Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Dominating Performance by Chennai Super Kings

Thanks to today's dominating performance, Chennai Super Kings have climbed to No:2. A fine response after the poor performance against Deccan Chargers

1. Ashwin: What a revelation he has been... in the power play overs. Singlehandedly won the match for Chennai Super Kings. Was unlucky to be denied his hat-trick by the umpire. 
2. Vijay: Renaissance of Chennai Super Kings is brought by this youngster. He has all the attributes to become the future captain of the Chennai Super Kings. 
3. Raina: A good performance from him. His first four was a 'class act' that set the tone for the entire innings. It would be essential that he keeps scoring those crucial fifties for Chennai Super Kings to qualify for the next stage. 
4. Bollinger: His bowling was as critical as Ashwin to today's win. 
5. Fleming & Co.: Good to see Fleming keeping his eyes on the run rate. 

1. Murali: It seems as though being dropped has changed Murali. Hope he remembers he is "Murali" and wins the  next match for Chennai Super Kings. 
2. Hayden: Haydos, Please come back to form. 

Fan's Man of the Match: Ashwin, the first CSK Bowler to win Man of the Match this season. 

Next match against Delhi Daredevils gets interesting since both the teams are on the same points. 


Reshma said...

Like I said before, Ashwin was one of the major positives that came out of the DC loss. We should bring in kemp for murali now that Ashwin/Jakati/Raina have shown that they are well capable of handling spinner's quota. Replacing Tyagi with Anirudha was another move I expected. Including Kemp adds a lot of depth to our batting and provides Dhoni the slow-medium bowling option as well. I will still persist with Hayden as he was the MoM from our last win against Delhi...

All said and done, the fact is KKR is a mediocre team which is lucky enough to be in contention for a SF spot till now. But we should take nothing away from CSK for the way they played today.CSK ku oru whistle podu!

Cub said...

having kemp is a good suggestion.

starting with spin against double Ds is risky considering sehwag. But you dont win unless you are prepared to take risks.

OT... loved the "red light area" comment by Dhoni.. hahaha

Vivekh said...

Its a wonderful performance by the team....They should win the next two matches like this......i am expecting Same team for the next two matches..

Unknown said...

@ Reshma,

I would still prefer Murali to Kemp. Since on his day Murali can win a match on his own.. While we can't talk the same way about Kemp. anyway.. Kemp is injured now. Let us see what decision Fleming makes when Kemp is back..

Murali said...

Good Performance by the team. Hats off to MSD to start with Ashiwn, I think that was a crucial decision.

I would like to stick with same team. Murali just had lost touch, he will get back to his rhythm soon.

Kemp will not be of big help in Chepauk pitch where its slow.Thats the reason why Hayden too is struggling unable to adjust to slow pitches. They are more used to fast and bouncy tracks in S.Africa and Australia. Still Hayden is a master batsman, if he gets his eye-in, he can ripoff the opponent bowling.

He needs to stay little longer not to go for too many bigshots in the beginning. Vijay can head the attack.

This team looks more balanced for me. But not a bad idea to try Badani or some other batsman from the bench in place of Badri.

Anonymous said...

Biggest negative: Quality of umpiring
- Missed Ganguly LBW (Hazare)
- Missed Mathews caught of gloves (Taufel)
- Missed Tiwari caught behind (Hazare)
- Missed McCullum LBW (Taufel)

Positive: Attacking fields by Dhoni.
Negative: Easing off on pressure in the middle overs once Albie/Murali and Jakati came back on.

I was surprised the only other bowler to impart some pressure was Suresh Raina.
Fielding was good again. Overall a dominating performance.


Reshma said...

I heard somewhere that Kemp was fit even for the last match (maybe i was wrong). Leaving Murali out is a pretty big decision, but given that we already have 2 spinners who are in good form I think this is the right time to bolster our batting by getting in Kemp. We dont have have slow-medium bowlers in our line-up like Symonds/Sangwan who can be pretty effective on certain tracks. We need to play Kemp in the next two games before SFs - assuming he is fit.

Yeskay said...


I would rather go at Thushara than Kemp, Kemp is not aq full fledged all rounder and Thushara has bowled tight and can share the 4 overs with Albie.

That is if Murali has to be rested.

But I guess he should be in for Non Chennai matches, esp in Semis(hoping we make iot)

Anonymous said...

We can certainly give a chance to Badani in place of Anirudhha. Badani is a very good middle-order batsman( a finisher too) who can chip in with slow left-arm spin. If he bowls well, we can then take in another batsman in place of Jakati.

Unknown said...

knight riders need to change more than their shirt colors next time ..haha...into the sunset they ride....knight riders like da true gay asses they r srk has already lft dis stinkin ship an will run off like rat.........

Danesh said...

Dhoni's wicket keeping was brilliant in the match. It is rare to see 3 stumpings in a T20 game. The best dismissal was the stumping of David Hussey on the leg side in a flash.

Ganguly showed himself as a poor leader. After criticizing his own team members before the match, he did nothing to fight back. KKR seemed to just accept defeat after scoring 139.

keda said...

keep this good work.play positive and aggressive cricket.v r with u. GOOOOOOOOOOD LUCK CSK.

Reshma said...

@Yeskay: Thushara got flogged in the match against Deccan and his line & length fails when is put under pressure. Remember, Thushara got hit by RCB too. We need to give Kemp a chance. He is a known big hitter of the cricket-ball and he has performed well against KKR with the ball on a slow pitch. If Kemp comes good, we will be the best side in the tournament and I am willing to risk Kemp for Murali for the next one.

@Anonymous: To be fair, Anirudha has'nt had a chance to prove himself yet. Maybe Anirudha is our lucky charm ;)

AGA said...

I think we should stick to the same XI since it is once again a home game. The indian seamers are anyway not measuring up and since the pitches are turning, Raina-Jakati-Ashwin-Murali combo will work. Murali had a bad day against KKR but otherwise he has been in great nick this season. he should stay. Hayden has not been firing, he might get replaced by Hussey, but all u need is one match winning innings which can happen anytime. Especially since hussey has not made good with the couple of chances he had. Morkel is definitely a better option than Kemp and Perera. He has clicked the last he batted and is bowling decently. Kemp has a big hitter reputation but nothing more as of yet in this season. The position of Aniruddha is really musical chairs now. I still think Badani could get a chance. An interesting idea would be to replace hayden with Kemp/Perera and ask Aniruddha to open with Vijay!

Yeskay said...
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Yeskay said...
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Yeskay said...

Thussara- 4 overs 30 runs 1 wkt vs RCB was better than the average.

He bowled well in all matches except DC.

And we have 1 allrounder in Morkel, its good to have someone who can share the 4 over spell with him or mayb have a full quota.

I do not see Morkel bowling his full quota, he may not in fture matches, he starts off good but becom3s expensive later on.

The Idea of having Aniruddha opening is not bad, if hes worth his salt.

Haydos is surely suspect against slow bowling. It sounds bizarre, but he can probably drop down. None better than Burly Mat to clear the boundary in the slog overs.
But Aniruddha -poor fella ..he doesnt really get a chance...we could make better use of him.
We got to find a better way to Use Haydos.

Wish Hussey had come good, we may have had an option to replace.