Saturday, 3 April 2010

Chennai Super Kings - Back in Contention for Semifinal Spot

Another massive win for Chennai Super Kings - Set by the amazing innings from Vijay & Albie Morkel. Chennai Super Kings are now back in contention for the semifinal spot. 

1. Team Selection: Finally! Fleming & Co. got their team right. Hope to see good decisions like this. 
2. Vijay:  Vijay made use of his good form. Hats off to his wonderful effort. Hope he continues the same form for the rest of the tournament. 
3. Albie: It was a great decisions to send Albie up the order. A good cameo that should give him a lot of confidence. 
4. Dougie: He showed what Chennai Super Kings were missing in the bowling department. Actually he was the difference between both the teams today. 
5. Tyagi: He was the second best bowler in the team. Unlucky to have 3 catches dropped of his bowling. Hopefully he would be improving on this performance. 

1. Bowling: Sad to see our bowlers allow 220+ runs. Thankfully, Rajasthan Royals bowlers were equally kind to us. Hope to see an improved performance in the next match. 

Fan's Man of the Match: Though Vijay played a great knock, it was Bollinger, who was the difference between both the teams. So my man of the match is Dougie Bollinger. 


vj said...
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Reshma said...

true man.. CSK (-) RR = BOLLINGER ...he is the man that made a difference given that all bowlers were carted out....dont forget that the key turning point of the match was bollinger's stunning catch of yusuf pathan...given the pitch,bowling and abysmal catching - a repreive to pathan might have cost us dearly....bolly is the MAN...CSK lost IPL-1 by dropping pathan (remember raina dropping him) I mentioned earlier in the preview post - if CSK take all their catches and they bat first, they should win ...come on,mumbai - the lion is waiting...

M said...

Sorry, they have not got the team right. I can't understand bringing Aniruddha in for Ganapathy. What do we need Aniruddha for - to step in after the top 6 failed?

We need a bowler who can bat a bit. Or better still, a bowler who can bowl a bit!

And I would like to listen from those who has been asking for Vijay's head and from Dhoni who has been trading him for Paarthiv at every minor opportunity.

Yeskay said...


I absoultely agree..Wats the use of a batsman who comes after Badri and who is not really a lusty hitter..eithr. They need an Indian allrounder - and that will make CSK really as good on paper as MI and RCB.

I believe Ganapathy is the best we have..and we need 1 spare bowler anyways. Wish we had someone like Watson? haha askin for too much

But honestly 1 more batsman who can bowl 2 overs for sure or more will b Great. We always need a cushion for someone like Tyagi(who actually did okay today)

Yeskay said...

Another interesting qn will be - If Hussey will be taken in and if so in place of Morkel or Haydos?

Morkel was increasingly looking ordinary..but his gutsy cameo makes him still our best allrounder.(And Morkel gennly bowls his 1st spell good and loses the touch in the 2nd spell..whichs why we need a floater bowler for 2-3 overs)

VS said...

Ganapathy must be included in the team. Give this guy a fair shot. Morkel, Raina, Ganapathy and Tyagi can bowl eight overs among them. Raina needs to bowl more than just one over per game.

It is great that CSK persisted with Vijay despite Dhoni's and Hayden's preference for Parthiv.
CSK sorely lacks bowlers so it would be difficult to get Hussey in unless they take a chance and replace Morkel with him.

arjun said...

I dont see much reason for Ganapathy.. he can bat, but he is not a big hitter.. so hes practically useless at No 7. And honestly.. he doesnt have pace.. and he would be an easy target for batsman. Today.. even though Tyagi was bowling a decent length most of the time.. he still got hit.. because he doesnt have pace. Ganapathy as an extra bowling option wouldnt be of any use IMO.

Instead.. Anirudha.. who seems like he can hit a few big shots.. would be useful. We have a No 7 batsman who can strike a few meaty blows.

Danesh said...

With this performance from Vijay, Paarthiv should be laid to rest. No more Paarthiv Patel for the rest of the season and hope he does not get picked next year.

Call me old school, but I did not like this pitch, there was hardly anything for the bowlers - pretty one-sided. Hats off to Bollinger for that superb over he bowled in this dead pitch.

Unknown said...

@M & Yeskay,

Actually.. Ganpathy is a bowling all rounder. If you are just looking for 2-3 overs occasionally, it is always better to look for a batting all rounders.

2 Indian Batting All rounders we have are Vidyut & Anirudh. Anirudh seems to have been preferred. So i don't face any issues with the selection. Since Raina also could be looked to contribute 2 or 3 overs occasionally.

Reshma said...

@VS - True. Dont see a need for Ganapthy. He is slower than Balaji and doesnt look like a bowler who has variations. Same with Tyagi - he is good bowler who can bowl line and length but when a batsman goes after him he has no variations. I really dont know why Raina doesnt bowl a lot more than he does.

