Sunday, 18 April 2010

CSK's Faith in Dhoni is not in Vain

After the disastrous batting performance in the last match, the batsmen redeemed them self today. Good to see the entire middle order contributing. It was good to see the team plucking a victory from the jaws of defeat. (Unlike the last time, when they did the vice-versa)

1. Dhoni Among Runs: Nice to see Dhoni among runs in the tournament. Expect him to continue the good form for the next two matches.
2. Team Selection: Finally Fleming got the team right. But in hindsight, Murali should have played instead of Jakati. Since 5 of the top six batsman of KXIP are left handers.
3. Ashwin: Another good performance by him. Turnaround in the second half was built on the performance of local lads - Ashwin & Vijay
4. Badri & Raina: Good Cameos by both of them. If CSK has to win this IPL, it would hugely dependent on Raina's performance. It was a good performance by Badri too. But he should not have allowed those 5 dot balls in a single Piyush over.

1. Dropped Catches: Dropped Catch of Shaun Marsh by Albie Morkel was the difference between 140+ score and 190+ score. That wicket would have made the match a lot easier to win.
2. Hayden: I believe it is time to drop Hayden from the team and ask either Hussey or Bailey to open for CSK.

Fan's Man of the Match: Dhoni


Reshma said...

the lion king roars, finally !!

Great chase. KXIP returns our bowling/catching favor !! nobody's cribbing or complaining...

Lets analyse later...let the feeling of victory soak in...

Danesh said...

I, a Dhoni critic till a few hours ago will eat up all the words I have said and salute Captain Cool now! Brilliant innings! If he carries this form through to the semis, God save the other teams!

Unknown said...

@ Reshma,

Yes.. Thankfully.. KXIP repaid not only the favor of dropping catches. But also plucking defeat from victory. :)

Anonymous said...

MSD finally finishes a crunch match for Chennai. Punjab had their chances though. If I remember correctly, Punjab had dropped couple of MSD's catches and dropped other players too!

Anonymous said...

Dhoni is simply d best.. Luv him or hate him, u simply cant ignore him.. And tats DHONI fr u.. One of d best innings frm dhoni..

Have ny1 heard of a deadly shot in cricket..Wel if u hve seen d last 2sixes of dhoni, you would hve got d meaning of tat....We r qualified fr d semis wit dhoni's blistering 56....

Yeskay said...


Gawd! I was thinking all CSK fans have taken to comments till the match started.

And like many, I didnt really believe MSD and others would pull it off...He never looked like the 17th over.

If he waited on purpose knowing he could win it from there, hats off to his confidence, but in general we were believing he was leaving it for too late.

Well at least we should get our team pegged and fixed as we wil l know our opponent in a few hours.

By Joe, i also see MI facing RCB in their home ground(hahaa) as opposed to Bangalore's bcos of the change in venue.

Would love RCB's ouster tho I greatly admire Jumbo.

And would prefer DD over DC for SF( strangely and maybe others here do not accept it). My only logic is if DC wins here it will be a huge momentum they will be on and maybe they have struck the right combo.

Any1 else having any specific wishes for the SF?

And about Haydos- Maybe hussey should step in - but that leaves the qn- who will open?

I still feel its a bizarre option, but Hayden should come down like a Pollard- its an old ball, the slow bowlers would have gone, and he can come ideally before Morkel or after.

Anonymous said...

Bailey? Seriously???

I believe Flemmo needs to have a chat with Hayden. If Hayden is lacking in confidence, then we should go for Hussey instead of Hayden. If Hayden 'feels' that he still has it in him, we can persist with Hayden. It's all up in the mind!!

For a player of his caliber, he can turn around the match in no time, which I believe would also work for us as opponents would just be wary of Hayden, but, wouldn't be targeting him.

Yeskay said...
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Yeskay said...


The team now?

Is Murali gonna comeback or CSK believes they have the combo right.

About Kemp-
I would believe is useful but if he is going to bowl only 1 over, then we better get Hussey in.

I just believe if they get the team right, CSK will be a very potent force.

Anonymous said...


Yep. Totally agree with you on Hayden. Flemmo and Dhoni need to have a chat with Hayden.

About the team selection, it entirely depends on the surface.

