Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Chennai Super Kings show Mumbai their place

Another Chennai Super Kings Day. 3 wins in a row. Chennai Super Kings have further strengthened their claim for the fourth semifinal spot. 

1. Team Effort:  Good to see a win that did not belong to any individual.  It was a true team effort. Good Fielding. No Dropped Catches. Great!
2. Bowlers: Amazing effort by all the bowlers. Hats off to them. 
3. Captaincy: A match in which Dhoni clearly stamped his class. 

1. Dropping Murali: Thankfully Mumbai Indians are not the strongest batting side. Otherwise this decision could have easily backfired. 
2. Hussey: Even in the slow pitch, I would have expected Hussey to score at >150% strike rate. 

Fan's Man of the Match: Dhoni. His Quick fire 30 and the astute captaincy set up this wonderful win. 

WTF Comment: Did Modi pay the people to get his signature????


Cub said...

Good team win.. This is more sweet than RR game

Next match, same team but murali for thushara, nagpur has bigger boundaries and a quality spinner will have a big say as warnie showed the other day.

"WTF Comment: Did Modi pay the people to get his signature????"
i missed that. What is it?

srikk said...

The irony is that Bollinger is the most expensive bowler for Chennai SuperKings in today's match !! Who would have expected that??

Yeskay said...

Lalit Modi should be sent to Ahemdabad- where the Other Modi rules!

Comin to Hussey- Hes a great asset..I guess he could have come at no3 to settle down better -1st game. And Dhoni to finish, as he can accelerate very well.

Hussey will be more n more valuable whn we chase. He is a class act.

And Agree with Cub- lets go with Murali for next.

DC batting looking v vulnerable.

Yeskay said...

And Well Raina can be used more, he did quite well today and I like the pause before he bowls the delivery.

Can we not have 3 spinners- I so feel that Murali, jakati and Ashwin look promising - almost deadly together.

Tyagi looking decent now.
And Douggie.

சரண் said...

In my view, this is the best win for CSK so far. As Robin said, no catches were missed and I saw enormous winning spirit in the team. Win or lose, as long as team don't do mistakes in the field and have a winning spirit, I'm happy. Yes, of course a win is always a bonus.

arjun said...

Yup.. we were definitely 20 runs short. But we also have to realise that Hussey is a world class middle order batsman.. and this is his first ipl game this season. If Hussey clicks.. we would have a real solid batting line up.

And Thushara has again shown what he is capable of.. You need a bowler like that, who can support your main strike bowler. Morkel replacing Thushara.. would definitely weaken the bowling. And though Morkel did bat well last time.. you have to say that he is not entirely dependable.

We must go ahead with the same team next match.. this is our best combination.

சரண் said...

I know many hate Lalit Modi, but in my view he is doing more good than harm.
Yes, all these commercialization of cricket is annoying, but still all other steps of his are in the right direction.
I enjoy watching so many girls and ladies in the spectators and many with families and kids. It is really great for cricket.
Modi's aim for taking IPL to NFL and AFLs level is any day admirable.
Though his approach is not 100% professional, IMHO his goal deserves some credit..

சரண் said...

arjun said...
//We must go ahead with the same team next match.. this is our best combination.//

I don't believe Dhoni thinks the same way.. based on his post match speech, I think he wants Markel and Murali back in the team.

Yeskay said...

Yah Seems so but you never know..I would like Hussey to stay.Murali can come in depending on the situation.

And Im glad peopel did realise they looked very pumped up today.

Vijay - Damn - hes surely becoming the next big thing.

Thissara - Great job, he has bowled better than most ppl expected

WTF momment: Gony rushing in all smiles...to congratulate the CSKians after the victory. I was like..this dude is still around and its scary.

Btw Sreesanth did the same thing 2 days back.

arjun said...

@saran, Yeah.. he seems to be pretty keen on Morkel. Dhoni always has this thing for all-rounders... thats why you see Kemp, Flintoff, Oram.

@Yeskay.. Murali, Ashwin, and Jakati combined would be interesting.. but it should not be at the cost of a medim pacer. I mean.. we should not be going into a game with only 2 people who can bowl medium pace.

Unknown said...

@ Cub,

They were showing again and again of fans from the stadium getting signatures of Modi as if he is a star..


I also agree that 3 spinners is the way to go forward in the slow pitches.


Since Hussey is a world class player and also because he is in good form, expect him to score right from the first ball.


