in 500-800k range
d) Ashwin

Raina would be impossible to retain. he would be on wishlist of kings 11 punjab as well as sahara. not too confident of kochi..feel they could be the next KKR..

people who would be let go by CSK mgmt

a) joginder
b) Gony
C) Ntini
D) perera
e) Haydos
f) Murali
g) parthiv
h) balaji

people whom we might try to attract

a) angelo mathews
b) morkel
c) flintoff
d) doug bollinger

i know guys would be wild with me for saying that haydos and murali will have to be let go.. but we cannot invest for 3 years on ageing players.. too risky...if we get them below 250k okies..else we should let them go....

syed razool said...

I partially agree with Cub & harry.
We must retain
1. MS Dhoni - Have to retain him at any cost, may be evev 7.5 crores.
2. Murali Vijay - Pay him more currently he is getting only 14 Lakhs. Buying for around 1-2 crores would be a good contract.
3. Suresh Raina - (Remember, only after he performed in IPL-1 he got a chance to comeback in Indian team, I guess he will prove his loyalty. He prefer to stayback with MSD, their combo rocks.)
4. Ashwin & 5. Badri - Since both are not International players, no issue in retaining them.

we can release the remaining indian players.

Overseas players:
1. Mike Hussey - he had one bad season, he will come with a bang
2. Dougie Bollinger - I don't know about the replacement rule, if rule permits retain him
3. Albie morkel - deserves a place just for his allround ability
4. Justin Kemp - can retain him, if 4th slot is permitted.

Have to release the following:
Flintoff, Oram are injury prone. Muralidharan, Hayden are ageing. Perera, Thusara doesn't create any impact.

We have to buy:
1. David warner\Dilshan\Tamim Iqbal\Loots Bosman\Mahela Jayawardene\Brad Haddin - (If their team release them)we can have them as opening combination with Murali Vijay
2. Cameroon white\David Hussey\Steven Smith\Angelo Mathews\Luke Wright\Shahid Afridi\Abdur Razzaq - Allrounder category
3. Eoin Morgan\Jesse Ryder\Umar Akmal\JP Duminy\Michael Clarke - Middle order category
4. Ross Taylor\Dinesh Karthik\Rohit Sharma\Ravi Jadeja - Lower middle order\finisher category
5. Greame Swann\Nathan Hauritz\Shakib al Hasan\Piyush Chawla\Daniel Vettori\Ajantha Mendis - to replace Muralidharan, as a potent spin bowler
6. Mohammed Aamir\Peter Siddle\Mitchell Johnson - an extra Fast bowler category

If possible we have to attract following Indian\Domestic players either in auction\offline signing:
1. Rajagopal Satish
2. Abimanyu Mithun
3. Manish Pandey
4. Munaf Patel
5. Virat Kohli
6. Sarabjit Ladda
7. Umesh Yadav
8. Murali Karthik
9. Cheteswar Pujara
10. Rahul Sharma (currently playing for DC)

Siddharth said...

my choices are pretty much straight forward


1. Dhoni
2. Raina ( if he is willing to stay ), CSK must increase his salary so that he stays
3. Vijay, deserves a pay hike for sure for his consistent performance at the top
4. Ashwin, he has been a revelation with the ball for CSK and troubled the opposition with his variations.

If not Raina, then Badri, a batsman in the middle order you can always rely upon.

Also try to snap Anirudha, Jakati and DK in the auction.

1. Albie - going by the last 3 ipls, he was csk's consistent performer and one foreign player who was assured of a spot in the playing xi unless he was injured, Dhoni backs him a lot, so we can expect him to be here.
2. Bollinger - Made the difference to the team's pace attack and won a huge fan following
3. Muralitharan - CSK's highest wicket taker in the last 3 editions and his connections with Chennai

Also try to sign Mike Hussey, Thushara and Bailey if possible in the auction.

I am not for retaining Flintoff or Oram, both are highly injury prone and i doubt Flintoff's effectiveness in this format, but we can try to get them in the auction if necessary

As for Matthew Hayden, we can sign him in the auction, given his recent form not many will be interested in him

Shadhiq said...

Hi robin ,
I agree with you all but why u dont want to retain perara ,
u know what , he played only one match and conceded 19 runs , for that u cannot really assume he is bad , he is actually very good hitter !
he can change the match single handedly

Shadhiq said...

My choice for four foreign players is albie , hussey , bollinger and murali
and four indian players is Dhoni, raina , vijay and tyagi..
im pleased if chennai buy ntini in the next auction , though he is not playing , he is s good team man!
Ashwin and Badri aren't part of indian team so we can snatch them

Unknown said...

