Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Chennai Super Kings Needs Another Big Win

Tomorrow Chennai has a big match against Delhi Daredevils, the only team other than Chennai Super Kings to have qualified for the semifinals of both the seasons. A big win tomorrow would ensure that the team does not have to worry about the permutations and combinations for that final four semifinal slots. 

1. Hayden 2. Vijay 3. Raina 4. Dhoni 5. Albie 6. Badri 7.Badani/ Parthiv/Anirudha  8. Jakati 9. Ashwin 10. Murali 11. Dougie

Hope the team keeps the winning combination. World Class Players like Hayden & Murali would surely come good sooner than later. 

DD Probable XI
1. DA Warner 2. V Sehwag 3. G Gambhir 4. PD Collingwood 5. KD Karthik 6. AB De Villiers 7. DL Vettori 8. R Bhatia 9. Sangwan 10. A Mishra 11. A Nehra

Most Dangerous Players
1. Sehwag: He nearly won the match when the teams played each other last time. Only a similar Haydos Mongoose Mayhem saved Chennai. 
2. Gambhir: He has been in fine nick in the last few matches. Really unlucky to get run out in those important matches. 

If the Chennai Super Kings are able to dismiss Delhi Daredevils' top order in the power play overs, half the job is done. In that respect, Ashwin & Dougie are very crucial for this match. 

One thing we can be sure about. A mouth watering and a very interesting match awaits CSK Fans tomorrow


Thiru Cumaran said...

I honestly feel that we should kick out Hayden and take in a local player, perhaps Abhinav Mukund! He's been in top class form this season and he's really worth a punt.

Alternatively, we could pick Thushara. In this case, we'd have to drop Jakati and take Mukund.

Unknown said...

@ Thiru,
Just Haydos performance ensures that Vijay can play with a lot more freedom. If Haydos is dropped, I am sure team management would go back to Parthiv Patel for opening. A prospect that is not even worth looking at.

Danesh said...

@Thiru: I don't think tomorrow's match is the right time to try out new players as it is a crunch game.

If at all something can be tried, it has to be Hussey opening instead of Hayden. He would have time to settle and play big shots later. Not sure if he will be willing to do that though.

keda said...

Its unfair talking about hayden and his form.He is the player who need to back by management.He is the only player opponent teams fear about.He also play well when leggies and left armers bowling.Particularly likes of mishra and vettori in opponent ranks we need haydos and his class and dominant batting.Come on haydos you are king and tomorrow you should crown as super king.ALL THE BEST.PLAY POSITIVE AND AGGRESSIVE CRICKET.WE ARE WITH YOU.GOOOOOOOOOOOOD LUCK CSK.

Anonymous said...

Virtual quarter final for us. If we win we are mostly through to the semis as our run rate is great. If we lose, then we get into a lot of run rate issues and then we have to beat KXI in Dharamsala.

So avoid all this just take care or business tomorrow CSK.

My team: The same as before except Abhinav Mukund for Aniruddha. I read that Mukund is in excellent form and he is a good fielder too.

Ashwin should not bowl through if Warner gets out. Sehwag and Gambir are too good players of spin for that. If Warner gets out, then CSK should concentrate on fast wicket to wicket bowling, just short of length. Fielding needs to be top notch again.

I think Murali has too much pride to perform badly in a second consecutive match. He will come through. I am more worried about Albie's bowling form.
Ashwin, Dougie, Jakati, Murali, Albie+Raina will probably be our bowling combination.


Cub said...

My XI: same as robin

1. Hayden
2. Vijay
3. Raina
4. Dhoni
5. Albie
6. Badri
8. Jakati
9. Ashwin
10. Murali/Kemp
11. Dougie

There are talks of rain in dharmshala. So better to win it here and go to SFs instead of praying to rain god.

Reshma said...
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Reshma said...

