Wednesday, 31 March 2010

WHOA! Finally a Win!

Finally a much-needed win for the team. Is this the turn-around we were hoping for? I believe so. More than the win, it was much more pleasing to see the team finally showing some emotion and passion on the ground.
1. Batting Order: Finally we have a batting order that looks settled. Now the only question is whether Hayden or Hussey should play. 
2. Jakati & Murali: A Wicket Maiden in a T20!!! I believe that was the over that won the match for Chennai Super Kings. Murali also showed his master class once again. 
3. Vijay: Finally he establishes himself as a T20 opener. Hope to see more such innings from him. More importantly, this innings reduces pressure on Hayden. Hope Hayden plays much more freely in the future matches. 
4. Raina: Good to see Raina taking responsibility and finishing the innings. 

1. Team Selection: I can understand the necessity  to give Ganapathy a chance in this Russian Roulette.. But Gony Again??? Gony can't bowl. Also has the distinction of being the worst IPL Fielder. It always seems like Gony plays for the opposition rather than CSK. Hope to see Tyagi & Balaji back in the team for the next match. 

Now my only hope is that the team turns up with the same intensity for the next match. 


Reshma said...

like I said before, this is a very crucial win.."if we win" the next one, we have a very realistic chance of making the SF (as it becomes 3 to win from 5) and we will have matches with KKR/KXIP waiting for us too....'Mr Joginder Sharma' dint play today and maybe one of the reasons we won..looking for 'Bollinger for Thushara' and 'Tyagi for Gony' for the next match...In one of the next few matches we should also think of playing 'Hussey' for 'Morkel' (assuming hussey can bowl a few good overs too)....lets keep our fingers crossed and hope we pull one under warne's carpet !...

singing - 'i get knocked down..when i get up again..u never gonna keep me down.....chumbawumba'......

Anonymous said...

most importantly badri mus b removed!!!!!!!

Unknown said...

@ Reshma,

Though i agree with Bollinger for Thushara and Tyagi for Gony, i would prefer Hussey for Hayden rather than Morkel..

@ Anonymous,

Badri is the best of "ROI - Rest of India" Batting talen we have.. He is anyday better than Parthiv..

Yeskay said...

Badri is okay..any more changes messes up the team.

Gony makes our blood boil. absolutely retarded!

I think we may just move to 6 specialist batsmen and 5 bowlers.

seems okay. Better that way than half baked all rounders.

Hussey in form will be a big plus..and the middle order becomes more solid. Imagine today's batting with an Hussey. I am sure Hussey/Dhoni can do be a potent no 4/5. One will finish the match.

I would hope Ganapathy gets a chance though. Anyways we have 1 bowler slot which never seems to get finalized.

Jakati, Murali, Bollinger, Balaji and one more?!

Murali said...

Badri cannot play T20..its a writting in the wall..every ball he faces he lacks confidence and only way he could score boundaries is through risky he did today. And then he would play lot of dots.

And Parthiv is no good too. Need to look for other players in the bench

It seems Gony can do anything and everything at the please keep him away from the playing XI for rest of the tournament.

Danesh said...

What a relief!
One question though: why does the CSK batting get slowed down in the middle? After the blazing start by Vijay, the momentum slowed down considerably. Lot of dot balls... This happened today and in the match against RR. Hope this gets looked into.

Also, Hayden is due for a big score now. His last big score was 93 against DD at the beginning of this season.

Cub said...

^^^ I'd like haydos opening atleast for 2 more games. Hussey is in excellent form and very hard to leave out. Moreover he brings in solidity to middle order in case dhoni flops like today (badri is not such great form anyway). Unfortunately one of morkel, thushara has to sit out.

if hussey plays in place of morkel, then i'd prefer bolly for thushara

if hussey plays in place of thushara, stick with morkel

bottomline, hussey has to play.
selection headache for VB and Flemo, but fortunately its a pleasant headache

badri can still be given a game or two, if he still fails then we can look at badani

Anonymous said...

A Right Time Win for CSK. Going Forward, We Will have Bollinger and Hussey in the Team. So the 4 Foreign Players Make the Team Best should be,

Hayden, Hussey for Batting and Bollinger and Muralitharan For Bowling will be the Apt Choice of Team. Kindly dont think of "Morkel" only for the Word Alrounder Removing him will make the Chennai Both Batting and Bowling Strong

Reshma said...

@Robin - Haydos at top is intimidating for any opposition and he is sure to fire in the coming matches. In the past IPLs, Morkel has never produced any decisive/match-winning spells in batting or bowling...he has always been a decent bet (nothing more)...i would prefer to have hussey in for morkel(bolster the batting)...get a couple of overs each from hussey/raina/balaji for the 5th bowler quota and go with bollinger/murali/tyagi/jakati to be our main bowlers....

Hayden/Dhoni/Badri/Murali being the remaining ones.

This sure looks like a team that can win this competition...

roger said...

hayden/hussey, vijay, badri/parthiv patel(cos ders no oder decent indian batsman in d team), raina, dhoni, morkel/thushara/kemp, jakati, ashwin/tyagi, balaji, muralitharan, bollinger(no matter what)

AGA said...