Oram is not in form and he not come to india because of security problems...i want watson to play...

Unknown said...

i want jadya into action because he is also a very good left-hand spinner and performed well...

nutty said...

The Composition of the CSK Team made a lot of sense in each player and his role clearly defined in the way they played IPL3..

1) Murali Vijay (supposed to be the stable opener with bit of test experience but we saw that he can be explosive)
2) Mathew Hayden (Person to go after the bowlers and increase run-rate & the experienced goto batsman)
3) Raina (Person to be able to take on role of either opener depending on who was out + Fill in bowler)
4) Badri (Stabilise innings even if it is initially at the cost of run-rate)
5) Dhoni (End Game ... pressure situation + Ultimate power)
6) Morkel (Big hitter if he gets going but more for his bowling contribution)
7) Muthiah Murlitharan ( Bowling prowess and experienced goto bowler )
8) Bollinger (The Power behind the pace bowling attack. Speed + Bounce)
9) Ashwin (Excellent rising up to occasion... this time so well that he provided flexibility by freeing up murli's spots in some matches)
10) Jakati (Bowled extremely well in the middle of the tournament but got overshadowed by other spinners towards the end)
11) Anirudha Srikanth ( Just that he was able to connect the bat and ball and confuse bowlers with his batting stance during end overs,,, din play too much of a role)
12) Parthiv Patel ( Spare keeper + Stable opener but did not really pick up on run rate & was eventually overshadowed by all other batsmen)
13) Balaji (very lack luster performance for an experienced bowler-- too expensive even though he takes wickets , needs to up his game)
14)Tilan Thushara - (balanced performance, used when the pitch seemed to help fast bowlers)
15) Other bowlers - (pitched in whenever given a chance no real opportunity or star performance)

I believe that if players are selected keeping in mind the same or similar roles CSK will still be at the top. The worrying thing is that in IPL3 CSK became a spin centric team with no real "fast" bowler except bollinger. So the role of all rounders with medium pace or fast bowling capabilities becomes more important. However having said that , Dhoni's captaincy is of utmost importance . Dhoni is a must get . The importance of captaincy in IPL cannot be stressed enough with my vocabulary!!

My picks of utmost value -

1) Dhoni
2) Raina (irreplaceable)
3) Ashwin (you can groom him)
4) Someone who can replace Mathew Hayden
5) 2 All-rounders with pace bowling capabilities

Reshma said...

Are you sure that if a cricketer has not played international cricket he is guaranteed to play for the local franchise ? I'm not.

Badri has already represented India in test matches so he might be auctioned.

I am looking at some

* Shakib-Al-Hasan (a bowling all-rounder who might be a handful in indian conditions). He is a better pick than Daniel Vettori and should be cheap.

* Andy Blignaut - Not sure if he is still playing. But if he does, we can get him off cheap and people who have seen him play will agree that is a destructive batsman and a pretty good bowler. He should also be cheap.

* Umar Gul / Sohail Tanveer or Md. Ameer ( we need one quality fast bowler atleast). This should also be cheap.

* It'll be great if we can get Mitchell Johnson from Aus. I will treat this guy as an all-rounder. This might be a costly pick.

* Bollinger/Hussey/Morkel/Flintoff/Murali - If we can retain two off these 5, i will be happy. This again will be a costly pick.

* If we cant retain Raina - we should scout for another middle order batsman of similar caliber. This will sort of a medium/costly pick

Anonymous said...

Raina has a good chance of becoming an icon player for Sahara Pune. The Sahara group is very keen to get Raina in to their team.

Balaji will most probably be dropped, CSK will also want to get some good pace bolwer.

Yeskay said...

From what I know the team management can retain an X amount of players.

And if Raina is retained by CSK as they would very well want to, i dont see him going elsewhere.

Yes Pune may seriously want him.

I am almost hating the fact of two new teams. Wat a Bull idea is to add to the crowd?8 teams was hands full.

10 teams - too many matches. if Modi did deserve a kick, it was for his love for excess!!

Yah sadly Haydos and Murali may not make it. Both 38 plus, its almost curtains.

We would do well to have a dashing southpaw as an opener.

Warner will be excellent to have, DD did not use him well.

And maybe one allrounder in addition to Morkel who is a bowler who can bat.

harry said...

we need someone like gambhir, aggressive at the same time paces his innings. let us not have somebody like warner at the top. he might not be so reliable. i would love to get shaun marsh for the opener's slot.. he mixes aggression and temperament pretty well. if we have just one year contracts then i would love to get dravid into the mix to lend some stability. i am sure there will be detractors to this statement but i feel we need a solid person in center who can score at 110-130 strike rate. i dnt trust badri to do that consistently.

