Friday, 2 April 2010

Crucial Match Against Rajasthan Royals

Tomorrow's match is very crucial for Chennai Super Kings to keep their semifinal hopes alive. A win would help them leapfrog over Rajasthan Royals to become the sixth placed team  in the points table. (Not going by the points table since the teams have played different number of games)

1. Hayden 2. Vijay 3. Raina 4. Dhoni 5. Albie 6. Badri 7.Badani 8. Jakati 9. Tyagi 10. Murali 11. Dougie

RR Probable XI:
1. Lumb 2. Watson 3. Ojha 4. Fazal 5. Jhunjhunwala 6. Pathan 7. Dogra 8. Warne 9. Narwal 10. Tait 11. Trivedi

Most Dangerous Players
1. Shane Watson: IPL Season 1 - Man of the Series is back. Warne would be overjoyed to have his talisman back. Chennai should be cautious about both his bowling and batting.
2. Yusuf Pathan: Other Batsman in Rajasthan Royals team who can take apart any bowling. Hope it is one of his off-days tomorrow. Also his bowling will come handy in the slow chennai pitch. 
3. Warne: Though Warne might not have taken as many wickets as his peers - Murali & Kumble, he is still the best bowler of the team. 

There are no clear favorites for this match. And the match would be most probably decided by Aussie cricketers - Hayden, Warne, Dougie & Watson. 


Anonymous said...

get hussey in place of morkel who hasnt done anything of substance yet. also, ganapathi in place of badri will be good, given that hussey will strengthen the batting

Murali said...

My Choice for the playing XI on saturday against Royals would be:


My logic behind the team selection:
Presence of Hussey definitely seems to me as a fix for the missing link in the middle order.

Jakati/Bollinger/Murali, all together the 12 overs, if they could consume @6 runs per over, it might be around 70-80 and in the remaining 8 overs, from Balaji/Tyagi/Raina/Mukund even they consume 10 per over, it will be 80 runs in that 8 over.

So any total between 150-160 is much lower for our strong batting line-up either to chase or to set as target.

If our key bowlers could manage some quick wickets, who knows..!?!

Anonymous said...

I think Thushara will play tomorrow and Albie might be missing out, though I am not for it. Further, I don't Badani will play particularly since we won the last match. Dhoni is not one who makes big changes. I think Balaji will play instead. There will be seven guys who can bowl and I hope Dhoni makes use of all of them if someone is having a bad day. Rajasthan bowling in Chennai conditions is not very strong. Tait actually will be easy to hit and the main guys to watch out are Pathan and Warne. A must win once again for Chennai.

keda said...

GO with CONFIDENCE, make it to the point table as 4 win 5 loss

CSK fan for ever! said...

Why does everyone leave out Thushara. He was the best pace bowler in last match despite giving 18 runs in one over and bowled well in the other match against Rajasthan too.

But sadly, Albie might be picked ahead of Thushara for his batting skills. I also think Tyagi might not be chosen if Bollinger plays. It's because all three (Bollinger, Albie and Tyagi) are new- ball bowlers.

This is the XI that would be best for CSK:












We can certainly try Badani as an option. He can also bowl slow left arm.

But NO Gony, Joginder, or Balaji in the team. Yusuf Pathan would just blew off these guys.

karthik said...

What Murali told is correct as far as team selection against RR. That would be the right thing. Albie needs some rest to prove himself. His bowling is ok but batting very normal so he can be replaced by bolinger. Thushara ofcourse bowled well last match but playing hussey will be the right thing as he is in form now. Badani shoud be included as he can also bowl and field well. Let us c what happens bcos whatever we write it doesn happen always. Hope CSK win this match comfortably.

Vivek said...

Dhoni did it Again the Same Mistake they did in Last IPL Semi Finals. They Might have replaced the "Morkel" with "Hussey". If they want a Bowler they might have brought Balaji in place Anirudha. But this Decision is a Foolish decision, I think Dhoni dont want others to Lead in Middle Order as All Expectaions Should be On Him................................
Let's see atleast Luck is favoring us or not at the End of the Match .........