Great win! Things are looking up! My eleven for the next game would be:

Hussey (we'll lose allrounder Morkel but his batting anyway this season has been pedestrian)
Badani(Badani deserves an opportunity over badri who has gone out of touch in the last 2 games, can bowl if needed too)
Ganapathy(every other indian bowler has got enough chances already)

arjun said...

Great win. Lots of positives.. most importantly.. as dhoni said.. we got the taste of winning again.

The more interesting thing is that we have 4 more games at home.. and since spinners are doing well.. i think you can take ganapathy out and put in ashwin. That would mean 3 spinners.. so we can exploit the home conditions.

The only reason I can think of for Gony to be playing is because he can be useful with the bat. Otherwise, Tyagi/Balaji should clearly take his place.

I believe these are the only 2 changes that must take place. Maybe Thushara can be replaced by Bollinger.. but I dont know.. since Thushara has done a pretty good job.. and he can bat a little too... I feel Thushara must stay. If you think that Bollinger can come and just blow the opposition out.. think again.. every fast bowler is being hit.. stain.. tait..lee.. with the exception of nannes..

So I think Ashwin should play next game and we should play 3 spinners. Dont make sweeping changes.. back up yourselves.. and we can surely win.

Anonymous said...

Finally, a good and deserved win.

As usual Gony made his presence felt in the match, not by bowling well but, by dropping a sitter. Great selection team management. I am sure that is the reason why Gony is in the team, to give the opposition batsmen extra chances.

Duck Patel must never be considered for the team again. So lets leave him out of any tea, composition conversation.

Badri is not that bad as being projected. He has his limitations, and coming out and slogging at the end of the match is surely one of these limitations. He is suitable only at the top of the innings.

Albie failed once again and it appears to me that he is short of confidence (and Gony did not help Albie's confidence by dropping the catch of Albie's bowling).

Hussey can't bowl. So lets not even consider that option.
Out of the 4 overseas players, Murali picks himself. Bollinger is in good form but so is Thushara. He seems to have bowled well today too. 4 overs for 30 is pretty decent. So maybe the choice will be between Albie and Bollinger and Hussey and Hayden. It will be an interesting couple of days.
Obviously Gony needs to go and Tyagi or Badani must come in.


SURYA said...

This is a great win for us. surely we going to play in semis. But ive a doubt with selection commitee y dnt u ask dinesh karthik to play for his home town. He is a promisey superb Batsmen. If Kathik comes means our middle order gets strong. He is a good Opening Batsmen also. Pls try to Include him in our squad.

Unknown said...


Once Bollinger joins, one change Dhoni might think of is that playing Hussey in the place of Murali and playing with 2 Indian spinners - Jakati & Ashwin...

Vivekh said...

Great win...
Morkel should be replaced by hussey..Because his bowling and batting is not good... and thusara with bollinger...

arjun said...

@Anonymous, I think Albie cannot be replaced.. simply because he is an allrounder. Badri must come at No.6 only as he did today.. because we just have 20 overs and the best batsmen should come upfront. See Delhi, their top 4 are their best 4. Its not that Badri is not at all capable of playing big shots.. he has hit sixes. Its just that he was not able to mix caution and aggression.

And yeah.. Gony cant play in the XI. Todays drop could have been very very costly. Have Tyagi/Balaji instead of him.. and bring in Ashwin for Ganapathy. Play 3 spinners!!!

Reshma said...

@Arjun - Fast bowlers will surely be hit..but instead of going for 20-25 runs an over (like our Balaji's) against a good batting side...Bollinger might go for 10-15..that makes a huge difference to the scoreline. Bollinger MUST play. Thushara was decent today, but lets see if Bollinger can add teeth to our bowling attack. Hussey can bowl and with Dhoni standing up he should be able to bowl a couple of good overs (much like Oram)....Playing 3 spinners (ashwin/jakati/murali) is not a bad option given that Chennai track is conducive to spin bowling..I cant imagine a XI without Muralitharan...he is THE backbone of our attack...

Yeskay said...

Murali cant go! That would be foolish..hes the purple cap say the least. We have to let go off Morkel..Morkel is just ok with ball and not v consistent with the Bat. Had he been like a Bravo in MI, it would have made sense.

Correct me if im mistaken..can we look at history and believe that RCB lost almost 4 matches on trot last yr and came back with a Bang!

They looked v poor midway until Kumble brought them back!

Can CSK take heart in History for inspiration?

Yeskay said...

Bowling needs 2b figured out..I know who shouldnt come in - Goni(no preet towards him) and Jogi.

Murali, Bollinger, Jakati- automatic choices

Balaji/Tyagi/Ashwin/ganapati or the next 2.

I would have surely pref 3 spinners esp in places like Chennai.

Open with Spin maybe!

Srikkanths said...

Here is my playing eleven when Hussey and Bollinger joins the team.

