Monday, 22 March 2010

Shameful Performance from Chennai Super Kings

Two easy points lost. A Shameful performance from the batsmen and the team. A Match that clearly showed why Dhoni is crucial for the team.

1. Bowlers: It was a commendable performance from the team to keep Kings XI Punjab under 140. Except for Gony, everybody else bowled beautifully. Murali was surely the pick of the bowlers.
2. Parthiv: Though Parthiv's slow strike-rate was one of the key reasons for Chennai making such a huge mess of the run-chase, it was good to see him among runs. It should give him a little bit of confidence.

1. Middle Order Batsman: Hope somebody drills a little bit of wisdom to all middle order batsman. I am still not able to comprehend how the team lost the run chase from such a strong position. If you know why, please write in the comments
2. Casual Attitude: Right from the toss, the team had a very casual attitude towards the game. e.g. Not Rotating the strike enough. Forgetting the simple lesson that Singles still win matches
3. Gony: He can't bowl. He can't catch. He can't field. He can't bat. And still we find him in the team. His six balls where he swung the bat rather than playing intelligently was the key reason for the defeat. Please I don't want see him in the team sheet ever.


vivekh said...

Murali vijay or Badrinath should be replaced by bailey...Because he is a good player...He can be strong in middle order...

Unknown said...

I think what IS shameful is the decision of empire who couldn't even distinguish an obvious six from a four! It was all the more demoralising because csk would have otherwise won without the need for the super overs. I am surprised no one even seemed to think it worth mentioning.

Vivekh said...

We should take off Goni and place Ntini...He has taken an hatrick in season 2....

Unknown said...

@ Vivek,

I still believe Badri is a better player to Bailey... They had just one off day..

@ Vijayalakshmi,

The mistake was later corrected. It was counted as six only..

@ Vivek,
Yes. Ntini would be a better choice. But the team prefers a foreign all-rounder Kemp to Ntini..

Siddharth said...

Vijay was unlucky, he was not out, ball was going way down leg side and ya shame on Harper for the 2 most dubious decisions....

Parthiv got out at the wrong time, he should have stayed till the end....

As for Gony, the less said about him, the better.

And I would prefer Perera to Kemp next game even if Kemp is fully fit as Raina claims.

Anonymous said...

Murali Vijay and Badrinath are useless Batsman as like M Gony and S Tyagi who are the useless bowlers. L Balaji is not so clever as like an experience bowler in the side, he makes the worst mistakes in his bowling...Oops chennai depends on Hayden,Raina and Morkel if Dhoni is not available

solitary spartan said...

I kind of get a feeling that Gony's performance was deliberate. If you watch the video footage again, one can sense a very casual and shoddy display from Gony and it looks more of a coincidence that he hails from Punjab!! His dropped catch which would have been a dolly anyday, his repeated wide and short bowling to an aggressive Irfan Pathan and most of all, a mindless slog to throw his wicket away at a crucial time needs a complete look through by the CSK thinktank.

GK said...

Somehow this performance reminded me of the performance against Bangalore in 2008 when we lost chasing 120 or something after being again 60 or so for no loss. I agree with you about Gony. Maybe we can go with three spinners with Jakati being the other bowler. I am not confident about Joginder or Tyagi. Clearly, Bailey will be in with Kemp out of the team. Back injuries take time to heal. Most importantly, we need MSD to come back. I think the difference in attitude of the team when he is in as to out is pretty obvious.

CSK_FOR_LIFE said...

Shameless.. useless wickets..
this same thing happened again RCB in the previous season.. same batting order..
Badrinath sucks in both the matches.. i was expecting that kind of display from him.. and he did the same. he is the big chocker in those kinda of moments..

when u need to stay in, stay in. careless batting by raina too.. and we missed that extra batsmen kemp :(

really sad and it will ruin my whole day.. and as usual monday morning blues..

i dont watch TV news, no cricinfo and no tweets.. hopefully someone will stand up from now on

P.S we will praise when they win.. and when they lose we HAVE to cruise them

Danesh said...

Agree with all: Gony is the #1 culprit; tried to get out in almost every ball he faced. And failed in all departments.

The next match is with in-form Bangalore. If we do not get Kallis early, we are done for.

Anonymous said...