If you really need an xtra all-rounder, we should given ashwin another chance maybe. He was good until he was asked to bowl at the death against RCB. Dont know if Anirudha bowls, if he does - would like to see how he fares.

Murali said...

We got Bollinger at the best possible time. What CSK was lacking all these matches?..a world class fast bowler. Its really an awesome site to watch a fast bowler wearing the yellow, dominating opposition batsmen with pace, bounce and well directed yorkers,
I still doubt Morkel's inclusion. I think Hussey is definetly a better bet, as even today Albie wasnt looking at best of touch, he played quite a few mistimed shots, RR's fielders gave him a life too.
But the next match is with MI, a side with a bowler like Mallinga, Morkel might struggle.

keda said...


TOP!! DOUG VIJAY said...

Cmon guys ..chennai deserved a victory with twos sensational performances from M.VIJAY AND BOLLINGER..

VIJAY -finally send messages to doubting crowds that he has arrived big time on T20 stage..
Boy o boy..Wat an innings...

Bollinger - Nothing short of scintilating bowling on debut..
and top it up with as sensational catch..

WOW....CSK adds two more stars to its line up..THE FUN HAS JUST BEGUN...

Anonymous said...

I don't want to nitpick but Murali Vijay's innings covered up a lot of the team's problems today. The fielding was very ordinary with at least 3 catches going down. Ojha and Watson were dropped when they were just beginning to go off.
Not good. Albie up the order: I have been , and so have other in this forum, being saying this for a long time. Maybe Dhoni reads this forum :).

Albie was tired today but he was down on pace and he was just putting the ball on the pitch rather than really bowling it. He was summarily trashed.

Tyagi was actually bowling well. The fours of him initially were mishits and he bowled a good last over too. Clearly Tyagi should play.

Aniruddha I don't understand his selection either. If the top 6 fail then he can't do much anyways. So I think we should go for a pure bowler. Forget bowling all rounders. We defeated a team by 20 runs after scoring 246 runs. It is a pretty shameful state of affairs in the bowling department.

I also agree that Dougie was the difference. Murali was hit today but everyone has a bad day once in a while.


Yeskay said...

WE have a Bollinger now.

Maybe we need a Batt'inger and Fieldinger soon!

Pardon me for the awful Pun. I hope Douggie proves to be our Slinger Malinga.

Rania can bowl more, I guess, that does ease the bowling pressue and he bowls a good line.

And Yes in a game like against MI, Hussey should be given a chance, it just gives the team more solidity.

People - Anirudha srikkanth - a batsman who can bowl??

$.Kay said...

Zinta ur prayers worked, for your team and more for CSk. The other kings in the IPl finally played like kIngs, but pls take an off day when you play us, and do not forget we gave you your only other win in a platter!

CSk chances looking quite prominent, they look more confident as well vis a vis say a Deccan Chargers, which is sliding down.

CSK/KKR/RR for the 4th position?!!

Murali said...

Todays results had made CSK's semis chances more brighter as CSK/RR/KKR all stand on the same level on points and CSK having little edge over the rest with better NRR. I dont think Deccan could be ruled out that easily, they are really a good side.
And they have played one match lesser than us and 2 points lesser than us. So If they do win their next match with a good margin, they might be edging ahead in the semis race.

Its ok for us fans to be thinking about all the ifs and buts. I hope CSK is not into these calculations and focus on the game they have that day.

I hope Tendulkar get out early this time(oh my god, how often do I think so?, thanks to IPL) and our batsmen continue their form with Mumbai Indians too.

Im sure we are the best possible team to stop the dream-run of Mumbai Indians. For me this match is a preview of SemiFinals.

Definetly Mumbai Indians would be worried after that mammoth total of 246 from CSK. Also as they have qualified for semis, we can hope they will be complacent and might rest few key players.

karthik said...

what an wonderful knock from vijay. People might wonder without contributions from big guns hayden, dhoni and raina csk hv posted a mammoth total hats off to vijay and morkel for his support knock. Anirudha srikkanth can hit mighty sixes and he can also bowl may be in place of badri hussey can come and balaji may be included with hayden, hussey, bollinger and murali being the 4 foreigners for the coming match against MI My team would be
Hayden/Hussey ( tough to keep hayden on bench)
Badani/Badri ( where badani can bowl)

AGA said...

Great show. I think the only change required is Badani coming in for either Badri or Aniruddha. An experienced bat and can bowl too. Unfortunately i dont think we'll see Hussey coming into the eleven. hayden is too big a performer for CSK to rest and now Morkel has found his touch and is an important bowler too! Bollinger/ Murali are certainties for the rest of the tournament.