Hayden(You always need a big hitter at the top to give a good start to the team, if he stays longer he will win the match in double quick time)
Murali Vijay
Jakati(Spinner 1)
Murali(Spinner 2)
Thusara(better than Albie, as he gives variety to the attack being a left arm seamer and he can bat a bit too)
Bollinger(Seamer 1)
Tyagi/Balaji(Seamer 2)

Albie consistently leaks 10 or more runs per over. So let Raina/Hussey/Ganapathy share the 5th bowler quota.

One area of concern is this line-up is, if Tyagi/Balaji is off-color, then Dhoni will have problems with both 4th and 5th bowler quota. Team's Success always depends on how one of the Indian fast bowlers perform on that day.


CSK haven't learnt from the past..

Wrong bowling selection persisting with karbonn kamaal GONY ..(some people never learn)

leaving the chase too late and
loosing wickets in the process...

Wake up keep it going..

Daigle said...

It's Murali Vijay's Birthday today,great knock before his birthday and 2 checks will be a nice present i guess..

keda said...

chennai finally won the close match which could have been won easily in all possibility. There's where confidence do things. Any way its nice to see one of the fanciest team try to make the mark they were not giving up.Win is the matter whatever way it comes. Hopefully its bring confidence to team.GOOOOOOOD LUCK CSK.LIVE WITH YOUR POTENTIAL.

M said...

I can't understand the clamor for dropping Badri.

Sure he is not Y Pathan or Symonds, but he has been averaging in the 30s with a strike rate of 130+. Who would you replace him with? - Ganapathy (who has not been tested) or Parthiv (who has been tested several times over and who has been operating at a sub 90 strike rate. Badani is over the hill and beyond and was a failure in ICL. With Badri, there is at least hope!

chris said...

Well Gony and Badri definitely do not possess the skill to perform at this level. The better tamil nadu players are playing for other franchises,that is the only reason Badri is even in the team. In fact even Dhoni has been a huge disappointment. How come we were needing less than 7 an over, and a great finisher like Dhoni was playing like he was was under anesthesia and brought back the pressure on the team at the rate climbed to 8.4. The two biggest names in CSK are not playing anywhere close to their potential. The opposition just brings in a spinner in the early overs and Mr. Hayden just cant seem hold himself back. Harbajan, Yusuf Pathan, and Kumble have all taken the new ball against him and got him out in the recent games. Obviously he is getting paid huge sums to endorse the mongoose. A batsman like him does not need a mongoose. You get only 6 runs even if you hit the ball out of the park. Dhoni should also contribute something from his bat. No point in knocking around singles if you cant actually accelerate. Had Vinay not bowled the free hit ball, Murali Vijays knock could have gone in vain.

Albie has wasted every batting opportunity he had been given. He comes up with some consolation sixers at best. Some of ther local or ROI player should come in for badri. Gony seems to have lost confidence. Obviously no proper nurturing of talent is taking place in CSK. When Naman Ojha who can never find a place in the Indian team in any format can usefully contribute, why is that Badri does not even know the basics of T20. He always chooses to be bridesmaid never the bride. Thinks a run a ball is a great achievement and the guy at the other end must try the big hits. I still could not fathom why Gony and Badri are still piggy riding this team. Albie Morkel and even Hayden should wake up and smell the chennai filter coffee, I guess.

ASWIN said...

It was the win csk needed ...........
My foreign players selection for next match is Hayden ,Hussey, murali
and Albie or nitini or bolinger ...
i hope this momentum continues for the remaining matches ............

Unknown said...

Come on guys give Badri a break.. the poor chap wasnt that bad afterall... its unfortunate that his better knocks could not yield winning result. At present he is not doing worse than Dhoni for instance... so just hang on... he is a much better player than he is making himself to be now..
and thus comes my thought. Since our team is getting the fire-power or Hussey and Bollinger (i feel both are automatic selection), albie could be asked to open. Once he gets his rhythm he can be devastating too. In that scenario my choice would be
1. Albie Morkel
2. M Vijay
3. M Hussey
4. MS Dhoni
5. S Raina
6. Badri (can be swapped with Albie for opening too)
7. Ganapathy/Balaji/Gony/domestic batsman
8. S Jakati
9. D Bollinger
10. S Tyagi
11. M Muralitharan
personally i would like to see Albie and Badri firing on all cylinders soon... this will ease the pressure of other big-guns and also ensure recovery in case big-guns fail. go csk go....

Ashish said...

I would go for 2 specialist batsman - Hayden & Hussey and 2 specialist bowlers - Bollinger and Murali. Morkel has not been in the best of form for the past couple of games. He has been just 'okay' with his bat and bowl. We can utilize Jakati as an allrounder as he can also bat. My team combination would be


Raina & Badani can bowl a couple of overs if needed.

Cub said...


thats an interesting choice opening with albie. Maybe we can try this out against RR

karthik said...

Vijay played really superb. This is what required from an opening batsman they should believe they can hit out of the park. Hayden should have waited for kumble over to finish becuase any moment he can very well increase the run rate with his ability. Good news is hussey and bolinger joining the csk team. My best eleven for the match against RR is
Badani/anirudha ( let csk try once)