If Kemp is only going to bowl one or two overs, Hussey in place of Kemp would be the best choice cos, Raina has started bowling well. But, our problem is if the top-order batsmen know that we have depth in our line-up, they tend to play loose-shots like it happened against Delhi.

M said...

Kemp is a neither-nor player - one can contribute immensely little. Stick with Hayden. Pick 2 from Murali/Tushara and Jakati/Tyagi/Balaji depending on the track.

Most of all, bring no more new faces for the next two games - and that includes the Aniruddha or the 'CSk fansite' favouite Badani!

Yeskay said...

Hahah Badani..may have been good but too late to ring in changes..and with Badri doing well today, he is surely not going.

Kudos to MSD in that case for standing by him.

And I also clearly see a bias towards batsmen and his faith in them than in bowlers.

Which is ok today as the batsmen won the job. But its still a little puzzling...that MSD has been a little harsh twrds our bowlers than our batsmen.

We have ringed in more changes with the bowlers incl. Murali.

Having said that well its time to make v few changes now.

I do kinda believe Hussey may get in for Kemp. Hussey is too good a player to not perform.

And may i use Bhogle's fav word 'Pedigree'?

The only problem is if one bowler has a lax day for eg Morkel or Tyagi, we have to run around for cover.

But the good possiblity of Ashwin opening with Bollinger esp. against DD will help our case.

I find the Tyagi dude a little funny:) He took a fantastic catch today and even vs DC last week and dropped a sitter today :)


about Mathew 'Mongoose' Hayden... Its risky to replace him with hussey , cuz Hussey is a perfect middle order batsman (though he dint do it perfectly in the given chances)... I wud suggest moving Haydos batting at number 3 or 4 depending on the loss of wickets.. opening shud be Murali n Badri.. i cud see some good sixers frm him in today's match.. Well, if Badri holds the wicket n giving strike to Murali it wud be perfect..

Drop kemp - Take Murali in..
Remember he was the bowler with the whole team's confidence, to open the inning chase vs RCB in last year semis.. u cant drop him..

Vivekh said...

Hayden should be dropped for next match..Lets bring bailey in place of him...

Unknown said...

@ Yeskey,

I too prefer DD to DC. Same reason as yours.. Also DC are the only team against whom we have not won a match this IPL.. (Though on paper, DC is a lot weaker than DD)

Also agree that most of the teams have figured Hayden out by now. Start with spin so that he does not have to have pace to work with..

Yeskay said...


DD should win this one, and yes DD is surely a better team so even on an unbiased note - they deserve it more than DC.

Dc - i always thought was v similar to CSK xcept that they had one batsman short. After Symonds, its almost a gaping hole.

Man to Man- Gilly-Hayden( both in indifferent forms this year)

Rohit Sharma to Raina

Symo- to MSD( can be great finishers and have the strong bottom hand to jab some huge sixes)

But with Vijay coming of age, CSK has been a tad better than DC

DD - CSK, DD has an edge in bowling I guess, it just depends on how our 2nd lead bowler will perform vis a vis Nehra and co.

As long as our support bowlers and partimers do a job, it will be a battle of equals.

Plus DD has stumbled twice in semis.

Yeskay said...


Looks like DD has found a way to stutter everytime.

I must take my words back, what seems on paper doesnt always come out true.

They may struggle once more, bad 4 them.

Go CSK!! Go for the title!! said...

It's surprising that none of you have talked about our bowling today!! God forbid, had we lost today, it would certainly be because of our bowling.

Albie Morkel needs to stop bowling those length balls. Bollinger too has to get his bouncers right, else just stick to the basics and not concede runs like he did in the match against RR. Tyagi needs to make use of his height well and hit the deck hard. Ashwin's been doing a fine job until now. Jakati too has been doing a fine job and just needs to stick to the basics. Raina is always there to chip in with his useful off-breaks.

We sure do have a formidable batting lineup, but if our bowlers don't do their job, it's gonna be pretty hard for CSK to win this IPL.

Reshma said...

Is'nt it 1 vs 2 and 3 vs 4 ?

In that we would be meeting RCB in the SFs, right ? Hussey (in place of hayden) has opened before and can open the innings with Murali Vijay.
We should have Murali for Kemp, as Murali had a good outing with RCB last time around. We can taken in another Batsman for Tyagi (merry-go-around position)

Or, the best thing to do is stick with the same team.