This is called "plucking defeat from the jaws of victory". Except for Dhoni /Raina, the other indian players in CSK are not good enough to play in T20 format. All good T20 players from TN like Vignesh (KKR), Satish (MI) and Dinesh Karthik (DD) are playing for other franchisees. Vignesh and Satish were major successes in ICL. One hopes that CSK management is wise enough to get them back to CSK next season during fresh auctions. As far this season, it is already looking hopeless for CSK.

Twister said...

Goni has never impressed me with his bowling nor with his batting,yesterday match was a worst exhibition of our middle order batsment.

murali Vijay should be sacked

I am sure the team probables should be Hayden,Parthiv( should open
Raina,Morkel,Dhoni,Badhrinath and the bowlers Balaji,Murali,Nitini,Ashwin and Jogindar sharma

karthik said...

indeed it was a shameful defeat at the hands of kings punjab. Parthiv patel ofcourse he has batted well why he has thrown away his wicket at the time we need only 20 out of 18. Even after the time out he started playing like that first ball he hit for four second ball he should have hit for single or two. Lack of maturity on patel and bad decision on vijay costs us. It looks like the same old indian team under azharuddin or ganguly once tendulkar goes everybody will got panic and lose their wicket and match. Shame on csk to lose this match. If morkel can hit all over the ground why cant he hit a six or four why he is running for a second run its ridiculous. I switched off the tv after that since i know what will happen. Csk will not reach semis this time with this kine of show. I still wonder how gony can be picked in the team infact he is played for the opposition.

Anees Ahmed Basha said...

1: Why the hell did Gony play??? You already have 3 medium pacers Morkel, Balaji & Kemp Why fourth?? could have played another alrounder/spinner. there r some players in the bench we have not seen playing at all..

2: If you know kemp is in trouble, Why not give the lankan players Perreira or Thusara a chance??

3: You need to rotate the players. Since this is the start of the series, this is the best time to experiment. If you go with the same team the whole time, the players get tired by the time you reach crucial stages. This way you'll figure out the right combination as you go into the knockouts. Remember last season, hayden was rested just before the semi-final & resulted in him losing his touch/form.

For god's sake save the top players from injuries/fatigue.. Ideally, One of the key players should always be out in rest. Otherwise they will eventually be forced dhoni, kemp..
who next raina/hayden???

sree said...

Bring in Hemang Badani i say....he is a better bet than Vijay and Badri

patrick said...

About the defeat yesterday, al l that is to be blamed is attitude of the selectors to have concentrated on foreign players (which is limited to just 4 per match)ignoring the indian players who would be other 7 in a match. There was no indian player in the team who could guide and chase the meger 137 target. Badrinath and Vijay dont have the natural huge swing of the bat that can take the ball beyond the boundary. Good examples of the new talents are 1. Saurabh Tiwary, Ambati Rayudu, Tare. These three are the key to MI's win and still be the major factor in all the wins.CSK does not have 1 player in the team apart from Raina and Dhoni.Hence there is a big hoke in the middle order that would crumble as they did yesterday. Morkel has always been wasted. He was never given a good time to bat.He was always pushed to slog and die at the lost moment. He should be pushed at the first down. These are my views.Please forgive me if I am wrong.

ASWIN said...

137 was easily chase able for the which chased a mammoth total of 180 0dd runs with a over spare against Delhi.... csk should not always depend on Hayden dhoni Raina there is a lot to improve for the middle order batsman ..... i don't know why badri is taken in the team .... and what was the reason for Raina to take bowling bcoz chennai is not a great chasing side ..... my opinion is to take nitini instead of kemp .... it is clearly seen how the team is depended on dhoni ...... and when dhoni is injured the captaincy should be given to Hayden........ hope there is no more worst defeat coming to csk

patrick said...

Ravichandra Ashwin just had to take 1 run from 2 balls. If he is not capable of doing that in the international level, why should he be in the team.Being a bowler, is he not supposed to know at the least this much of batting? He had the whole Chennai crowd behind him. He was playing on his home ground where he should have been aware of the pitch too.what are the other's comments on this man?

Unknown said...


agree that aswhin should have scored.. Atleast Morkel should have tried a suicidal run in the penultimate ball rather than waiting for the last ball..

Anonymous said...

