Friday, 2 April 2010

Dougie & Mike Hussey Join CSK Squad

Finally! Much Needed New Additions to Chennai Super Kings Squad. Dougie Bollinger and Michael Hussey have joined Chennai Super Kings Squad yesterday. Though it is nice to have Mike Hussey joining the team, it is the addition of Bollinger that fans would be excited about. He adds the much needed the pace to Chennai's weak bowling department.

Impact of Dougie:
Though Dougie is a welcome addition to CSK Squad, let us not kid ourself and believe that he would be savior of all the woes of Chennai Super Kings. Yes Dougie would be mixing sharp pace and swing with a consistent line and length. But this might not necessarily translate to wickets. [Remember other fast bowlers in New South Wales team outshone him during their Champions League campaign]. But we will have a pace spearhead to look forward to. A left arm bowler who can haggle Indian batsman with raw pace and short balls. 

Impact of Hussey:
Though Hussey might not be picked for the match against Rajasthan Royals, his presence brings much needed competition for the four foreigner spots. Now the pressure is on Albie, Hayden & Murali to perform and otherwise get replaced by Hussey. 

What do you think? Will these players turn the fortunes of Chennai Super Kings?


Reshma said...

Yes. Dougie does give a boost to our attack. But lets not kid ourselves here, for all we know he might go for a 30-40 during the first match. The fact is, we have a pace spearhead as you rightly pointed out and he must be able to deliver a couple of overs up front when the ball swings and an over or so at the death when batsmen are after you (without wilting under pressure). I expect Hussey to play right away in the team for 2 good reasons
- The Chennai pitch takes turn and hence we should give ashwin a chance instead of Gony (we are neways playing with 10 people and the 11th freeloading position is usually a merry-go-around)
- Morkel has not been in any batting form lately and his bowling form is not great either. Hussey should play 2 down after Raina.
- Tyagi should play for Ganapathy.

This makes it Bollinger/Tyagi/Muralitharan/Jakati/Ashwin as our main bowlers

We can rope in Hussey/Raina too to complete the bad bowler's quota.

The biggest problem we will still face is death bowling as we dont have any good bowler who can pair up with Bollinger at the death (if there is no morkel). Maybe we should have Muralitharan bowl the 17th/19th overs

If we win tomorrow, we are almost there in SFs

Unknown said...

@ Reshma,

Only issue is that Morkel's bowling is better than Tyagi or Balaji.. In the same way, Morkel's batting is better than Badani or Parthiv or Arun Karthik.. Just the fact that Morkel is filling up the shoes for 2 players makes me pick him ahead of Hussey..

Reshma said...

i@Robin - dont refute that.thats the risk we have to take.Morkel wont win us matches with his bowling or batting even if his better than Tyagi/Balaji or Parthiv/Badani. Hussey on the other hand can be a match winner with the bat (as he proved in season 1). We could be less dependant on Morkel at least in Chennai track and go with 3 regular spinners - thats the idea.

Murali said...

My Choice for the playing XI on saturday against Royals would be:


Murali said...

My logic behind the team selection:
Presence of Hussey definitely seems to me as a fix for the missing link in the middle order.

Jakati/Bollinger/Murali, all together the 12 overs, if they could consume @6 runs per over, it might be around 70-80 and in the remaining 8 overs, from Balaji/Tyagi/Raina/Mukund even they consume 10 per over, it will be 80 runs in that 8 over.

So any total between 150-160 is much lower for our strong batting line-up either to chase or to set as target.

If our key bowlers could manage some quick wickets, who knows..!?!

Anonymous said...

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