Dhoni seldom tampers with winning combinations. A remote possibility that Murali might be replaced by Kemp after tuesday's assault on him - assuming Kemp is fit. If we keep up our fielding form, we are in with a more than a good chance given DD's current form. DD doesnt have an offspinner in their line-up (barring sehwag), Hayden can breathe easy.

Raghav said...

@thiru cumaran... like danesh says not the time to experiment droppin haydoes

if murali is dropped they'll probably pick thushara instead of kemp.. y wud we need another batsman after the top 6 have failed??

and personally badri is gettin on my nerves like crazy y arent they givin badani a chance? the guy did well in the ICL didnt he??? his 20 runs frm 12 balls wud still be better than badri's run a ball game

CSK_FOR_LIFE said...

we can Drop Badri and bring in Abhinav mukund.. and @ the same time, we will get too many left handers in the side..

CSK_FOR_LIFE said...

dropping hayden ?? they are aussies.. they know how to play in these kinda matches..

Unknown said...

forget about replacing Hayden!! his appearance with the the bat alone terrifies the opponents and he is anytime a dependable customer. DD are good player of pace attacks and there wont be much use in trying Tushara for this game. It's better that Chennai retain the winning combination with 3 spinners and 2 quickies. If reqd, Badri can be made to watch the match from the dug out and Mukund can take his place, but again, never take a risk in altering the winning combo. Hope Dhoni wins the toss and post a 200+ target for Aswhin and Dougie to enjoy the second half

Reshma said...

@raghav - no team has such a long tail like CSK. this was woefully exposed in the match against DC. Further, if you have a long batting line-up it shows in the agressive nature of the top-order. We wouldnt need a consolidator like Badri if we have a long batting line-up and Dhoni will have the flexibility in sending Kemp up the order to hit a few lusty blows if the situation demands (something which Badri cant provide). Badri's ideas of quick runs is scooping to leg-side (low percentage shots). People are missing the fact that Kemp is a decent all-rounder and good fielder too. We dont need another pace bowler who is limited with his bat (Thushara).

Anonymous said...

Man what a shoddy performance.
I agree that Dhoni is a great captain and all, but I really don't understand his decision to come one down. Raina owns that spot.
Further, I was stunned at dropping Murali after one bad performance. Hussey has not been in form in the IPL and neither has Haydos. So two out of form batters selected in place of a star spinner.. hmmmm.

Albie, as I had pointed out to you guys almost always chokes under pressure.
The target of this crowd, Badri, seemingly has given the CSK something to work with. Oh well, lets hope we trash KXIP, or we can wait for next year.


Danesh said...

Pathetic batting display! Baffling decision by Dhoni to come at 1 down when he is struggling for form.

If Delhi cleans the target up inside 12 overs, things will become very tough for CSK.

Unknown said...

dis match was clearly fixed csk has throwed in da towel jus like dat i don belive dis hussey gives catch practice hayden dosnt evn look kie hes batting ,dey keep murali out for fuck sake!....balaji da dumb retard motha fucka !!! im sorry! hes a failure come an bowls a bouncer wen dhonis standin near da stumps...wat the fuck!!!!!!!!get ure brain examined r hes been paid weel 2 play for dhoni completly out oof form an no remorse wats so ever! i feel hurt i wasted lotta time supportin dis we hav 2 depend on others.....its meaningles 2 go 2 semis an well surely lose der....dis IPL is WEE f cricket period!.. cya!

Reshma said...

@Lee - If CSK wins next one, we will make it to the SFs, no matter what the other results are - thanks to the NRR (and bcos there is a match between DC and DD pending. If DC win against KXIP and against DD, they will replace DD as the Semifinalists. So DD are not yet there still)

Balaji is a bum. He is CSK's Agarkar. Dont know why Dhoni opted for Balaji when there were so many other options. CSK's bowling/fielding was commendable though. Its the later half of the IPL and pitches have slowed down (as we repeatedly play in the same pitch). We should have a lot more slow bowling options.

Hoping CSK pulls the next one of and makes it to the SFs. CSK rules!