Tuesday, 13 April 2010

An Important Match for Chennai Super Kings

Chennai Super Kings need to win all the rest of the matches to assure them self of a semi-final spot. Kolkata Knight Riders are also in the same position. So it should be interesting to see these teams fight for the semifinal spot. First the good news for Chennai Super Kings
1. Albie Morkel is fit. He bowled and batted yesterday on the nets. So expect both Morkel and Murali back on the team. But it would be interesting to see who among Jakati and Ashwin is dropped to make way for Murali
2. We are back in Chennai. In the second half of the tournament, Chennai pitch and ground has been kind to the team. Backed by the passionate crowd, the team has won all the three matches. I am sure tomorrow too, the team would be backing itself to win the match. 

But the bad news is that Chennai Super Kings are coming up against a well balanced Kolkata Knight Riders. 

1. Hayden 2. Vijay 3. Raina 4. Dhoni 5. Albie 6. Badri 7.Badani/ Parthiv  8. Jakati 9. Ashwin 10. Murali 11. Dougie

It is time the Australians in the squad - Hayden & Dougie started providing justification for their big bucks. 

KKR Probable XI:
1. SC Ganguly 2. CH Gayle 3. BB McCullum 4. MK Tiwary  5 . CA Pujara 6. WP Saha 7. AB Agarkar 8. AB Dinda 9. Bond 10. I Sharma 11. BAW Mendis

Most Dangerous Players:
1. Gayle & Ganguly: Both have been consistent in giving good starts to the team. Hope Dougie gets them early. 
2. McCullum: Though G & G have been giving good starts, the middle order of KKR have not properly capitalized on that. The key reason for that failure is this man. The day he comes good, he can singlehandedly win the match. 

It is CSK's batting Vs KKR's Batting. Should be an interesting match to watch. 


Reshma said...

KKR cant chase. If you have seen KKR this year, they have won all matches batting first. Their bowling looks pretty weak and if you start attacking their bowling, they dont have anybody who can stem the flow. CSK needs to get Gayle/McCullum cheaply and if we field decently we should be there. CSK can still make it to the SFs if they loose to KKR (mathematically speaking as CSK has a decent NRR), but they are absolutely no excuses for not beating KKR at home. Kemp had a good outing against KKR last time around and I expect Morkel/Kemp to play tomorrow. Dhoni should have some confidence in Ashwin/Jakati to handle the spin (without Murali). Hayden should relish batting against KKR as they dont have any quality slow bowler to turn the ball away from him.

If win the toss we must bat first and half the match is won.

keda said...


Cub said...

My team is very similar to robin:

1. haydos
2. vijay
3. raina
4. dhoni
5. albie
6. badri/badani
7. murali/kemp (kemp may lack match practice, so it is a risk dhoni has to take)
8. ganpa
9. jakati
10. ashwin
11. bolly

@Reshma. If we lost to KKR the chances are pretty much gone. DD is a pretty difficult team to beat on a batsmen friendly wicket and do not underestimate KXP.

Murali said...

Looks like all the pitches around
India are slowing up a bit. The last few matches had been low scoring and teams successfully managed to defend low scores.

I think first 6 overs we should score at atleast 9 runs per over, then on we should change gear till 13th over, score around 7-8 runs per over(atleast a boundary an over) just try to keep the wickets intact. Then accelerate from 13 to 16, and go for the kill in the last 4 overs.

We can aim for 180+ but if the pitch gets slower, a score around 160-170 is competitve enough.

But all this if we could win the toss and chose to bat.

Ganguly is a good player of spin, but in my view he might struggle against Bollinger if he could make him cramp for room. Bollinger needs to get the ball in right place for both Ganguly and Gayle.

I would drop Tyagi and go for
a big hitter who can bowl a bit, wonder if Anirudh can bowl?


1. haydon
2. vijay
3. raina
4. dhoni
5. albie
6. badani
7. Anirudh
8. jakati
9. ashwin

Reshma said...

@cub - i just said a mathematical chance. Funny things have happened in the last week. DD were comprehensively beaten by KXIP. KXIP were in fact thrashed by RR. So no team is difficult to beat and CSK had always played well against KXIP and DD. So, even if we loose to KKR, we have a chance (though meek) of scraping thru to the last 4 as we still have a decent NRR.

RD said...

Though i believe Murali should be in the team, i dont think CSK think tank will include him since Ashwin and Jakati bowled quite well. Only change i expect to happen is Albie Morkel inplace of Hussey.

Unknown said...

We should not directly think of semis and go match by match. Team for the next match Haydos, Vijay, Raina, Badri, Dhoni, Albie M. ,Badani/Balaji, (depends,I wud prefer to strengthen our batting,Chepauk pitch is on the slower side so it wud be better to have balaji if we are playing extra bowler.He atleast takes wickets although leak some runs also but he is better than tyagi.) Ashwin, Jakati ,Murali, Douggi

Danesh said...

Hayden and Dhoni should lead from the front to erase the memories of the score of 138.

Morkel should be favoured over Kemp as his batting is better. And Murali should definitely be back.

If batting first, 170+ should be a good score.

If fielding first, restrict KKR to a total less than 150. Anything more than that will not be easy to chase.

Thiru Cumaran said...

I would prefer Thushara for Dougie as Thushara has performed in all matches picked. Dougie seems to like batsmen friendly pitches more! :P

CSKFAN said...

Mate no offence, but I don't know why everyone becomes CSK's selectors. The truth is that it will be a miracle if CSK makes it to semis. The way we are playing we don't truly deserve it. Even if we qualify then it will be much more than a miracle for us to win the cup. There are a lot of weakness on the team, but being fan I will support our team as long as we go!!

Murali said...

@CSKFAN, Ofcourse we cant go out there and play for the team, the least we can do is think whats best for the team. One can say we have no business to do so, but our interest is whats running this whole IPL business.

CSKFAN said...

Looks like the guys(franchise) who need to stitch the loop holes are thinking crazy. From IPL-1 dhoni is saying that our bowling & fielding is weak and what have we done about it in next 2 years? I do agree that some of the guys who suggest here are more rational than CSK selectors!!!! but what use, it irritates CSK fan's to see the likes of Goni/Tyagi/Parthiv/Badri and list continues.

Reshma said...

The fact is the IPL player contract with these non-performers are for 3 years. We did make it to the finals of IPL-1 with more or less the same team we have now so I dont think we can blame the franchises. They did pick Flintoff who didnt turn up this IPL. They did pick Bollinger to replace Oram, which I feel is an excellent decision.

The problem is Gony/Tyagi/Joginder/Badri/Patel etc havent capitalized on this opportunity to improve their game like Vijay/Jakati have. Lets see if the CSK selectors make good picks for IPL4. Its too early to blame/write-off CSK. We still have a good chance of making it to the Semi-finals and maybe win the tournament.

Deccan Chargers have been on a roll for the past few matches and CSK did push them to the last over defending a meagre target. So I wouldnt be too hard on our team.

Lets hope we pull it off today against KKR..Hope is a good thing...maybe the best of things ;)

Anonymous said...

fuck u CSK FAN.....
be a true fan and cheer for the team...
dont be an ass hole......

Anonymous said...

atrocious umpiring. Should have been 22/6.

Cub said...

Thank you SRK for sending an absolute crap team.

Nice thing about today's performance was CSK "wanted" to go on top with superior runrate. They just didnt settle for a win but wanted to send out a statement.

Good job Dhoni & co. Even more pleasing to see us win without any contributions from haydos & murali.

Gandhi in San Fransisco said...

Great game today...KKR decimated by Chennai. So my question is ....are we there in semi's yet ?