Anonymous said...

The rule is that the franchisee's can want to retain 4 Indian players and 3 Internationals (though Sachin wants it to be 4 and 4). However, according to Lalit Modi (and this may not be true anymore) the players can still opt out of this request and enter the draft. So it is not guaranteed that just because a franchisee wants someone in the fold the player must accept. VB in one of his interviews said Dhoni will stay and the rest will be decided. Dhoni in the final match presentation indicated that he will be back leading the CSK. So I guess we are ok with Dhoni.

The rest:

Indian Players
Jakati (don't need him if we get another local left arm spinner)
Balaji (still the best local medium fast bowler)
Vignesh (out of auction)
Jesuraj (out of auction)

I guess Abhinav Mukund/Napolean Einstein etc can be retained as catchment players

I agree with the rest that Freddie and Oram are over the hill and shouldn't be considered. Freddie maybe if he proves his fitness and certainly at a lower cost.

1. Mitchell Johnson (if available. Much better bowler than Albie Morkel and a decent batsmen too. Infact more correct than Albie with equal or more power and a better fielder than Albie.)
2. Doug Bollinger
3. Muralidharan. I think Murali will be ok for the next 3 years. he is retiring from tests at the end of the year and one days next year. So he will be like a Kumble/Warne till he is 40 or 41. So he should be ok.
4. A. Morkel. Morkel is a hit or miss with the bat and he is mostly a liability with the ball (particularly in pressure situations). The final was an exception rather than the rule. And he was saved by the captain rather than his bowling.
5. M. Hussey (he was fantastic in 2008)(out of auction if possible)
6. M. Hayden (for loyalty sake out of auction)
7. Graeme Swann. I think he will be a handy replacement for Murali. He is a good spinner at the peak of his form and also a decent batsman. But he is an Englishman and therefore may be problematic to get him. But he may not be very expensive.
8. M. Aamer again is a good option if available. He is a better bowler than Albie though not as good as a hitter.
9. Jesse Ryder. Lots of talent and a decent medium pace bowler and a good fielder. Will not be very expensive. But needs to show that he is fit.

What do you guys think?

சரண் said...

Mahi says that he would like to stay with Chennai given an option..

check it out!!


Danesh said...

To be Axed:
Indians -
Parthiv Patel

Foreigners -
Flintoff - injury prone and never contributed
Bailey - unless he is cheaper than Indian players, he should be removed

Unlike Mumbai Indians who have some costly stars in their team, Dhoni will do a great job leading CSK's title defense regardless of the team composition

Murali said...

I would expect this Four Indian Players to be retained:

1. Dhoni
2. Raina
3. Vijay
4. Ashwin

The Foreign Players are
1. Bollinger
2. Murali
3. Albie

Siddharth said...

Haydos has announced he wants to play only for CSK in his facebook page ! Good News !

Yeskay said...


I never knew he has such an active FCB page which he operates personally.

After reading this, tempted to retain him. Amazing!! I think he is now on par with Warnie in popularity in India

Unknown said...

Players for the next few years as per my opimion

1. Indian Players : Batsman

Dhoni, Vijay, Raina,

Indian Players : Bowlers

2.Foriegn Players : Batsman

Hussey, Flintoff

Foreign Players : Bowlers

Murali, Bolinger

Unknown said...

pls bring some local players for de team....der are many local boys good at bowlin as well batting.....give more chances o them by finding them....surely u ll get bowler who bowls more than 150 speed...and get batsman who damages opening bowlers like sewagh,dilsan,jacob..dis would help us to find some oung talented player for indian team also....der are many local players in and around chennai....pls find out them n give chances to them to achieve thier dreams..im playing in local club team in coimbatore i was very suprised to see one of de oppenet team player who bowls at 150 speed even he batted well...so my conclusion s pls find out some good talented person in cricket nd chances to prove him.rather than going for franchisee by paying high amount( i am not coming to say dont wan franchisee)....
true fan of csk team as well cricket

Shiva said...

Hey all...

From IPL 1-3 we got very good team.. But this time, i don no what is going to happen. But by reading all the team plans and their dream team, I'm also very much interested on giving my dream team for CSK.. This is not to Hurt any teams and their supporters...

Only playing elevens i'm mentioning...

Murali vijay
Virender sehwag
Suresh raina
Davy jacobs
Robin utthapa
MS Dhoni
Albie morkel
Doughy Bolinger

I don think this team will happen.. but we will hope atleast..


gokulreva said...

pls retain mike hussey. he is far supeior than that of albie morkel. he can bat efficiently as a opener or even at the 5th down.
he is consistence even though he is not an allrounder. we can even g for albie morkel in the auction.