Modi might have done good things. That does not mean he is a star. Why the hell do any CSK fan and try to get his signature.. as if his signature means some thing.. as if he has done something extraordinary.

Unknown said...


Since Ashwin is not a big spinner of the ball.. you can always treat him as a medium pace bowler. :)

arjun said...

@Robin, Yea.. its little difficult to imagine Chennaites scrambling for lalit modi's sign. Something wrong somewhere.. hehe..

Modi has done nothing great.. cricket SELLS in India.. and he has just put in place a EPL like model. And he has made sure every single inch is commercialised. True cricket has expanded horizons to females too.. but its hardly needed.. its there all over in our country.If someone had done this to hockey.. or football.. I would salute that guy.

IPLs just 3 years old.. and its already expanding. 10 teams next year.. which I think is hugely unnecessary.. so many more matches.. The only good IPL has done is.. given opportunities to lesser known players on the big stage.

Reshma said...

Excellent catching/fielding and lucky with the toss (2 aspects that won us the match). If we maintain this standard in fielding in all our remaining matches, we are there. Batting was difficult once the ball got old. I expected the team to make 155, but thanks to Badri/Hussey we made 10 runs more (i am not agreeing to other 'expert' comments who felt we were 20 runs short). This was a slow pitch and if you bowl slow and hit a good length, u r pretty un-hittable. Good team selection. I will still get Morkel in the next match as he lends balance to the side.

Good cameo by Dhoni to up the rr. The scary thing is we would have had no batsmen to carry on after Badri/Hussey and it sort of looks like a loooong tail.

@comments abt Hussey: Nobody can hit from ball one, its that kind of a pitch (Unorthodox Harbajan is an exception)

Anonymous said...

Good game and a well deserved victory.

I am surprised about Dhoni's obsession with Albie. I think Thushara is a much bigger asset to the team than Albie in his current bowling form. Agreed, we will miss Albie's batting but Thushara more than compensates for that with his tight bowling and wickets.

Look at the difference in the starts that Shikhar Dhawan got in the Mumbai match and this one. That will tell you the difference. Today he bowled 2.3 overs for 16 runs and one of it was hit for 5 nbs (height).

Murali will make a difference in Nagpur. So I think, if at all, he should come in place of either Hussey or Haydos. Haydos again struggled against a spinner and that continued after the spinner was taken off. It is now a given that with Haydos playing a spinner will start the proceedings and it is high time he brings out the sweep.

A lot of you are under valuing the the innings Badri played. Remember when he came in Pollard was on a hat trick. The pitch had slowed down and Hussey had not faced a ball either. I think he played a decent cameo of 30 in 22 balls. Not the fastest of course but I think vital in the course of the match. He could have however tried to hit a few more boundaries but his innings was important.

Next match is against Deccan and again it is a must win for us. Since I think Rajasthan in Jaipur is almost unbeatable.

I would say same team or Murali for either Hussey or Haydos.

Vivekh said...

Great Win...

Reshma said...

Haydos did play well today and this is not a pitch where people can hit bowlers out of the park easily as Mumbai found out. Its a toil hard pitch. Hayden is needed for his sheer intimidation, up the order and he is a big match player. Bhaji did bowl pretty well today. This pitch was good for bowling and I wouldnt judge Thushara based on his bowling here (he dint finish his quota 2day and remember he got hit by RCB for 20 odd runs in the final over). Morkel, if fit, should play ahead of Thushara as lends a good balance to the team. I would be tempted to rest Murali for another game, just to see how the combination works. It was nice to see Ashwin pausing in the stride (much like Raina). Shows that he is a bowler who can think.

Murali said...

Good Match to win. The performance will not just boost the confidence of the team but also the fans whos been following CSK during the bad times this season.

I was not surprised but shocked to see Murali not being there in the playing XI at the start of the match.

If Sachin had not been retired hurt, the result might have been different. I think that was the lucky break for CSK in this match.
In such case we might have seen more people complain in this blog about Murali's exclusion.

Thushara did bowl well he compensated for Murali's absence

If Nagpur pitch grips and turns, we can get Murali in, otherwise Thushara can continue.

Hussey should be there in the batting line-up, infact he should come at no4 after Raina and as someone said, Dhoni can finish well.

Badri had let us down several occasions in the past. His shots were not convincing enough. Today is a low-scoring game, its ok to see Badri come and score 30 out of 22, which is one of the best strike rate for his records.