Go CSK!! Go for the title!! said...


Nope. It's always 1 vs 4, and 2 vs 3.
We'll be playing the winner of todays match on April 22nd (Thursday).

Unknown said...

@ Reshma,

it is 1 Vs 4 and 2 Vs 3.. Like all other IPL Season so far..

Yeskay said...

The only time we bowled and abtter well in the same match was vs KKr and we won handsomely:)

Morkel- I guess may not bowl more than 2 overs, he is not a death bowler. But we do not seem to have any1 to bowl with Douggie.

I think instd of looking to make changes, the bowlers need to work on their line and length again.

Tyagi can surely bowl good and better than what he has done.

I am amazed by DC- has a v ordinary bowling attack as such- leaked runs at death and they have come back strongly.

Looks like we are set to clash with DC soon!

Go CSK!! Go for the title!! said...

For the SF match, if we are batting first, we might give the opposition a surprise by opening with Albie. He is a good player of spin (those 3 sixes agains warne). If DC open with Pragyan Ojha, Albie can just blem him off. If DC open with Rohit Sharma, Vijay can go after him.

All in all we need atleast one opener to fire and give a good start.

Go CSK!! Go for the title!! said...

DC it is!! It's going to be on Thursday. Fingers crossed!!


If Morkel is not going to bowl more than two overs, we should promote him up the order. He generally takes some time to settle in before going for the kill. He proved it in the match against RR.

Yeskay said...

Yo it is..DD would have been a tougher team to face but I guess I would have preferred DD.

DC seems to be on a roll, a juggernaut, well law of averages to catch up?

I feel DD played badly to lose this with its batting line up.

CSK and DC seem so on par - man to man, but i still believe we have an edge.

CSK has to shove past their prev 2 losses with DC to go past DC.

And an eerie feeling , 2 behemoths haven't fired much - Gilly and Haydos and we all know how matches change complexion when they fire.

If we do bat 1st we should get around 170 plus, DC has a long tail, longer than CSK.

Yeskay said...

And we can also pat our bck - CSK is the only team to make it to semis now in all 3 editions.

And I guess they have been at No3 in all 3 editions.(last year was it 2 or 3?)

Though DC has chased down well, I still believe if we get a par total, we should be able to knock them off.

They have 2 good finishers in Rohit and Symmo though.

I do feel ashwin will be a key, he has bowled beautifully.

Unknown said...

Another interesting statistic about DC

1. They have won all the matches against BRC, CSK, DD and KXIP

2. They have lost all the matches against MI, RR and KKR.

Surprising that they picked No:6 and No:7 teams to lose all their matches..

Yeskay said...


Strange are the ways.

In Fact no1 really thought Dc could make it even till last match. 5 wins on a trot without Gilly firing is some serious achievement!

That's the only concern, they have got some consistency in all aspects of the game now when they face us.

Has their bowling really improved so much?

So will it be Dhonis vs Symmo's power, Raina vs Rsharma's class?


What say about CSK team combo, not many changes xcept wrt Hussey/Kemp and Murali.

And where to place Hayden?

Rajan said...

I think DC is a tough team to defeat.One thing I have noticed about them is their team effort.sheer team effort helped them win ipl 2 and now they are again playing well as a team under Gilchrist leadership.

CSK strength has always been batting and if we win the toss then I think we should bat first and post a huge total of 200+ and simply choke the DC.

Keeping fingers crossed. Best of luck chennai

Unknown said...


Team Combination.. Would prefer Team combination to remain more or less the same..

It is better to leave the selection of Hayden to Fleming & Dhoni. Since they are the ones who are seeing him practice... Would pick Murali only if we need to play 3 spinners. otherwise it should be Hussey or Kemp.

Danesh said...

Maybe Albie Morkel could open? And replace Kemp with Murali.

Danesh said...

But like Robin said, we need to trust the CSK team management with the team selection. With this win, CSK is now in safe hands :)

Cub said...

@ all those wanting haydos to go.

he is a big game player. When it comes to SF we need a player who is experienced enough to handle pressure. No better player than Haydos. Cant rely on MSD & Raina to bail CSK out all the time. However he has to be given an anchor role aka gambhir. With him around players like raina, vijay and badri can freely bat.

