Thursday, 1 April 2010

How to prevent somebody from stealing you Content?

Yes I agree that "Imitation is the best form of flattery". But it is theft if somebody steals your content without your permission and posts as his own. But that is what Arvind Kumar is doing. He copies all the blog posts from this website and posts as his own in Chennai Super Kings Contest Blog. (

I thought writing a mail to Chennai Super Kings Website and CSK Blog Contest would solve the issue. Though I wrote a mail a week back, none has replied or banned Arvind Kumar from posting his content. [They are not even publishing my comments on Arvind Kumar's blog posts]. While the extreme option to intimate this copyright violation to Google and get Google to stop indexing, I want to get it done through some other means. Please let me know if any other option is available to stop Arvind Kumar or any others from posting the content on other websites. 

P.S: Thanks Siddharth for the earlier tip about this copyright theft. 


Cub said...

^^^ Robin, we all know who the orignal guy is :)

Come CSK IT, please be more responsible. Whats the point having a "contact us" email address if nobody is going to check it?

Robin, did you try sending a tweet to csk?

Unknown said...

@ Cub,

Thanks for the tip. Posted a tweet. Let us see whether the mgmt is responding on twitter.

Danesh said...

@ Robin, I've retweeted your tweet on twitter.

Hope other readers of this blog do the same on twitter. This will force the CSK IT to take some action.

Danesh said...

@ Robin -
It maybe a good idea to add a copyright notice or something to that effect in your blog somewhere.

Thiru Cumaran said...

Try this

Anonymous said...

While taking up the issue with CSK IT, Register for the Blog Contest yourself and post your blog in the CSK site. The administrator will not publish the same content twice over.

Unknown said...

@ Danesh & Cumaran,

Thanks for the tip. I have already put creative commons copyright license in the website.

@ Anonymous,
When i post something to the contest blog. I give the copyright of my content to the contest blogs.

Anonymous said...

Hey guy,

Go ahead an look at the recent most post by Aravindh

This shows his knowledge. He has marked 5 overseas players in his playing 11.


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