It was a very bad performance from the batsmen. Yes, Gony should be left out from now on. No excuse.
But to say Murali Vijay has no place in team?? ridiculous! all was fine and dandy when he hit that 6 and 4 last game so we reached home safe! this time he got out to a bad decision too. He shd stay in the team. Bailey/Perrera should replace Kemp- especially since his bowling wont be of much use with a strained back. I think its a shamefule defeat but shd just get on with it. Rub it off and keep moving. Its a 14 game tournament and there aer going to be couple of bad days- the sting here is this was not a bad day but made miserable by the team for themselves! It spoilt the weekend.but considfering the performance against delhi, i wld give the team a pass and hope they fight well against blore.

Yeskay said...

We still dont have some stability in the batting, esp without Dhoni to finish things off.

Someone should have stuck his neck out and played to win. Raina should have stepped in at no4, where you can finish things.

Mr Patel either gets run out or runs someone else out.

We cannot have too many changes, that will upset the rhythm.

Goni better leave, Jakati could be in.

And have Bailey for Kemp. At least have a decent batsman than a not in form all rounder.(Kemp can play some good shots, but in this context, we need some 1 at No3 so that Raina can get in at no4)


seems far better

karthik said...

The probable team should be against RCB is

Unknown said...

i jzz don wana c dat idiot GONY in CSK team...hez such a big fool...gud 4 nothing...useless prsn...plzzz jzz chuck him out of d list...n another idiot VIJAY...i reli donno y hez included in d team...bein a gal i cn say ma battin is much better dan him...n d same thng applies 2 BADRINATH...n wana c DHONI as soon as possible in d team...d team s nothin widout him...luv u dhoni...get wel soon...mwah


CSK - Completely stifled kings. What a bunch of losers. No amount of team selection will change the situation if there is no team spirit. Rajasthan and Banglore won the first and sencond edition only because of team spirit. We dont need a team of great players, we need players who can make it a great team. It is just a big insult to all CSK fans. These guys try to look and act cool but they are just a frigid bunch of nonperformers. The whole is always greater than the sum of the parts, thats what is called team spirit. In the CSK Hayden, Raina and Dhoni and Albie are the only constants, the rest play to be in the team rather than play for the team. So in any given game there are 7 guys who just dont want to take any chances. Is there no one else in the team from tamilnadu other than murali vijay, balaji, badri, and Aswhin. Balaji by the way will come up with a great performance once in every 5 matches. You know what happens in the other four. He actually wont find a place in a gulley cricket team. In fact he wont even find a place in a pie chuking contest. At leas gannies looking at him bowl will get some encouragement that they too can probably be in the CSK team.
Badri - He is a car that has only reverse, neutral, first and second gears. Always plays the supporting real, and completely lacks the big hitting skills that you need to have in T20. Murali Vijay - Acts like a deer under the headlights, totally confused about his role. Ashwin - Probably thins 10 runs per over in most of the games is okay.
None of these players can deliver constantly but I guess the great team management knows better. Only fools expect to do the same things over and over again but expect the outcome to be different. The CSK is like a bunch of guard dogs that love to lean against a wall even if they have to bark at intruders... cool eh. Now its time to take your rightful place in the League.. The eighth place.. and be happy there is no relegation. Finally, a coach who thinks that winning 50 percent of the matches will get them to semis.. great attitude. The bottom line is they dont deserve to win.

chris said...

Dear Robin,
Here is my two cents worth. The problem with CSK is about structure and attitude. We only have two players in the team who play currently at international level. Dhoni and Raina.
Hayden - retired and yet the only real big hitter. Guy is like an island, dont think he inspires anyone in the team.
Local talent - All tamil nadu palyers in CSK are not really t20 type guys yet. There are some other tamilnadu players who are just warming the benches and never given a chance. It is always the same old balaji, badri, murali, ashwin, - none of these players can play key roles. Simply put, they are not good enough. The only reason they are in the team is because there should a local flavor. At least four of these play in every match. So the big batting has to come from Hayden, Raina or Dhoni. All other teams have a lot of flexibility. Now lets take a look at the team

Hayden - Only big hitting hope

Parthiv - Will not find a place in any other team in IPL.. Simply not good enough.

Albie Morkel - Can bowl just okay.
Has been on the decline. Takes a lot of team to heat up during batting and comes up with big hits after the match is already decided.

Raina - Undependable, inconsistent.

Murali - Only bowling hope this season.

Dhoni - misses at least once chance every math with his wicket keeping.

In short, the local talent is completely sub par.. At any time we only have 5 who perform. The rest 6 just fill up the spaces in the field. What do you think are the chances of such a team.