Bowling is something we need to seriously look at, esp fast bowling option. Slow bowling is in excellent hands with Ashwin Jakati and Raina forming a good trio. Sadly murali seems to be excess :(. Albie is going to > 40 consistently these days. Maybe we should look at other options and play Albie primarily as a batsman who can bowl a bit like raina.

Gony & Balaji are hopeless in pressure games. Tyagi got absolutely butchered by Gilly. And Gilly has the knack of scoring big consistently in Finals and Semis. Headaches for Flemo and VB in getting the combo right. Maybe Badani in places of Tyagi.

Bolly and Albie bowling 6 overs between them with Ashwin, Jakati, Raina, Badani bowling 14 overs. If Kemp plays we have additional bowling option, else we can play Hussey/Bailey playing 4 down

ASWIN said...

We Have qualified for the semis after a series of defeats

thanks to dhoni and badri for their 50's .........But with this kind of bowling we cant aim for the trophy ..... Still a lot to improve..



CSK_FOR_LIFE said...

and with that win.. we are the fair play award winners.. one trophy is sure :)

Yeskay said...


I guess Ashwin and douggie will open against DC. It may not be Tyagi.

Have to use tyagi and Morkel lower down.

we have to play with them - like it or not, they are not bad bowlers, they just need to work more.

If Harmeet Singh can come from nowhere, its high time we do the same.

But yes it does look a little risky, if one bowler goes off form woefully, Raina has to come good with the ball.

Is it better to chase or bat 1st given a choice?>

santhosh said...

i think we should give Hayden a chance 2 prove himself

karthik said...

wow what a thrilling victory against kings elevn i watched the whole match with positive attitude. Badri and raina really played well. So badri proves thst he can play big shots ( need not try risky shots at the early stage). As far semis against DC Bowling we should open with ashwin and bollinger and try to put pressure by taking early wickets. As far as batting is concerned vijay and badri can open and hayden can come at one down then raina morkel and msd. Our best eleven should be vijay, badri, hayden, raina, morkel, msd, murali, ashwin, tyagi, bollinger and jakati to go to final

Reshma said...

@robin - yes..its usually 1 vs 4 and 2 vs 3 all the time..but i saw a couple of websites which had listed the SF lineup as 1 vs 2 and 3 vs 4 (thats why the confusion)..

Hayden should play the SFs. Only if he is not confident, we should open with Hussey (hussey has opened before in int'l cricket).

As for bowling, even Jakati bowled only one over in the previous match and looks like Jakati struggles against left-handers :(
Kemp is our answer to Symonds. He is tall and should be able to extract some bounce off a length (hopefully).

We should try somebody else in place of Tyagi. With Gilchrist playing, we will most probably open with Ashwin/Bollinger and Tyagi is pretty much useless if you dont use him upfront. We should definitely try Badani as DC are stacked with RH batsmen and we can do with a bowler who can spins the ball away from the batsmen.

Judging by Dhoni' speech in the presentation ceremony, I think we will still see Hayden in the SFs.

Waiting for the law of averages to catch up with DC.

Win or lose, hats off to DC for the way they have come back against all odds to make it to the SFs.

Unknown said...

What a batting by MSD...
Equally supported by Raina and Badri.

So not we have fight against DC for finals..
I feel we should persist with Haydos.DC doens't have any offie apart from Symmo.Get Murli in.Throw Tyagi out.Play with only 2 pacers bolli and ALbi and 3 spinners. Play with the same combination as we played against kkr.
We need to remember D Y Patil is not a high scoring venue so we shud target 170-180 of we bat first.Dc wll have advantage since it's their home ground(so called).
Team shud be
Anirudha s.

And someone please tell MSD not to come at 3 again.let Raina bat at his position.

Unknown said...

I forgot to tell,if tyagi plays somehow he is going to get hammered by Gilly since he provides lot of width out side off and gilly love them.

CSK_FOR_LIFE said...

ORAM might be back in the team for semis.. :) thats a good news..

Reshma said...

@CSK_FOR_LIFE : I thought Bollinger/Hussey was replacement for Oram/Flintoff.