The way the captain/coach had stuckwith Badri shows that there arent too many options at the bench. So we just can hope he scores atleast at a strike rate > 120

I think we should try to get into the top3 that will make us play Champions Trophy. Anyways RCB are also with same points just one game lesser.

Cub said...

@ Reshma... agreed haydos played a sensible knock. dont agree abt albie though, esp at nagpur which seems to take a lot of turn. 3 spin attack may be worth a try.

I think the roles are getting reversed now.. murali will go after the bowling and haydos will consolidate and try to stay till overs 12 - 13

Hussey is ideal at 3 if an early wicket goes and dhoni can be the finisher. raina seems a shade of what he was in last ipl (no complaints here.. he is still much better than most other batsmen out there)

Reshma said...

@cub - given the way Raina bowls we already have a 3-spin attack (jakati, ashwin & raina). Morkel gives you a bit of leeway in both bowling and batting. He lends some solidity to the batting. Even in today's case, if we had lost Hussey/Badri early - our batting would have been exposed. Our team is too top heavy. I'll love to try out Anirudha's bowling and see if he can be used instead of Ashwin (its just a thought).

Cub said...

^^^ problem with albie is he gives away runs at the same rate he scores. So not much value unlike a guy like watson. if u notice, MSD gives raina the ball only when things are desperate.

If u want a batting allrounder, badani is a better choice. He gives a lsa option and excellent fielder. I prefer going with ashwin though. anirudha is too inexperienced and we dont want to risk him in the next game which is crucial for both csk and dc.

CSK_FOR_LIFE said...

this is what i said guys.. win or lose.. support your team.. show some loyalty.
come on guys.. there are teams like kkr and dc done pretty badly in 08 and now this season.. kkr has been poor for all the seasons. and chennai.. consistent performance all three seasons.
and RRate is crucial in coming matches. and we have to win everything from now on, not only in the semis, but also with some good form :)

now its almost like english premier league..
there goal difference, here runrate.. :)

karthik said...

We have seen a very confident win against MI ( ofcourse tendulkars dehydration helpd us to little extent). What a fantastic fielding effort especially by vijay and badrineeds to be appreciated. Its a good team effort. Thusara really bowled well so as ashwin and jakati. Hussey should have come at one down so that he can play sometime to get his rhythm. If the same combination plays then hussey should be sent in one down then dhoni then raina and badri to follow. Some killer instinct i can see from the faces of vijay and badri to perform to the core which helps csk aspiring.

CSK_FOR_LIFE said...

and dont say this win is becoz sachin went off.. the run rare kept increasing even while he was there.. the pitch did the match... and our fielding and bowling won the match for us.

Yeskay said...


I agree with you m8.

Hussey is pretty solid and at no3, he can do justice and though he is orthodox, he can score runs quickly, v quick btwn the wickets.

Raina can fit in at 5, he does so well in clearing the boundaries.

And I still feel spinners have done better for not only CSK - but for every team.

Amit Mishra- look at him, classical spinner. He gets more wickets than nannes.

And most people say- take ur best bowlers to do the job irresp of whether they are fast, slow or medium.

Morkel is adequate but we have better options now..and do feel yday's team was quite well balanced

Reshma said...

The only negative aspect of the last couple of wins from CSK is the NRR...we could have easily restricted RR to around 200 and then MI to around 110-120. I strongly believe it will be NRR that will decide who goes into the SFs..Looking at how teams are faring now, i think RR/CSK/RCB could well fight for the 3/4 spot..(try to refrain myself from counting chickens)

AGA said...

Yes, like the above post mentions, we need to pay some heed to the NRR. We're ahead of our clump but stil anything may happen, especially the way Royals beat punjab today. As for the XI, Morkel should be rested a bit more and Tushara should be persisted with. he is also a useful leftie bat who can hit a bit so why not keep him? Hussey may be a class act but in the composition we cannot remove Hayden. He can turn matches around single handedly on his day. So Hussey should make way for Murali, our best bowler by far, to come back. Ashwin did well but should probably make way for Badani who can bowl a bit too and is very experienced. i dont think Badri fits in this format at all, but i can understand Dhoni's thinking. Badri has chipped in with decent knocks now and then so he could be persisted with. Any other captain wuld be adventorous enough to replace him with either parthiv or Anirudha! Also raina is good enough to support Murali and Jakati as the 3rd spinner. We dont need another one. Badani could chip in if needed.

My eleven would be:

Tushara / Morkel