@Abhi - Rohit Sharma (an offie) opened bowling the last time DC placed CSK.

Gilly's strategy is to stand-up to the stumps for medium pacers (Vaas,Symonds,Harmeet Singh) and prevent hayden from walking down the track intimidating bowlers (something which he does regularly). Hayden has to find a way out of this. Being an experienced Int'l cricketer I believe he should find a way out of this.

We need experience up the order in for us to win these KO matches and who better than Hayden to bank on.

Cub said...


if Tyagi is not going to use the new ball, there is no point playing him as 1st change. We already have one freeloader batsman. We dont one in bowling department too

Dhruv.Dedicated said...

chennai will win ipl3 . . .
1. ipl1-lost in final
2. ipl2-lost in semi final
3. ipl3-only option left is win final
hehe . .hope this sequence is followed . .

VS said...

CSK should include Muralidharan for Kemp and Badani for Tyagi to bolster the batting. Murali will be the difference in the game. He will be well rested and like Haydos is due for a breakout game.

Vaas is on a roll and it will be interesting to see how Vijay and Hayden handle Vaas and Rohit who will likely open the bowling.

Unknown said...

@reshma, Rohit is off break not a geniun offie.

but why r we debating aren't we saying the same thing.

We want Haydos to play.
Only debatable spots are Kemp or Murli(whom i want to play) and who in place of Tyagi. I feel if any bowler is going to give 30-40 runs then why not strengthen our batting.We have albie as all rounder.Then we shud play only 4 bowlers.

Yeskay said...

Murali would be great to have, but I guess they may stick to Hussey or Kemp as the change.

We cant play with 4 bowlers- that's bizarre. even 5 bowlers is a risky one and we tend to depend on Raina..who has been doing a good job.

Tyagi may have been mediocre but we dont have better backups. Look at the bench and see the likes of Goni and Jogi and we get a shiver.

Reshma said...

@Yeskay - thats the case. instead of having a 'dummy' or bowler in tyagi/balaji/goni/jogi, we should be filling up that position with a batsman who can bowl.

The way it currently happens is - if Kemp plays for Murali, that extra position is filled by this 'dummy' bowler.

If Murali plays for Kemp, that position is filled by a batsman (Anirudha,Abinav, etc...)

I am suggesting that we play Kemp and fill that extra position with a batsman again. We then depend on our batting and dont fool ourselves to thinking that we are balanced.

I feel the key phase of the match is the first 3-4 overs of CSK batting where we will be facing 'the crafty' Vaas. If you start hitting him, Gilly will stand up to the stumps and will try to inhibit the movement of the batsman (thats how hayden got out last time to Harmeet). The CSK batsman will have to plan for this mode of attack.

SARA said...

Good luck C.S.K

CSK_FOR_LIFE said...

and now Murali vijay got the indian T20 call as Shewag is out.. #cricinfo

Yeskay said...

oh Looks like Murali may come back as per VB Chandreshakher's post in the CSK blog.

Well no one can argue with that, maybe its time. Its just that we need to check who the replacement batsman can be?

Its so tricky, sometimes you feel you are one batsman short, sometimes a bowler.

Is 3 spinners the trick?


Unknown said...

But I feel we should go with Murali instead of Kemp and one specialist batsman instead of Tyagi.
Apart from gilly,rohit and symmo DC don't have any experienced batsmen and hence they can face problem facing murli. In addition there is Suman who has scored lot of runs in some last matches. So they are heavily dependent on these 4.In the last match against Punjab raina and ashwin gave just 53 runs in their 8 overs which is excellent if we compare with tyagi and morkel.
I said 4 bowlers in addition we have Albie hence we will actually have 5 bowlers. If albie goes for runs then we have raina to complete his overs. Our strength is batting hence we shud try to play with our full strength. There is also one option that we can play some local player who can bat and bowl a bit hence he doesn't get chance to bat then he can atleast contribute with the ball hence he will be atleast utilized.

Go CSK!! Go for the title!! said...

@ Abhi

I totally agree with you. The only problem that we have is, if we bring in Anirudha, we don't know how he would perform. It's the same case with Badani as well.

Dhoni and Flemmo need to back themselves and go for Badani. He's a good middle order batsmen and also a handy bowler.